Brendan Fairclough

Name: Brendan Fairclough

DOB: 10/01/88

Home: headley, hampshire, england

likes: motorbikes, sunshine, jirt jumping, good food, steep wild downhill tracks, getting wild at the right time, digging, quad bikes and chain saws.

dislikes: cold, moody people, training, crashing,

achievments: 5 time national champ, under 19 world cup champ, 2nd at world champs,few top fives and plenty of top tens. not much else to write home about really.

goals: top five number at the end of the year, and get a world cup win under the belt.

Snow here, and lots of it

December 9, 2010

Snow here, and lots of it. Starting to really suck. Driving my truck sideways a lot in the snow which is fun but starting to get a bit over it now, there is only so many times I can nearly right it off real bad and get away with it. Been in so many ditches and just driven right out with minimal damage. Amazing.

Just counting down the days till I arrive in sant Cruz now, going to be so good. Focused on riding and training is something I have never really done in the past. Always seemed to have just pissed about with bits of training in between so getting my head down with trainer and set goals is quite exiting for me especially when I think of what my goals are for next year.

Also trying to break the distance world record has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks now, might try and look in to that for the future!!!!

lots of snow here right now

November 30, 2010

lots of snow here right now. annoying because iv just got a big pick up truck that i dont care about and dont mind getting sidwayz in the snow. not a lot going on really apart from snow fun and not a lot of riding.

really is sh*t that the bike has been put aside for a while but not really that fussed when its snowing and i can get out in the truck and the ATV. will be out in USA in a few weeks so the real riding starts then.

getting cold here

November 24, 2010

getting cold here, getting ready to get the skis and sled out. had the most fun last year in the snow, got very messy. quads, trucks home made sledgs and more. should be good. dont get me wrong i would prefer sun and heat but i guess you have to make you with what you have.

its all good though il be in the usa in a few weeks for a winter of training, bikes and moto's. got a check up with my finger tomo so we will see how that is coming along. it feels great but just wont bend wear i what it to, the bone have growen back in a funny spot so we will see what need to be done to make that perfect.

just got a new truck... well i say new.. its new to me. its a bit of a heap but runs good has big tyres on it and is going to be amazing fun in the snow and mud, cant wait to get wild in that thing.

been riding some xc

November 5, 2010

been riding some xc this week along with a lot of moto. we went to this track down on the beach down in the dark depths of south wales was the most amazing day ever. dep sand dunes and open beaches to ride on was just amazing.

still doing alot of physio on my finger, seems like very slow progress. just cant clench my fist tight yet so i cant hold the bar very tight which makes mountain bikes a bit scechy. doing a photo shoot for MBR this week on my xc bike so we will see how that goes.

also got braces on my teeth this week, that really sucked but i guess will be good in the long run when i end up with a super model girl friend.

got on a moto for the first time the other day.

October 26, 2010

got on a moto for the first time the other day.

i wasn't exactly richy carmicheal but i had a wicked day. almost feels better riding a moto than a puch bike right now its weird. thinks it because puch bikes involve alot of pulling up and moto's just need holding on to. pretty cool because all my buddies are starting to get moto's so there is a lot of riding getting done.

thnik the winter is really starting to set in, getting colder and raining a bit more. not all bad though but meens more sliding around and more washing. been riding alot of road, trying to put in 100 miles a week, its worrying im really getting in to it. realized riding in the wind is the single sh*ttest thing ever, wont be doing that again any time soon.

really got to get this finger good as iv got to go out to kamloops asap to film with clay porter for his new movie 3 minute gaps. so exited to do that but really dont what to go out half harted with this gammy finger. need to be filming 100% or i dont think there is any point.

finger is still not good enough to ride

October 15, 2010

finger is still not good enough to ride on its really starting to piss me off.

been out on the road bike a few times but all im really doing is running a lot these days and watching all my friends have what looks like amazing fun on bikes. sucks. weather her is perfect clear blue skis and a bit cold, ideal for riding. got a new moto lying in the shed ready for when this finger gets better, cant wait to take that thing out for its maiden voyage. 

weird time of year, feels like i get a new call a day from other different sponsors trying to sort things out for the up and coming 2011 season. exiting stuff, i always enjoy finding out new things and trying to get thins dialed in for next year.

found a house that im going to stay in in santa cruz for the off season now so thats made me even more exited to get over there and have some fun on bikes. while also getting some good training time in in the road bikes and in the gym. 

feels like im missing out on so much with this finger but in actual fact i couldnt have picked a better time to have been injured. missed the rampage and have had to push back some filming dates but apart from that nothing important.

Sat here on the computer

September 30, 2010

Sat here on the computer waisting my life away waiting for this hand to heal. Forgot how fustrating injuries are. Its up there with the best time of the year for me, at home and get to hang out with friends, ride xc in the wet and most important ride my motorcycle but instead im sitting here whatching it all go on with out me. Gutted.

In another way its also quite a weird and exiting time for me as my contract is up with almost everyone. So dealing with loads of phone calls and emails that could shape the next two years of my life, if not the next 10. Hope i wont get the sack or elce you will be reading my blogs elce where... hope not!!!

Not much elce really to bore you with, just been chilling at home and meeting with friends. Not going to lye and tell you i have not been hitting the saurce and the dance floor quite abit but i guess this is the time for it, get it out the system.

Could tell you how sh*t the end of the season went but i dont really what to rake up old raves and i think it would bring a tear to my eye typing it out. il just tell you i crashed in my final run at worlds and smashed my hand, had quite a different end to the season planned out to be honest. Felt like i was riding well and no a top 3 was in my grasp. Some people just got luckyer than others i guess.

we are here at the world champs

September 2, 2010

we are here at the world champs after what feels like a long season on the road.

think the season has felt longer because of the big gaps we had in between all the world rounds. only six rounds is quite pathetic in my eyes. next year is already looking good with 8 rounds in the season.

the track here is wildly rough and fast. seems like they have taken a lot of the tech stuff out and replaced it with straight lines and rough mellow corners. seems like it hasn't rained in a while so its real dusty and loose. at first look the track does not look that good, but after riding it i have found how much concentration and skill it takes to fly down through rough rock sections at wild speeds. it seems like im just holding on and leaning back on my bike while flying by little baby head sized rocks.

the weather out here has been real hot and humid with temperatures up to the mid 80's. im a sweaty man at the best of times let along when its this hot. iv have to make some goggle mod's to stop the sweat dripping in to my eyes. not sure how long its going to last though, as there is talk of a hurricane rolling in over the next few days. sounds bad but im not sure it will be a bad thing for the track at all.

Last day in bromont.

August 23, 2010

Kind of over this place now just what to get to the world cup and get work started. Just been hanging out riding x.c and hitting the water park. Watched a Canada cup today in the rain, I was so glad I wasn't racing, nice to have a rest from the prssure of racing now and again and look at others go through the stress instead of me.

Not really sure what to expect in windham but whatever iit is I'm keen to attack with full force. Got some aggression built upnfrom my flat in whistler.

just arrived in bromont after a week in whistler.

August 18, 2010

bit of an anti climax turning up here after been in the hectic surroundings off whistler. actually has a sh!t week there, nothing seemed to go my way but still had a good time hanging out with some cool people and riding some amazing tracks. just hanging out here doing some training and trying to get some sped back after my performance in whistler. got a front flat in my final of the canadian open run. so gutted, really wanted to shut gee down before the world cup final and world champs but didnt happen.

in morzine for a few days

July 19, 2010

in morzine for a few days chilling out and training before the champery world round. come out here every year for a bit of riding and just messing around on bikes. rent out a chalet for a few weeks and have a load of friend that come ad stay. 

riding this year is good. maybe not as good a other years as rain for these tracks is good and there as been a lack of it this year. sun is good for hanging by the lake though and checking out the views!!!!

had some good time at home

July 1, 2010

had some good time at home. its sunny and amazing to be home right now. got a friends wedding and had a few 21st birthdays so it all been going off back home.

also did a national round in wales, the track was good steep and fun. went well had a wicked weekend sun was out and was a fun atmostphere, bit different to a world round. spent most of my time in a line for the shuttle but i was not really bothered. had alot of line banter going on so was half the fun.

heading over to the mega avalanche in a few days so thats going to be good, got the enduro fully pimped out with sram blackbox and all the toys on there. hope its goes better than my last two mega experiences. we will see.

here in saalbuck in austria

June 14, 2010

here in saalbuck in austria for a weeks riding and chilling. been good riding xc bikes ever day and i have got the chance to ride my enduro and get her set up for the up and coming mega avelanche in early july. we have done some quite industrial hill climbs since we have been here, one that stands out is was a 3350 feet climb to the top of the highest ridable hill around. only took us 2 hours to reach the top though so not real bad. had to do a lot of hiking toward the top but was well worth it when we reached the peek. had about a 20 minute amazing ride to the bottom though steep loam and rocks. it was worth every pedal and step to the top.

went out today on the downhill bike and had a real bad crash. im fine but could have been a lot worse. hit this turn that turns in to a wooden ramp. lost the front end doing about 30 mph tryed to dab and get out of it but just sent me in to a back slide along the wooden slats and then on to my ground. hit my head so hard, just real happy i was wearing my Troylee D3, saved my life for sure.

think we are going to be heading over to Leogang on wednesday so im pretty exited to see what we have install for us this weekend.

just arrived in fort william

June 4, 2010

just arrived in fort william, she is looking good. not seen the track yet but the sky is looking promising. 

just been hanging out in the pits trying to help the boys put up the pits. think i might have got in the way more than helping though. ha. 

walking the track tomo, heard of some changes in the track maybe so we will have to see. hope there some good ones if there are any at all. not feeling tip top really after are wild traveling from New York, that was a wild journey. 6 and a half hour flight to a 12 hour drive. wild stuff but i guess thats all part of the fun. 

hope we have a better weekend that the last, sucked in New york and came away an angry man. not sure what i was doing, i felt pretty fast but i guess i was been to conservative. think that track more suits a thrasher, one line and just hold on. oh well this is another weekend.

at the US open.

May 28, 2010

first day felt like it was 40 degrees as it was so humid. think it was only 30 but i was sweating like it was 40. arrived and walked the track. its same as every year really apart from a few little extra corners and they have built a cool step up after the fire road. 

pretty fun to ride, a lot of it is one line but its still quite fun to ride. been riding a new vivid air shock, just testing some stuff out trying to get it dialed in for the world cups. it makes the bike so light its rad.

had some good home time last week. went to my friends stag do. that was wild, went paint balling and then out for a few jugs and might have hit up a few strip clubs to finish the night and the stag experience. next day was gokarting and then out for an an xc ride with all the boys. had a wicked weekend. 

soon got back on the the training side of things though. went on a rode ride with a friend of mine that races road. that was a big mistake, he ripped my legs of with ease. sucked, but was a good eye opener.

just arrived in Slovenia for the first world round

May 12, 2010

not really getting up to much today, the lead up is always very boring and not much to do apart from roam around the town and go on the odd spin.

got a big new pits this year which was erected this morning. looks so pro. think its a good thing for the sport. seems to be a lot more bigger looking pits coming up this year, makes the sport look bigger and more factory. just got my Europe xc bike, its a s works enduro, real stoked with that. can get some time on it before the mega avalanche coming up in early july.

first time iv seem sam since schladming last year, was cool get catch up apart from the fact he looks a bit like a cage fighter now so might not wind him up so much!!!!!! ha

looking forward to fridays practice, just sitting here in my hotel room looking up at the hill wondering how wild and fast we are going to have to go to get a win gives me goose bumps. wild stuff, so exited. 

not much can be done now apart from sitting back and hoping we have done enough in the off season. guess iv done more than any other year so im feeling good. just cant wait to get wild and frighten some people.

good to be back in the shire

April 28, 2010

good to be back in the shire. weather is amazing and been riding every day.

just been keeping busy on the xc bike and trying to get out on the dh bike a bit but not much going on. did my training camp the on sunday. quite a long day but worth it i think. we had some issues with the shuttle but aprt from that i think it was a good day and the riders enjoyed them selves. feels good teaching people and seeing them improve in such a short amount of time.

world cup is just around the corner, feel pretty relaxed right now. got a weekend of downhill this weekend so realy looking forward to that, try and get some speed up again. trying to think back to how i normally feel this timeof year, but cant remember. always remember feeling more nervious though but this year feel quite chilled, hope that a good thing.

so its been a long week.

April 21, 2010

so its been a long week. what was supposed to be a week turned in to two and now extended due to the volcano.

sea otter went well the weather was very nice so that always helps to get you through the week, heard its always raining so i pretty stoked iv not experienced that yet. sea otter is a funny one because the downhill track is such a joke, always run a short travel bike as its so flat and boring. always have fun riding the slalom track though, that never seems to disappoint. had a few cool lines going down in the slalom but never really got me far in the final, just seemed to just get out pedaled at the bottom, oh well had a lot of fun up there on the new SX.

also got to hang out in santa cruz. had some of the best times up in the woods around there on my new Stumpjumper. pretty much went on a 2 hour ride every day up there and seemed to come across new trails every time. so fun and will definitely be coming back. thinking of coming to stay in santa cruz over next winter. think its a cool place to train and hang out. its got it all bike trails, dirt jumps and of course the beach. got to ride a days moto on my trip as well which i was very happy with. first time ive ridden since my bikes got stolen from home 2 months ago, was cool though still smoked all the boys!!!! hope they will have something for me upon my return to spice it up a bit. haha.

seems like the first world round is just around the corner, bit scary to be honest. i guess scary and exited at the same time would be a fair description of my feelings. first one of the year is always weird, seeing every one after the long off season.

got my training academy this weekend, going to be good. looking forward to getting down there again and riding.

just up in santa cruz

April 8, 2010

just up in santa cruz hanging out with Curtis Keene riding some bikes. 

went on a wicked xc ride today on my new s-works stumpy, so stoked with it. even better than the old one, which i found hard to believe but its true for sure. ground right now is amazing for riding, feels like its impossible to lose traction so im loving trying. 

we have been testing some new SRAM stuff out which has been cool, just getting dialed in for the start of the season. such a wild time of the year. one minute i feel ready for it next i feel like iv got a lot of work to do before the first world cup. just stuff going through my head, exited i guess. feeling better than i have ever before coming in to the season so i don't really no what im worried about really.

got sea otter just around the corner. il be honest, its not the most exiting event in my diary but its always a good one to go see old friend and check out the competition!!!!! the downhill event at sea otter is a complete joke but the slalom and the pump track events are going to be fun i think! also there is the "follow me" premiere coming up so pretty exited to go check that one out.

just arrived in the usa,

April 5, 2010

just arrived in the usa, stoked to be back apart from the rain part.

got some exiting things going on this week. keen to get on my bike again after a week of not riding.  iv been pretty sick with the flu or some sh*t like that, but feel getting over it now.  

nothing much good going on right now in the brendog camp

March 29, 2010

been training pretty good over last week been feeling good, until friday where i started feeling pretty ill. just flu i think nothing bad. had to race at the weekend which i was really looking forward to, but feeling a bit sickly. it was at a track that i used to ride as a junior up in the midland. wont harp on about it but, didn't do well. always struggled with flat tracks and really thought all this training was going to start to pay off a bit for me. turns out it didn't. pretty pissed off really, had a fairly good run not really any major cock ups and got beaten by Marc Beaumont and a kid called Joe Smith, not ideal but congrats to them. i was sick i guess and its his local but still not a happy man. Feeling good on my bike right now, so not to worried.  

i know on a steep, tech track i can beat anyone on my day but im over having my weak pedaling as an excuse. track was still fun to practice and had some pretty sick lines dialed in, might have just been crown pleasers rather than the quicker line but people seemed pretty stoked on them. ha. 

looking forward to coming over State side next week. Got to do some filming here first with the British Monster Energy people, then fly over on Sunday.

spain race.

March 22, 2010

arrived in spain to rain, wind and cold, not what i expected from sunny spain. anyway that was a bit sh*t for me because i packed light for the occasion, maybe to light. just all stuff i would need over a sunny weekend away in spain. ha.

practice was going well for me i was liking the track, well the top half anyway. i was up against it from the word go really with the bottom half of the track, it was so flat and very boggy and slow. had my head up though, i have been putting some road miles in to these weapons (legs) this winter so was a good chance to test them out in the bog. i felt quick at the top of the track, felt like no one was even close. 

had my qualifying run on saturday afternoon. at the top with the rest of the pro,s waiting for my run to come up. i could see the rain come in just as i was getting ready to set off, quite pissed off really no one else had rain like that but trucked on. had a pretty good run and came through in second to Marc Beaumont by 3 tenths. i was happy with that, knowing i had the top good and a good pedal at the bottom i knew in the non torrential conditions i could easy take off 10 seconds.

that night i arrived back in the hotel after finding out someone had stolen my race kit after the race from in our pits. they took my shoes, pants and race top. gutted. after packing light now i was real light for the way home, just glad they didn't steal my helmet as well.

race day came around and the weather was looking up, not ideal though as it just made the ground even more peanut butter like. ha. managed to find some new kit to run so i was set to race and feeling good. 

my race run felt pathetic, made a few mistakes that cost me time which proceeded to make the already flat and slow pedal even worse. haven't really got any excuses just rider error and maybe a bit short on the hours power. that will be different by the time may 15th comes around though. looking forward to riding the downhill bike again. ended up 4th, 2 seconds of the win. 

just what to thank Specialized Spain for looking after me so well, just feel bad i couldn't get on top of the podium for them, sorry lads. next time for sure, to early in the season i think will be my excuse!!! 

been a flat out week building...

March 17, 2010

been a flat out week building the new pump track and she is coming along nicely. whole new layout and very exited about it. the dirt is not hard yet so not been able to ride it, but think in a week or so it will be up and running ready for some training before the first world round. 

going to a race in spain tomo, looking forward to it. going to be the first race i have done since Schladming world cup. i think there is also a pump track race there so that should be fun. amongst all the hard digging and road riding i have been doing a photo shoot with a friend for a big british magazine called mbuk. been pretty funny really, been doing some stupid stuff. 

just looking forward now till the 4th, where i get to come back out to the states and ride some more sick downhill track and get amongst some nice socal weather. never no you might catch me hanging out at Sean's (the boss) pool drinking an icey cold monster most afternoons after a ride.

been pretty flat out

March 10, 2010

been pretty flat out this week just on the road bike and down the gym, been pretty boring really. nothing much went down that really could interest many people apart from myself. started work on a new pump track at my house though the other day which should be pretty sick so cant wait to get that finished and up and going. also scouted out a few new spots to go and dig some massive jumps. trying to find some new stuff to ride around my area so i can film some more epic life changing footage with clay porter for his new film (3 minute gaps). found some sick stuff so your going to have to look out for it in the new film.

been riding my sx a lot for xc, dont find it to hard in the hill climbs and it makes the downhill sections way better. just stand up on the climbs is probably better training anyway.

shooting an MBUK article tomo at some jumps a friend of mine built, there all pretty big so should be a fun day out. think im going to use that sx again, seems to be the only bike i really ride at the minute apart from the road bike and the odd sprint on the langster!!

back in the shire

March 4, 2010

back in the shire. bit of a boring one this time, no traveling and not much going on really apart from we had drained the pump track and alot of road riding going on. I built a gym in my yard so iv got a nice dry place to get my head down now with out getting wet and cold.

OH yer tryed a massiv jump the other day that a friend of mine built. he is trying to train for slope style so he is a bit of a nutter and has some big jumps. anyway gave this jump a go pretty easy, quite big though, no stress really probabley about 30 foot +. well i say no stress untill i tryed to do a 360 over it. must of got a bit exited and thought i was travis pastrana for a few minutes, was so close to landing it but ended up getting high sised off my bike and in to a log on my head. my bike carried on down to hit me in the back of the head and the back of my kneck, a pedal in the head is not nice at all. anyway a day later im fine, bit lucky i guess.

thats about it, got a maxxis cup coming up so pretty exited about that, get some racing delt with will be fun.

had an amazing trip over here

February 22, 2010

had an amazing trip over here, but its now coming to an end. feel like iv been riding do much, ever day has been packed with stuff. shame i didnt get the chance to come up to morgan hill and ride with the Specialized boys but maybe next time. been hanging out in ventura alot with clay porter and down in laguna with the athertons.

looking forward to getting home now though, get a chance to really hit up the gym iv build at my house and get to ride in the mud at my new downhill track i built before christmas. also get a chance to hunt around the country for the 15 grands worth of motorcross bikes that got stolen out of my garage, so gutted. not sure what im going to do. feel like crying every time i think about it.

been riding alot of downhill out here, feels weird riding so much so soon in the season. never really done that before, normally pull it out a few weks before the frist race. feeling pretty good, just need to hit the road bikes now get my pedaling legs back.

might have accdiently end up in a college party in santa barbara the other night. annoying!!!!! was so wild, guess american chicks like english accents and charm!!!!!

ha seeya

just arrived in the usa.

February 16, 2010

just arrived in the usa. after traveling quite a lot, arriving here with some friends feels a bit like a holiday. we are planning on riding all day every day and so far so good. training here is so rad always perfect weather this time of the year so going out for sprints and training rides seems easy.

after my adventure in brazil im stoked to be here. heading down to see the anahiem 3 supercross tonight so pretty exited, got a few friends with me and its there first time in the states and first time to see a supercross so thats going to be sick for them. 

just over here for 2 weeks trying to get as much riding in a possible, heading down to san diego and up to santa cruz 

arrived in brazil

February 8, 2010

arrived in brazil for the street race on thursday morning to 40 degree heat and to add to that is was as humid as f@$k.

in friday we had track walk and a lunch at the top of the hill over looking Santos, was pretty nice but busy ad sweaty. think that night i must have drunk or eating something bad because i was up all night, to and from the rest room. felt so sick all night and got hardly any sleep. having to get up on saturday morning feeling like i did was not easy especially knowing iv got to hurtle down stairs at 40 mph. 

anyway got to the race and nearly passed out. got taken to the medical tent and sat on the bed, before i new it i had 5 nurses around me all speaking in wild languages at me. then the doc pulled out what looked like a knitting needle and skewed it in to my arm. i lay down and pumped full of stuff that was supposed to hydrate me. i was laid there for a about an hour before i was told i was free. felt a bit better, but had missed all my practice for the day and was was only able to take 2 practice runs. i later find out i have to be top ten to qualify for the next days race. lucky i managed to get 9th with 2 runs down the hill.

sunday arrived, and i woke up after another shi**y nights sleep. we had one practice in the morning and then the semi final. i was feeling less than ideal after two days of no food and lack of sleep. i felt like i really should put in my best after my trip been payed for and the big TV coverage. guess my best was not good enough this weekend!!! racing against crazy south american people has opened my eyes to how sketchy you can be and still manage full run down the hill 

coming over to california next week to come and train and play on some downhill bikes and dirt jumps. 

just arrived in brazil.

February 4, 2010

so hot here i cant even walk to out of my hotel with out breaking in to a violent sweet and feeling like im going to pass out, thought i was going to be ok after my south africa trip. well it appears not at all. think its because its so humid here.

track looks very wild, sections of steps in straight lines that im going to have to hit them about a million, then a few turns then the end. think its going to be hard to beat the local dudes who seem to have no fear of smashing in to railings and walls at high speeds. 

not feeling to great right now, was home for a day then i had to fly out there and was not expecting the extreme heat, not normally one to complain about the sun but it is so hot here its unreal, cant imagine riding in my full race kit im going to boil.

here till monday then flying home for a few hours then coming out to socal with a few friend to get some serious downhill runs in, oh yer and also go and watch the supercross.

In to my second week of my trip

January 27, 2010

In to my second week of my trip. Been flat out every day, been real good. I have been hitting the gym a bit through out my trip which is a different experience for me but i'm liking it. Good to see some progression.

Also been riding a lot of xc and road, so different from home. Hot and sunny opposed to snowy, cold and shItty. Had a few shIt crashes on my dirt jump bike and a stupid one on my xc bike. Think it might be because I have not been riding for so long and now trying to take off where I left, and its not quite working right now! ha. Small dusty pebbles are a bit different to ice and mud. Pretty sh!t I have aggravated an old injury in my wrist which sucks for downhill but is not too bad for xc and road so not all bad.

We have also made the time to climb table mountain yesterday which was an amazing experience, there are a few routes up so we chose the hardest and the one with the most fatalities. It was a lot harder than we all expected, full rock climbing skills where needed but was a wicked experience. Made it up in just under 2 hours to a cold beer and most spectacular of sunsets looking over Cape town.

Arrived in South Africa

January 24, 2010

Arrived in South Africa a few days ago to sun and 30 degrees heat, bit of a contrast to England right now.

Been out on the road bikes a few time along the coast, miles of smooth road with no cars. now i know why so many people come out here to train on road bikes.

Also visited Bobby's home town of Stellinbosch, now i also know why he lives there too! it was carnival week so the town was packed, mainly with 18 year of college girls, amazing.

Been riding some dirt jumps too out here, very very dry but seem to still hold up fairly well in the heat and sun. Main problem here is the wind, but just got to be picky when you ride.

Right then must shoot off got to hit the gym and then might pop for surf, we’ll try and surf anyway.

just signing in for 2010,

January 18, 2010

just signing in for 2010, thought i better before i have to remorgage my house, joke!!! my year started with a foot of snow and below freezing condisions. so it sucked. i was forced to ride my xc bike on the road as going through the woods was a no go and the road bike would not have coped on the road. still kind of fun though riding on the road with so much snow, felt almost like riding moto in the sand.

snow is not all bad though, managed 45mph on a sledge behind a van. that was mental, so fun for a bit then just what it to go away, and the mud to come back!

Im flying to south africa in a few days to go get my head down and get this training fully underway. so hard to get motivated and get in a good rythum in the uk when its this cold and sh!t.

ok, see you in south africa

had the best day today riding with thomas vanderham

December 4, 2009

had the best day today riding with thomas vanderham down in san diego. we rode a spot called pine valley. its like dirt jumps for downhill bikes was amazing.

just over here for 10 days trying to get out of the english winter, its so depressing right now in the uk, cold and raining the hole time. its hard to get the motivation back home right now to get out and ride you bike.

got some good road miles in though before i came over so keen to get home and test out my new gym and get amongst the training for 2010. just over here playing a bit, trying to win some money and get some quality riding in. 

got this whip contest in a few days so looking forward to that, then i think the plan is to hit woodward for a bit of skatepark action.


life at home right now is not so bad....

November 19, 2009

life at home right now is not so bad, catching up with lots of friends and riding loads of motorbikes its been amazing. 

yesterday got the chance to ride downhill with moto legend Josh Coppins and british lights champ Jake Nicholls. we were doing an article for a moto magazine called "dirt bike rider". its going to be a change over thing moto riders try dh and we try moto, think its going to be cool. we have only done the downhill side of things though so far. those boys were so cool and seemed super keen to ride downhill. they both rode real well and jumped every thing at the track, was rad to see. cant wait to go ride moto with them.

also been to the fome pit a few times, not really my thing but got a friend that is pretty keen so went along. landed on my head a few times and had bikes landing on me but had a pretty fun time, got a few more tricks in the bag so not all wasted. maybe il bring them out crakworx next 2010!!

been out on the stumpy loads too, ride a lot of xc at night which is pretty fun. got some sick lights from "exposure lights" so thanks to to them. had a few near misses with sticks in the eye, so might have to settle down a bit and look were im going a bit more.

just about to leave whistler....

October 23, 2009

just about to leave whistler after 4 days of filming on the hill. just had the best time filming with the anthill boys. pretty sure we got a lot of good stuff done. whistler is a completely different place in the off season its more like a ghost town, iv only ever been to whistler in the peak of the mountain bike season and it is packed full of people and fun. where as the off season have a bit of a different vibe. still had a lot of fun there though. having the hole hill to our selves was the best thing ever. the trails are all groomed with no braking bumps with perfect jumps and turns.

the weather was good for us i think we were lucky with that, had the feeling in the air that it could rain or even snow at any point. think im going to have to make the time too go back out in the snow and try my hand at some skiing again. 

just heading home to finish building my secret downhill track, hope it might be the secret to some success next year. never really ride dh at home so thinking of mixing things up and getting it done this winter.

practice went well

September 19, 2009

practice went well having a lot of fun on the track. its rough and long but seems to be fun the hole way down from turn to turn. the new bikes look amazing too.

qualy went well just kept it smooth and came down in 3rd so pretty confident to bump up a few spots on sunday, but we will see. looking forward to it. 


Arrived in canbera

September 8, 2009

 Arrived in canbera, to some pretty nice weather for winter time in Australia. It was sunny but cold. The wind on this track to the enemy though as there is a lot of pedalling along flat ground and a head wind would be bad news.


Passing the time in Canberra was hard to do but practice and resting takes up  lots  so not to bad.  Also we had the pump track world champs to attend to on Wednesday night, it was held in a back yard in a secret location in Canberra. The whole event was pretty well organized for a back yard bash and was on a fun track.  All was going well up until the final run. I qualified first which was cool so I was looking at a world champs title and 2500 buck prize to look forward to if I could keep my self together. I manage to do that, but the timing guy didn’t.  my run felt good and was pretty exited to see my time, but there was not time. I was devastated. Knowing my run was close to perfect and the fact I was looking at having to do it again tired and angry and pretty frustrating. We had video evidence of my first run time been a 40.80, half a second faster than sick micks but nothing I could do about it.   I had to give it another go, still tired from my first run I had no chance.  Robbed from the title and cash. Gutted. Oh well. Moving on not salty and bitter about that one very much….


Practice on the real worlds is going good feeling fast and pretty keen to lay a run down In the final on Sunday. My timed run was good felt smooth and got most of my lines together. Just need to find something for the last 600metre flat sprint at the end but im hoping that will come to me on the day. 



Breakfast at Bondi Beach

August 31, 2009

Just sitting in Bondi beach eating breakfast looking over the bay, not bad. Our flight got delayed to Canberra so decided to head in to Sydney for a look around.


Weather hear is clear but real cold, feels so weird been in Australia when its not baking hot.  Bit reluctant to get on my flight to Canberra now when I could just stay here and try my hand at a bit of surfing again. Oh well, there is a job to be done and im quite looking forward to seeing what changes they have made to the track. Don’t think there are going to be ably to make it in to a prober downhill track but at least they might have taken some of the minute straight pedal out of it and put in some fun jumps. We will see!

Also there is the pump track worlds going on in Canberra, which is going to be pretty cool I hope.  Definitely looking for the top spot in that then hopefully can take it over to the downhill and get up there with Samuel.


got to whistler....

August 7, 2009

got to whistler, exited as usual but we had no no bikes which was not change as jacy takes a bit longer to drive over than we do on a plane! not to bad as i got to ride a few different specialized bikes which i would not normally get the chance to ride. i was real keen to get out there so i borrowed a specialized bighit 3 for the day. pretty funny because my first full suspension bike was a big hit back in the day with a 24 inch real wheel so i was keen to see how they had come along.

i was riding with some specialized free ride boys for the first time which was cool, got alot of respect for those dudes so it was cool to get to ride with them. started off on a jumpy track right from the top of the hill which was rad just doing whips and trying to do scrubs the hoe way down. pretty much ended the day with the same track just having to much fun jumping and loving the smoother track with no bumps. really impressed with the bighit 3 has come on a lot from the one i used to ride, would for sure have another ride on one again.

got slalom practice tonight which went well so looking forward to the race tomo.


Day one practice.

July 31, 2009

Practice went real well, after walking the track I was real keen to get amongst practice. It looked rough and fast, its also not that long maybe under 3 minutes.


Sam was feeling a bit under the weather so I was on the hill on my own.  That was cool apart from no one to talk to on the lift!!


Had a few slow runs in the morning but soon started going fast and feeling good, had a few lines that I was working on over the day. By the end of practice I had done 7 runs and feeling pretty good and keen to get stuck in to  my qualy feel like Iv got some anger I need to release after msa and want to get closer to my number 5 number board at the end of the year. 

Msa world cup

July 31, 2009

Arrived in Canada on Tuesday to rain and wind.  I new the track would hold up pretty well so was not to fazed by it.


Walked the track and was happy with the changes they had made, made it less pedaly and had more turns in it so I was stoked.


Started practice and kind of felt up to speed pretty quick. Felt good on my bike after a few weeks riding it in France, so was keen to get out there and back up to race speed.  Got though practice with no real crashes and was confident and felt ready for qualy.


Qualy went well up until the rocky wood were I went off track hit a few photographers did a 360 then tried getting back on it for the bottom half. Ended up in 8th with that crash so I was pretty pissed off but also gave me a bit of confidence coming in to the final knowing with no mistakes I could be top 3. I had the 2nd fastest split so that was also a big boost.


I was sat at the top doing my warm up but just felt like I was never warmed up and ready just felt a bit week. Really felt like I needed a slap in the face to get me angry and ready but it never came so I set off a bit week. My run felt like I was riding to the shops on a Sunday afternoon just could not get up to the speed I knew I could and had been going all weekend.  Got to the bottom not expecting a lot but managed to stay in 8th so kind of good for points but could not help feeling like I stuttered a bit in my run and should have been up there with sam on the podium. 

Had a good break from the world cup scene

July 22, 2009

Had a good break from the world cup scene. Spent a bit of time at home and the rest in France on holiday with a few mates. We were staying in morzine, the riding is amazing and the night life is not to bad either for a small French town berried in the alps.

It was not all play though, I went and did the mega avalanche in alp de huez. This was the second time I have done it and it did not disappoint. I had a few problems with my van so I was a little late and missed all my practice and qualifying. I was put in the fourth row which was not to bad I new I could pull though from there and was looking at a top ten spot if all went well.

I pedalled out the gate on my new 2010 specialized enduro the overtaking started right away, as we hit the snow I was maybe top 60. I was pretty confident in the snow as I had ridden snow a few times before, but had heard stories about big icy patches and a big hole in the snow which had already clamed a few rides. That was a bit scary to be told just as I set off having never ridden the track before. The snow went well and at the end found my self in a top 10 or 15 spot, which I was happy with. After the snow there was a good rough bit that took us around the mountain and in to the town, it was single track so no overtaking but was still fun. After we went around the town there was a long 5km pedal traversing around to the steeped final part of the race. Unfortunately I had a small mechanical and could not go on but will be looking forward to next years race.

After getting back to morzine Clay Porter arrived from the states to do 4 days filming for his new film called “3 minute gap”. Went really well and think we have got some life changing footage so we will have to see how its all comes out early next year.

Msa world cup

Got back from France with a few days at home before the 6th world round in mt st Anne. Just spent the tree days I had at home on my dirt jump bike with friends was real chilled and cool, good to get ready for a long trip racing over seas for the next 2 months.

Also went on a ride around London just been a tourist and looking at all the sights and wild people which was amazing fun. Was aching the next day though, don’t think I realised how far I had actually ridden after a day of sight seeing.

La bresse world cup

June 4, 2009

We arrived in la Bresse after a days drive from Lyon. The town was small and not a lot seemed to be going on. The races all seem real desolate and abandoned before and after the races is weird to see.

Anyway me and Sam were dropped at the top on the track on Monday morning  with our xc bikes and we found our way down the side of the hill, the track was not marked out but the terrain and hill looked like it could produce a good looking track, and we were right.

The week went so slow up towards the race, we were just lounging around our condo not really getting lot done apart from looking forward to dinner and watching movies, lots of them.

Finally Thursday came around and we got to walk the taped out track. Me and Sam were both walking down with a big grin on out faces, finally a track with out a 10 minute pedal in it. It was steep and fast with drops and rough turn down the track, reminded me of an outdoor moto track, which made me exited.


Practice went well, I felt good on my bike and the bike felt real good too. We just played with the shock a bit and I felt ready for the race.

Qualifying was on the Saturday, its normally on the Sunday before the race but it’s a different rule that has come in this year.  I quite like it, it shows your speed early and you get time to work on it if your not up to race pace.


I qualified 6th, pretty solid only a few second off the win so I was happy with how it was going.

Race day, practice in the morning was good, dialed all my lines in and was feeling confident and ready.  We were warming up at the top and spots of rain were falling, think this might of scared a few people but I was still smiling , I had been using spikes all weekend and liked the wet conditions.  Turns out it didn’t really rain too much, not enough to really affect the track at all. Started off my run and felt good all the way down, with  a massive crowd cheering the whole way down the track its not easy to forget your in a world cup race run. Crossed the finish line to see Greg Minnaar getting up from out the hot seat which is always a good sign.  I sat down and waited for the other riders. Sam came down after qualifying in 4th and knocked me out by 1.8 seconds. I really didn’t care though, I was guaranteed 5th. I finally finished in 4th ahead of George Atherton so I was happy. The podium was real cool iv not been on there for a few year so it was good to get a taste of that again.

Back in euro land!!!!

May 7, 2009

Back in Europe and landed in Lyon for a mega avalanche cup race we did before the big number two world cup, La Bresse.

The track in Lyon was really different it was not really a dh track moor a fire road though a town park. It was quite fun though with some jumps and some fun turns.  We rode our demo 8’s The track was not really suited to these bikes more a hard tail but we were just there for fun and to get some more time on our new bikes.

The big bikes were hard to pedal around on the top flat stuff but they went ok at the bottom where the track was a bit steeper. We raced and I got 7th which I was pretty happy with considering all the pedalling and the rest of the pack on hard tails.


My 7th got me though in the next round I guess which was a 4x race down the same track but with some slight alterations.  I was in the gate for my first round taking it all as a big of a laugh. I struggled out the gate straight in to 4th,  that was no good so I decided to push my way though and managed to get in to 2nd which boosted me though in the next round. I managed to keep doing this each round, finding my was past people in whatever way possible not always elegantly but I was past them and in to a good position. Before long I found my self in the 4x final lined up with 3 other 4x guys fighting for the win on my downhill bike.  Set off and as usual I was out the gate in 4th, I tried to push though but I would have to have been to brutal to push though so decided to settle with 4th. Funny weekend.

Now were in La Bresse and he track is looking f*&$king wicked cant wait for Friday to come around so we can ride the thing, about time the tracks stated getting better for us. Hope now all the sh$t ones are out the way.

Scotland, First British National Race

April 27, 2009

Just thought id start off my second blog with my trip up to Scotland for the first British national.  I flew out of LA on Thursday afternoon and then arrived in London at 6 in the morning Friday to a beautiful English summers day. It was just a bit of a shame that I then had to drive 8 hours up to ae forest Scotland.


When we got there we walked the track and I was surprisingly  happy with how the track looked, it was dry and looked like it would be fun to ride.  I rode practice on Saturday and felt really good on my demo 8. The track was dry and  rolling well. I was running the new specialized butcher tyres and loving them, really happy with how they have turned out. It was just a bit of a shame that it started raining which ruined the track making it really boggy and slow. I was gutted.  Still, got my race run underway and all went well. Just going back to my best excuse, lack of power. I hit all my lines and felt good on my bike just felt like I was loosing time on all the boggy straights.


Ended up 4th In the end, not to bad as last year i got beaten by every man and his dog on this track, so I guess its all progression.  Just stoked got the 3 pedalling tracks out the way now looking to get my first world cup win and join Sam on the podium for the overall at the end of the year. 


Happy though, I know im riding well and happy with my bike and looking forward to the following world cups coming up.

First Blog

April 24, 2009

I will start if off with my trip to specialized head office in Morgan Hill. We drove there on the Sunday night of sea otter and arrived in to a pretty trick hotel.

I was just stoked that we were out of sea otter that place and me do not get on too good. I have fun there but the downhill track is just so s@*$%y.  This year was better than previous years though because the weather was so good so it made my otter trip bearable along with the pump track that I spent most of my day on.

I was pretty blown away with the size of specialized the place is massive and so tidy and in order.  We started the day around a big boardroom table with some media training.  What was good for about 10 minutes and then I fell asleep so all good!!!! I did learn some good stuff though in the initials 10 minutes though and that was what the definition of FSR was so I guess that’s good.

Dinner that night was also interesting. We went to sushi with bobby and some other chicks he found from around the office.  One of them called Ashley, who decided to eat a hand full of wasabi for some money, which turned out to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen go down a chicks throat. Fair play she took her money and appeared to be ok.


The following day we went for a photo shoot on some cool new bikes for catalogue stuff I think.  It was in santa cruz on some trailes iv never ridden before, I thought were really good.  Apart from the fact we had no water and the forest is riddled with poison oak it was a fun photo shoot. Got to hang out with Conrad as well for a bit which was cool seams like a real cool guy, also got to steal some training tips!!!!


Not much more to say for the first blog, don’t want to flood you with to many interesting facts and stories.

Stats for Brendan Fairclough are coming soon.