Darren Berrecloth

My name is Darren Berrecloth and i live in a small town called Qualicum Beach

I originally started riding bikes when i was a kid well what am I kidding everyone rode bikes when they were kids because we had no cars. The first real bike i had was a specialized rockhopper hard tail, and it didnt take me very long to destroy it, before i knew it the wheels

were bent the bars were bent and i did not have enough money to keep fixing it.

So my local bike shop convinced me to buy a bmx if I wanted to keep doing jumps So I did then I started racing and one thing led to another and here i am.

A professional freerider for specialized, travelling the planet searching for the sickest terrain and riding comps. I am currently tavelling a ton and am super excited to have the opportunities to explore the unkown and push my own limits everyday. I keep pinching myself to make sure its not a dream but yes it is reality and yes I do ride for the best bike company in the business.

hobbies; Snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, skiing, bmxing, motoxing, quading, wakeboarding, and building trails and stunts.

BrrrrrrrRrrrrrrr its cold

November 23, 2010

BrrrrrrrRrrrrrrr its cold. I just got home from Mexico city and its minus ten degrees, yikes.

Mexico was fun, after I helped open the specialized store I went to the dh national championships and held a riding clinic with a bunch of very enthusiastic mexicans. Then on Sunday I watched the dh race and once it was finished I did a short dirt jump demo where I did a few tricks on the jump I built.

I couldn't do too much since I brought my dh bike, but nonetheless the crowd was stoked. Afterwards I signed posters and got pictures taken for like two hours. I must have signed at Least five hundred autographs.

So here I am in Mexico once again

November 22, 2010

So here I am in Mexico once again but this time I am in Mexico city. I came here to help open a specialized concept store in Mexico city. The store opening was a success there was a ton of local media and some celebrities as well. I did a ton of interviews and signed a lot of autographs. Now I am going to the national dh championships to do a bit of a clinic. I found out yesterday that I was supposed to do a demonstration on some dirt jumps. The jumps were crappy little mounds of grass. So I got a hold of a machine and built my own jump. Since I only brought a seven inch bike I made the Lip tall and mellow. So I will let you know how it goes............ By the way the pollution here is really getting to me.

Winter is here once again

November 11, 2010

Winter is here once again, up in the great northwest. The clocks have been rolled back and its dark at five.

The last little while I've been riding a bit but not as much as I'd like to since I've been busy with my new house. I finished building this deadly hip today on my new trail jail break

I had the most epic day ever!

October 25, 2010

Ok so the other day I had the most epic day ever!

I started off with hitting the gym with my girlfriend, after that I chose some house stuff like colours and whatnot. Then I met up with Stevie smith at my current house and we got shuttled up to my dh trail and we shredded the crap outta that trail.

After that ride we got our moto gear and we hopped on the motos and from my driveway we Rode the whiskey creek trails which are amazing by the way.

We rode 20kms of badass single track, which was sooo much fun.We got back to my place and there was still light left so I decided to go for a hunt near my place.

So I went for a stalk in bush, about 45 mins into my hike I was glassing a clearing and I passed over what I thought was a rock. I was looking at it thinking that man that doesn't look like a rock it looks like a deer. Just then it put its head up and was looking right at me, just as I realized the wind was at my back I was now in a standoff where I couldn't move my binoculars from my face otherwise the buck would see me move and run off.

So here I am for five minutes holding my binos up to my eyes trying to stay still until it put its head down. It finally did and I ducked down and pulled my rifle out and well the rest is history. Except the fact of field dressing it in the dark with a ton of bears around the area, I had to drag it 3kms outta the bush.

Now thats my idea of a epic day......

P.S. my new house is looking awesome

SO its the off season

October 20, 2010

SO its the off season and I'm pretty pumped. I just got back from a sick vacation in costa rica with my girlfriend. We stayed on a friends yacht and surfed fished and relaxed, good times.

As for now I am just getting back into shape at the gym and riding my xc trails and doing some trail building. Ya know all that fun stuff.

Got a xc photo shoot planned for today so I gotta get off this computer and get this done yo....

Sunday has come and gone

October 6, 2010

Sunday has come and gone and I am still in one piece after the biggest event of the year. Stoked to say the least.

The day started out with clear skies and dead calm winds, with all the staff and athletes preparing to roll up the hill at the break of dawn. One thing I will mention is the 3d film crew that red bull hired. It consisted of 60 people and a setup straight from hollywood. Yes thats

right folks you will be able to watch me in 3d...........

My day started out good since I had nothing left to dig, after 4 hard long days of digging I was more than content with the originality flow and just radness of my line it had all thta big mountain represents, big airs, technical steeps, technical turns and new school moves. I

practiced riding the lower 3 jumps of my line to warm up. After warming up we had the riders meeting and then headed up the slope. The heli was in the air and the excitement was high, Gee was third on the start list. He rolled through his line with ease and stomped Romanuks

line at the bottom and scored a 82. We at the top kinda scratched our heads and thought it was a little high but no worries. The rest of the riders finished ridge one and it was our turn on ridge line 2. Zink rolled down the hill to the oakley wood drop and sent his 360 and

unfortunately went down pretty hard, which was the case for a few people. It was me and Bourdo left at the top with me last to go we felt the wind gusting and I gave him some encouragement to stomp his line which was one of the raddest things ridden this year. He dropped in straight from the top into a steep cliff to a tight s turn, he stomped the crap out of it. So now its my turn and I cringe at the wind but I'm cued in by the starting guy and the heli is wrapping around the start near eye level, so its go time. I drop into my line and make the first corner to the first air and scream down the chute into the big drop and as soon as I leave the takeoff I'm blasted by a wind gust and it blows me sideways to the right and I land the air but miss the corner. I scurried back up and rolled the rest of the line until I came to the road gap which once again a headwind, I cased the jump because of the wind and my run was pretty much over.

Mentally frustrated and very angry I almost broke my other hand trying to punch out the window of my rental car, smart yah I know but when your that angry you try and hold it back. I couldn't believe that I was getting screwed once again by wind. Run 2 saw the ridge one guys

go and with increasing winds they struggled and when it came time for ridge 2 to drop in we called it since the winds were too high and very dangerous to try riding in weather such as that. We waited just below the top for over 2 hours while the weather hammered the ridge with rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Just minutes before everyone called the event off, myself and Todd Barber saw a patch of clear sky emerging on the horizon. That was enough to wait another 20 minutes which proved out to be worth it.

The skies broke and our 2nd runs were under way. Zink stomped his spin and victory lapped the rest of the line and Bourdo went for his flat spin and fell. I was a bag of mixed emotions. I am usually relaxed and focused at contests, but after all that I went through that day I

was a bit of a mess mentally. I dropped into my line but since so many people hiked up it I lost my front tire on the corner which was frightening since I went off the cliff in a nac nac. I somehow managed to pull it back and shred my whole line by the skin of my teeth and at

the bottom I went a little fast on my 360 drop and landed at the bottom of the tranny and stomped it perfectly......

I can't even tell you how happy and relieved I was to finally get my line even though before I dropped in I was not confident at all since I had realized that maybe my line was a little too hard. I was dissapointed but not surprised at the judges scores they gave me. I busted my ass all week building a line that was a true representation of big mountain riding with no machine built or wood features. Some may question that comment since I love slopestyle events so much, but if you didn't know that big mountain riding is my favorite well now you do.

Deep inside I knew that the judges get pursuaded when someone does one rad thing but I held to what I wanted to do which was not ride stunts and jumps that someone else built, I do that all year. I'm proud of myself to not cratering in to doing what other people want. Because it was tempting..................

I hope I leave all who read this insight with motivation to do what drives your passion. Keep the rubber side down and ride hard

Rampage is gonna be siiiiick

September 30, 2010

Rampage is gonna be siiiiick! The lines people are building are rad and the amount of athletes here is crazy, there is 30 people doing the pre qualifier and another 10 or so pre qualified.

Myself and my dig crew which consists of my friend mike and a spectator dude named ryan have been building like crazy we've put 2 full days of digging, picking and raking to get my line dialled in. and it's almost done. I have one last jump at the bottom to build. My line I chose was pretty much the same as the previous year but since I have the time to finish building it. I also changed it a bit with a bit of a different line at the top and I made the big drop a hip to make it different.

I finally chose what bike I'm riding after getting both my bikes suspension tuned, I rode a sick trail on my SX and the suspension is more than capable to handle the hits but the steering angle is a little too steep for when it gets really rowdy, Where the demo shines in the same situation. So for now I'm sticking with the demo 8. Lets hope I can open my hands tomorrow since they are so sore from picking through rock all day for the past few.............

stay tuned

Reb bull rampage

September 27, 2010

Reb bull rampage is upon us my friends, I survived Vegas once again. thank god!

So I am in utah once again my old stomping grounds to be exact, I had a sick xc ride on a trail called guacamole.

It's one of my favorite trails out here in terms xc riding, then I did a nice dh on a trail called flying monkey, it then rolls into king kong definitely a favorite trail of mine.

I like that trail since its got a great line that is good practice for rampage.

I rode the sx trail on it today and I plan on riding the demo 8 on it so I can finally decide which bike I will ride for the contest.

wish me luck

So I just realized

September 20, 2010

So I just realized I can type with no pain woop woop.

If you didn't know well now ya know that my hand is gooooooood I had a killer day yesterday, I went trail building for 5 hours and finally finished my downhill trail.

Then I jumped on My freshly built sx trail and shredded the crap out of my trail. I was then greeted by my girl to pick me up at the bottom. Afterward me and my girl went for a moto ride which was rad until I was pinning it in 3rd gear through the woops and got a flat.

So that was my radtacular story of my day.

Now its sunday and its been 5 weeks since my breaking of the hand and I am pretty excited that I healed so fast, One hand specialist doctor actually told me it would take just under 3 months to get back to normal. I just laughed at him then I said I have a contest to ride in 7 weeks and he told me I was out to lunch if I thought I was going to ride a competition then.

The proof is in the pudding I'm back already.

So wish me luck in the next few days while I get on the bike harder and harder in order to get ready for the rampage............

So yesterday was my first day on the dh bike

September 15, 2010

So yesterday was my first day on the dh bike, its been 4 and a half weeks and the hand felt surprisingly good for that little amount of downtime.

I have about 75 percent percent of my hand strength which is pretty good. I have 2 and a half weeks until rampage so I think I'm gonna be good to shred the event.

I also flagged out my course on Mt Washington,,,,, yes I am planning on doing my event next year. It isn't final yet but I'm pretty sure its gonna happen.

So as I am sipping on some deadly coffee

September 14, 2010

So as I am sipping on some deadly coffee from oso negro I am contemplating what to do today?

I went for my first moto ride yesterday and the hand felt great, I think I might even try and go do some dirt jumping this afternoon. The last few days I have been working on my yard at my new place and hitting the gym pretty hard as well.

I also finished my quarter pipe tree to tree transfer in the bush and it looks sooo sick, I want to try and flair after rampage. Its between two massive cedar trees and the gap is about 20 feet across, it sits in the lushest zone ever.

So yah thats all for now folks.

Well well well

September 7, 2010

Well well well, I'm sorry its been a while since I have done a blog but I've been dealing with a broken hand, so typing is a little slow one handed.

As you may or may not know two weekends ago I crashed on my first run at crankwerx on a switch 360 on the bottom feature, a trick that I can do fairly easily. I was quite heartbroken since My run was flawless up to that point and quite possibly could of taken the win, not to

mention that I would have had 2 more chances to better my score. Its been a few years since I have felt confident enough to do very well at crankwerx due to endless injuries and whatnot.

I ended up breaking my two metacarpel bones in my left hand when I came in a little to fast and ending up over rotating because of it. As usual injuries suck but not at all do I ever let it get me down, instead I use the free time to spend with my friends and family and my girlfriend Megan. I also use every injury as a lesson and pat myself on the back, since I always say that if you are not crashing then you are not riding hard enough and in my life and my sport, risk is just as regular as putting milk on your cereal.

Its almost been two weeks now and I just saw my hand surgeon the other day and the bone is set properly and Im in a new plastic splint.......... pumped.

So here I am waiting

August 17, 2010

So here I am waiting for the ferry headed back to the island with myself and mccaul. Both of us with broken bones lol I had a awesome run on Saturday until I blew it by falling in the last feature doing a switch 3 my run would have placed me in first or second. And that was my safety run. Now I'm just focusing on getting my hand healthy for rampage

Wish me luck

Had a good day of practice yesterday

August 13, 2010

Had a good day of practice yesterday, shortly followed by the best trick contest. I did a couple of good tricks in round one which was good since i wanted some practice.

Watts took the first win with a flip double whip. Then we moved on to the last step down drop, everyone was either tailwhipping or flipping it so I decided I was gonna be the ginuea pig once again and spun the drop.

On my first 360 I was very surprised how good it spun so I was kinda like oh man its on like donkey kong. So I worked up the balls to do a switch 360 on it and it was a zesty one but I pulled it so I decided to throw a switch 360 lookback and man it felt good.

I stalled it out so long that I actually had time to focus on the lip, then snapped it around at the last second. boooyah 3500 in the pocket which is rad since im broke cuz I'm building a custom home at the moment.

wish me luck today in practice and wish me luck tomorrow in the big show.

tune in on the live webcasts

So here we are once again

August 12, 2010

So here we are once again at crankwerx. Charging the course as usual working the jumps in one by one. The top of the hill is fun but the mid section is weird. I'm getting some of my trix dialled. Got a flair on the quarter so I'm pretty pumped in that gonna head back up there now so wish me luck

It has been a really weird weekend

August 2, 2010

It has been a really weird weekend here at crankwerx Colorado. There were so many upsets with people crashing, family issues, weather and sub par course.

It all started the day of practice when miller went down hard after casing the step down ending up with a broken vertibrae and a mangled face. Not very long after Logan over shot the last jump which was very easy since you had to brake all the way into it. When he overshot the

jump he put a foot out and snapped both his tib fib and the bone pierced through his jeans into the dirt. Yah it gives me the creeps too.

Then the day of quaifying it started do downpour so the qualifying got pushed back another day. Come qualifying day the weather was good and alot of the riders went down in their runs. Which for alot of them it worked in their favor for finals. Come finals day it was 20 riders and it was dead calm winds until about the 5th or 6th to last rider and then out of nowhere a 20 mph headwind started to gust leaving the 5 of us left staring at the trees blowing sideways. Mccaul then dropped in and he cased his front flip off the step down and of course me zink

and watts are waiting on top of the course hearing tid bits of info on the radio. When we heard femur and concussion we knew it was serious.

for the 20 mins we sat and contemplated and worried about our friend. It was all a big blend of added stress to our situation. Not to mention the rest of the field had wicked runs with dead calm winds and we now had to try and make it through the course with a head wind. I

rolled through my run and stomped everything I wanted to do but I cased off the step down and cased the last jump because of the 20 mph headwind. I was not stoked when the judges score was 8 points lower than yesterdays run even though that run was way better minus the 2 short landings.

We all had a meeting and called a break for the wind since the next couple of riders after me and zink were not able to make it through the course due to the headwind. 2nd runs went well until 2 riders before me the wind came up again and when i tried to do my run the

wind was so strong i couldnt even make it through.

I cant even tell you how mad I was, my head was in a fury of rage, stress and worry. Unfair I thought to myself was how I felt about the whole weekend.

Reality was at its full when me and tyer Mccaul walked through the doors into the hospital, "too much time I've spent in the hospital I said to myself." Mccaul was in good spirits as usual but it was still sad to see a bud go down like that. We then visited Logan down the

hall in denver hospital, he wasn't in such good spirits as cam but fair enough since he has a much longer road to recovery than cam did.

I couldn't help but feel the reality of what the dangers are of what we do. Not more than a few dozen individuals understand what kind of pressures are upon our shoulders...

Its been a interesting go here in Colorado

August 2, 2010

Its been a interesting go here in Colorado for the crankwerx. A bunch of people crashed hard in practice and got hurt combined with rain and thunderstorms. Its been interesting. My first qualifying run today went well. I stomped pretty much everything I wanted to except the switch three at the bottom. And I was in first until zink stomped his run and I blew my second run so I ended up in 2nd place for qualys and it is supposed to rain tomorrow so we will just have to wait and see. Cheers

It rained pretty much all last night

July 29, 2010

It rained pretty much all last night, so the course is quite muddy.

Therefore qualifying is pushed back to tomorrow and if we can we will do some more practice this evening if the course dries up.

Other than that we are just about to watch some x games action. by the way sleeping at elevation sucks.

here i am in colorado again

July 28, 2010

here i am in colorado again but this time it is for crankwerx in winter park.

First day of practice went down today, which was decent weather until the thunder and lightning started.

The course is pretty basic with 6 obstacles in it, making it pretty simple and not much in sizeable stunts either. One of the builders for the course was riding it on his bmx..... need I say more? or have we really just went that far backwards?

Let me know your thoughts on this matter at my twitter page darenberrecloth

Jeepers this summer has been a good one

July 26, 2010

Jeepers this summer has been a good one. The weather here at home on the island has been so nice its not even funny. Sunny skies and warm waters make it very hard not to hit the boat all day every day. As for me I have been riding a bunch practicing up my tricks for the next two contests. Feeling pretty good though I got my threewhips pretty dialled and my switch 360 lookbacks are feeling good.

Me and my bro filmed for his web project over the weekend which was pretty fun. And now I'm waiting in the ferry line up to head up to whistler this afternoon so I can dial a few more tricks into the foam before I head out to the next comp which is crankwerx Colorado.

Ok I'm waiting to see if I get on this ferry and its looking pretty tight. In like five cars behind the last guy they let on........sweeeet made the ferry lol

I me myself and I am going a little crazy

July 19, 2010

I me myself and I am going a little crazy, stir crazy that is, from the incessant waiting in order to get to wherever I am going. I at the moment am waiting to get off this ferry in order to get home. I always giggle to myself when I constantly sing the song, "in a hurry to get things done" since that song always rings so true. So anyways I am sure your wondering how the competition went for myself this past weekend, well I will tell ya.

In qualifying I had a good run and qulaified 3rd. So come finals day I started my practice and man this course had 15 hits, all of which were trickable. So what that interpreted to was, a lot of tricks needed and many places to screw up your run. My practice went decent until I tried to tailwhip one jump down low on the course and I always struggled with this jump since you came out of the corner and had to brake a ton and the lip was very inconsistent. I ended up bitch running it like 10 times, which frazzled my brain so i just moved on and whipped and switch 360 the big jump at the bottom which perked me up a bunch before my first run.

My first run was going great until I tried to whip that dumb jump and I brain farted and ended up doing a half whip to half whip back to ball ride, dont ask me how it happened cuz I was even confused. I managed to finish the run and ended up in fifth from that run.My second run was gonna be dialled and it was going great until I blew 10 spokes out on one of my 360s..... so that was it for me I ended up in fifth. Pretty happy with fifth considering I screwed up.

Now as I am about to embark on another few days at home before the next huckfest of a contest, I am happy, I love home..........................

I said bye bye to colorado

July 15, 2010

So I said bye bye to colorado at a very early hour this morning. I had troubles sleeping at 10,000 feet last night in keystone so i got only a hour sleep, so that 430 am alarm was not fun.

The dealer event was a huge success and I will say it once again, the boys at specialized outdid themselves again with the best looking bike lineup in the business.

My favorites were the demo 8 the new sx trail and the camber. all bikes are amazing riding and look great as well.

stay tuned for a personal review on these bikes. So now I am in new hampshire for the claymore challenge slopestyle contest.

The course is super fun, it has great flow and feels like riding a dirt jump rythm section.

Qualifying is tomorrow so stay tuned to my twitter updates for constant action and photos.

Keystone Colorado

July 14, 2010

Hey there folks.

Hope your all doing well, I am in keystone Colorado for the dealer launch. We are unveiling all the 2011 bikes and man oh man they are looking goooood. I rode the crap out of the stumpjumper twenty niner yesterday and I loved it. I also loved the new demo eight. It definitely felt lighter and more agile. The other product I was stoked on is the butcher dh tire. Nobody really knows about the wicked tires specialized makes so I strongly suggest you pick one up and you won't be disappointed. Today I think I'm gonna hit the dh trails on the demo eight.

And yah I'm still pretty tired from racing the legend at sprints after slamming a beer lol

Second place was where I ended up

July 5, 2010

Second place was where I ended up for the day after a muddy morning. So the seating runs went down on saturday and after the first run I was in first and it started to downpour severely before we could do the second. So come sunday morn we rode the very muddy course which was extremely difficult at times. and we managed to get one run in before it started to rain again.

Everyone was scared to hit the big drop that was a 35 foot plumb dropper, brandon was the first to go so he hit it first and then a couple others did as well.

By the time my run was up the wind started howling which is pretty scary doing a drop that size in the wind. So I just tried not to think about it and dropped and had a good run the only part that i messed up on was I no footed can canned the last drop and since my feet were so slick with the mud i blew my pedals but managed to get them back on to hit the last jump.

Brandon had a clean run and took the win and i got second with Zink in 3rd.

stay tuned for the video from this week in europe by freeride entertainment

happy canada day eh! folks

July 1, 2010

hope all the canucks are having a gooder day today.

I on the other hand am hanging in a little town called chatel, it lies in the portes du soleil region of france.

First day on the bike today and it felt good doing some runs at the bike park. But man I must say they have been building some really rad stuff here to ride.

Myself and the Mccaul brothers went for some runs and had some good laughs and epic runs.

Saw the course from a distance and it looks good, better every year.

The big drop at the start is even bigger and a few more lines from last year make up the course. We start practice tomorrow so yah stay tuned for pics on my twitter acct tomorrow.

En route to France .

July 1, 2010

So my travel day is almost over and as usual iys been a long one with missed flights and at the moment I'm not sure if Geneva smells or if my cab driver does lol

So alex fosvedt from freeride entertainment is here documenting my trip and contest in France so stay tuned for that on the I am specialized website. He's been embarrassing me all day by pointing his camera in my face at all times but I'm sure the edit will be rad. So wish me luck at practice tomorrow

So here we are again

June 29, 2010

So here we are again at the good old airport but this time alex fosvedt from freeride entertainment is documenting my trip and contest in France. I'm pretty pumped for this comp since its a big mountain event. Which is what I'm most fired up on riding these days. Gonna board the plane here so stay tuned for updates. Later

Well well well

June 22, 2010

Well well well, that was one heck of a trip to china!

The most physically demanding trip I have been on, the heat was intense. But anyhow I made it home and the weather here on the island has been amazing sunny and half the temp of the gobi lol! So the day

I got home i decided to get on my dirt jump bike and get ready for the next comp, but I ate crap on a 360 whip and tweaked my sore arm again, which I have no idea how i injured it in the first place.

I got to china and rode the first day and my muscle under my bicept, was super sore and i couldnt even hold onto the bars. Which was stupid since I think it was from sleeping on it wrong. Or maybe it was that dumb old guy on the plane who kept elbowing me in that arm the whole

flight over?

So yah tweaked arm again so me my girl and 2 friends went fishing to a deadly spot on the west coast called hot springs cove. There we spent 2 days catching a ton of fish and relaxing.

check out pics

What a buttkicker of a trip!

June 15, 2010

I am now back in north america jet lagged as usual, if u read my blogs you would already know that I get severely jet lagged, since I woke up at 3am my girlfriend kicked me out of bed. I wasn't sleeping and wanted snuggles. But shes like come snuggle in 5 hours lol! So after another full day of travel across the pacific I am stoked to say I am home once more for like 2 weeks I think till my next trip to europe.

The last couple of days were definitely the hardest of the trip since everyone was feeling the physical drain from the heat.

We ended up getting winded out of the big airs we had lined up but I am pretty sure the viewers will be entertained by the big lines we did that ranged from tight chutes to huge open faces like a skiers dream and endless runout.

So all in all the china experience was a for surely unforgettable one, The sights, the people and faces of the very different cultural based country make it a very pleasurable and unique experience.

wow that was one of the hottest days

June 11, 2010

wow that was one of the hottest days I've ever experienced. I felt like like my brain was melting underneath the gobi deserts blazing rays, trying to duck into a hole or canyon in between shots

was the best way to get out of the sun but it still was unsuccessful since I ended up with light heat stroke after hiking and filming all day in 45 degree weather.

We ended up having another stellar day even with the heat, we all got rad shots and I ended up spraying dustins 50,000 dollar camera with dust and rocks when i took a high speed turn in front of him. Sorry buds he didnt need that lens filter anyways? lol!

omg I am bagged.

June 11, 2010

omg I am bagged. So darn hot here its nuts after many consecutive days in a row of being in the desert heat today was the hardest and tomorrow will be even harder.

got a couple of shots today which was good and built some things for tomorrow.

So tomorrow will be our last day of riding so hope all goes well and the wind stays calm.

Im going to bed l8er

wholllllly cow what a epic day

June 9, 2010

well u heard it and im claiming it was the best day of filming I've ever had...

It started out with heading out at 1230 in the afternoon which is the hottest part of the day at 44 celsius.

We got to the zone and the line that i had seen from across the river was in the light and I was doubtfull it was rideable since it was a ledge beside a cliff that was off cambered most of the way.

We officially survived a gobi desert sandstorm!

June 8, 2010

The day started out super sick with me and the crew finding some killer new zones (check out the shots on my twitter page) followed by checking out the sand dunes which are insanely large, like 400 square miles big. The crazy thing is how it goes from dirt and mountains to

sand its seriously a line.

The rest of the day we looked for a spot to set up camp near some big lines, we found a good area and jeremy suggests we set up on this knoll since it would be sick shots for the film.

I immediately protest and get shot down since the light is fading. The first warning sign should have been the 15 mph winds when we were setting up the tents but nobody but me thought it was a bad idea to still make a knoll a camp site.

We were quickly confronted by some of the locals and they wanted to show us some chinese welcome and sing and dance for us at our campfire which was pretty bitchin since now the wind had died and all was well.

We go to bed and I couldn't really sleep since the temp was still 105 and the wind came from nowhere and started to howl and when it gusted to around 70 mph I poked my head out the tent just as sorge and doerflings expedition tent that had no bottom took flight. Man you

should of heard those guys it was hillarious they were freaking out but soon huddled in their sleeping bags with there faces in to hide from the insane sand and dust the wind was blowing around.

I tried to ignore the wind but my tent was near collapsing and full of dust so i decided to drag my tent down the hill to find shelter without losing it to the wind.

Wow what a experience, its safe to say we got our butts kicked by the gobi last night....

jeeepers creeepers this place is rad

June 7, 2010

jeeepers creeepers this place is rad, the mountains here are so sick and al dirt.

So what I am saying is that these slopes are more than shreddable and me and the boys are getting rad shots and shredding the sickest lines ever.

I am here with freeride entertainment, and the other riders are Kurt Sorge and James Doerfling.

We are staying in turpan which is the furthest town from any ocean in the world and it is bloody hot here around 110 every day.

So tonight we are gonna go camping way out in the desert to go further than before and get the sickter lines, the only crappy thing is the hike up these steep slopes and faces is very hard.

wish me luck eh!

Once again here I am

June 1, 2010

Once again here I am at the bejing airport waiting for another plane. I am en route to the gobi desert with Doerfling and Sorge to shoot some big mountain lines. The place we are going to is the sickest place ever. In terms of searching for the gnarliest big mountain lines this place has the best potential in the world. And I'm pretty fired up about since I've been dreaming of coming back for years now...........wish me luck and we will be in touch

Gotta love early season at whistler

May 27, 2010

Gotta love early season at whistler trails are buff and tacky and barely anyone here. Had such a good day of riding yesterday. And I'm about to have another one

Went for my first day of dhing

May 26, 2010

Went for my first day of dhing at whistler on the new demo eight. Pretty sick bike I must say anywho I'm pretty stoked to get some riding in and now I'm gonna to ride foam

My oh my what a day I had yesterday

May 26, 2010

My oh my what a day I had yesterday. I woke up on the wrong side of bed in theory and it was all downhill from there. I tried to fix my broken down bobcat and realized I had the wrong part then I came inside to get some office work done. Since I had a pile of to do things on my desk, mainly I needed to get my mortgage sorted on this condo I bought as a presale three years prior. And my mortgage guy calls and says my near perfect credit score has been destroyed by a twenty dollar bill I didn't know about so in short I can no longer be accepted for this mortgage and I'm screwed since the closing date is Monday. On top of that I have to arrange for a trip to china on Monday and my bros wedding this Friday. Also half my parts havnt showed up to build my bikes.

So after numerous phone calls I decided my priority is gettingbmy bike built up so I used some of my old parts and built up my new demo eight that whichbi will he brining to china. After that I still needed to pack and it was almost dark and I really wanted to unwind so I grabbed a helmet and sprinted towards my dh trail I built near my house and man, it really was what the doctor ordered. Its funny how life can grab u by the balls and a bike ride totally sets your mind at ease ahhhhhh now time to pack lol!

Yo there

May 19, 2010

Yo there shooting this drop as we speak yo

yo there

May 19, 2010

yo there back in the castle (home) and life is gooood had a sick lake jump session yesterday with photographer matt domanski shooting some photos from in the water.

and now were rolling out to spook woods to shoot this huge drop i built.... bring on the big mountain

so peeps whatsa krakening?

May 12, 2010

well I will tell ya whatsa krakening in my world, I am home now and krikeys is it nice being home for more than 2 days.

I have been riding my new enduro trail a bunch getting in shape and doing some atving as well since I picked up a new quad when I was in the states .

Me and my girl meg went caving the other night which was super fun since I used to be a cave guide and it had been like 8 years since I had been in a cave.

I went lake jumping yesterday which was fun until I smacked my head super hard by landing flat on my back in the water, when I was trying switch 360 double whips....

thats all for now folks my girls shouting at me to go to the gym....

Time to get buff

Home sweet home

May 6, 2010

Home sweet home at last its been over a month and its funny how I travel all over the world and where I live is still the most beautiful

The slopes are steep and flowy

May 4, 2010

The slopes are steep and flowy at times, the people are relaxed and mingling about here at garda bike festival.

So I do a ride down some crazy trail where we have to climb up a steel ladder for 80 feet and carry your bike on your back lol!

The trail was good and flowy and spitted us out near the event so I decided to try and ride the 4 cross race.

I lived half my life bmx racing and it had been 10 years since I had raced, so I was kinda pumped to try. I got one lap in on the course before they closed the track down before qualification runs. I did my quali run and was stoked when I ended up in sixth. So I made it to

semis and I kinda blew my gate start and then got pushed to the outside of the first corner to the point where I almost crashed while putting my foot down, so that was it I didnt make it to finals but I had fun and thats racing.

Folowing the race they held the movie premier of follow me which was held outdoors and was pretty sick actually.

The next 2 days were filled with a couple of photo shoots and some decent riding, good times all in all.

We rolled out of garda

May 4, 2010

We rolled out of garda to linz austria to meet with the adidas eyewear crew and discuss the new evil eye riding glass.

we also did a super cool tour of the factory, which is insane to find out that there are 240 steps needed to create one pair of glasses. No wonder they aint cheap!

We then went to a riding area called bischofmais which was a super cool spot and got some good pics.

now im sitting in a hotel doing emails while hunter does the same. I am pretty stoked about going home since its been over a month since I've been home................................

the end

written by yours truly .....me

enduro european tour with hunter

May 3, 2010

so yah here we are in italy for the lago di garda bike festival, I must say though I was here like 8 years ago and man has this event grown.

The amount of people here on bikes is crazy. Very cool festival indeed. So the first day I arrived just in time to catch matt hunter and Trond hansen about to go on a ride, perfect I said since I was slapping myself in the face to stay awake in the car during my 3 hour drive at 200 km/h, gotta love the autobahn.

So we did some shredding and rode a pretty cool trail that had a ton of loose rock fleeing away from our tires as we sped downhill.

We got some killer shots with graber our photo guy and also did some go pro helmet camming as well which should work out good. We ended the day with a few beers and then I hit the sack like a ton of bricks.....end of day..........


April 30, 2010

Bright and squirelly I wake up and get to the airport in vancouver, jump on my connecting flight to calgary and was a little frightened to learn that there was a blizzard and flights were being cancelled left right and center. After a 2 hour delay We luckily were on our way. Now here I am on another plane bored out of my mind doing emails while some little hindi kid thinks its cool to kick the back of my chair for fun baaaaaaaaaaaa!

The morning after

April 29, 2010

The morning after the night out in vegas was definitely a wee bit painful. It would seem we all had a little too much fun at the last night of my bros stag in vegas.

For myself it was back to the real world now, which was to drive north for 24 hours straight back to vancouver. I was fortunate enough to have my friend darren Terhune come along with me for the drive. The first 6 hours were the worst since my hangover was in full swing. The drive was long and we made good time, we arrived at the border were definitely a little worried about if we were about to be hassled, since I was driving my truck with a jet ski in the back of it with 2

bikes laid on top plus a bunch of bags, 5 dirt bikes, 2 atvs, and 3 more peda bikes on top of the atvs. We were surprised when they gave us no hassles after we paid our taxes on the things we purchased down south and rolled back to my bros place in van.

We unloaded the cargo and I dropped Darrren off at the ferry then met up with my girl megan and went out for dinner, which was great since I hadnt had a chance to see her in over 3 weeks.

Man had a good day yesterday

April 22, 2010

Man had a good day yesterday.I bought a sea doo for tow in surfing and loaded it on the allready packed trailer and headed to laguna through some gnarly rainstorms. I met up with the rads crew for their weekly ride which was real fun and i definitely needed it cuz I really have been slacking on my fitness. I worked so hard getting in shape for nepal and after i got home I was so busy trying to finish my house to sell it, I didn't even get one ride in. wah wah I know but anyways it was good to get my ass kicked by a bunch of old dudes!

After the ride they cooked up some killer burgers on the grill that they have been using for over 15 years! man were they tasty. After that I went backed to my bud stens house and grabbed a shower and got in my truck and drove to vegas woop woop.

So today the mayhem starts, its my bros stag and it gonna be good times

One more year at the Otter.

April 21, 2010

A great weekend for weather at the Sea otter for once! and good times had all around.

Myself was stoked for the follow me flick, the boys made a amazing movie and the addition of another rider in most shots was very unique and I loved it.

After the sea otter myself and a whack of other riders rode the annual post office jam. Which was rad by the way! Everyone was riding really good, a few of the standouts were semenuk, mcaul and ryan howard.

Brandon stomped his big 3 tricks which consisted of 360 whips corked 720s and flip whips.

SO for myself I am in the specialized office in morgan hill working on some strategies for marketing for the upcoming season.

After the specialized shindig...

April 15, 2010

After the specialized shindig we roll to meet up with the fox suspension crew for dins and margaritas.

It is safe to say I passed out that night like a ton of bricks lol!

In the morning we woke up and had a presentation for all the new fox suspension products, and man are they killing it.

The stuff for next year is so rad its not even funny.

After the media presentation we rolled out to a near by forest for all the media guys to strap on the new suspension and take some photos.

The trail was super sick, it was fast and flowy, smiles were abundant.

After that myself and Cam Mcaul decided to get our surf on.

So he has a wet suit for me and spare board so I'm stoked.

After I put it on I ask how long hes had that suit and he laughs and says his neighbour threw it in the garbage on the curb and he scooped it.

Jackass I tell him lol! anyhow we jumped in and despite my numb feet we had some fun in the water surfing till pitch black singing the jaws theme song we rolled in and then had some wobbly pops..........

goooooooooooood day

Well it has been a very long day indeed once again.

April 13, 2010

I arrived from austria at 3 pm and was hoping my girl was gonna be there to pick me up but nope. Good thing graham aggasiz was on the plane and I got a lift from him.

So I get to my bros place and pack up all the toys, 5 dirt bikes 1 quad 6 mountain bikes.

In my truck with my bud jordie lunn we set off to drive through the night all the way to morgan hill.

So yah we drive non stop and get to morgan hill around 12:30 to meet with the specialized designers and talk over a bunch of products for the upcoming year.

By the way, once again I am verrry tired from traveling non stop for 2 days.

So yah in europe again hey!

April 12, 2010

Here in Vienna at the air king now and as usual the weather is iffy. But the jumps are fun and all the boys were throwing down. Since the weather was a maybe for rain on sunday we decided to do qualifying and finals on saturday. So that we did, I ended up with a 4th place in qualifying with a run that went like this.

360 off the drop to a tail whip on the first jump to a regular 360 on the second follwed by a switch 360 on the third finishing off with basting the quarter.

Happy with my run I really wasn't too upset when the skies unleashed and brought down the rains.

We all awaited wondering if the skies would clear since we had tarped the jumps they would be fine if the rain stopped. 1 Hour later the rains let up And we got underway with the finals.

Everyone was riding really well since the jumps were fairly small and straight forward it was easy to get your banger tricks fairly dialled.

some of the standout riders were pilgrim, Amir, soderstrom, and plenty of lesser known europeans riding very strong.

It was my turn and my run went like this. 360 table off the drop to superman tail whip on the first set, to 360 table on the second set, to a switch 360 tailwhip. I was super stoked on the run except that on the 360 whip I crashed and smacked my head. So with me whenever I smack my head hard or lightly my vision gets fuzzy for an hour then comes back. My optometrist says it just happens to some people and some not. So yah I was fine but I didnt want to try risking to smack my head again, so I sat the finals out, had i stomped my 360 whip I would have ended in 3rd.... Oh well better luck next time.

Back to north america tomorrow


welllll hellloooo there!

April 9, 2010

Yes once again I have been boarded on a tin sardine box and skurted away to a far away land full of bread meat and cheese and oh yah really good coffee.

I start my trip as usual very jet lagged in europe and this time it was linz Austria I was traveling to.

I met up with david my adidas eyewear team manager and we rode to the local dirt jumps where we were gonna grab some quick photos for website stuff.

The trails were super fun and I was sure gad to get on my bike after a full day of travel. I had a good session until my last run I was goofing around and I cased a jump and my but hit my rear tire and ejected me to flat and I ended up scorpioned and tweaked my neck which was poopy so now i have a sore neck to ride the vienna Air king dirt jump competition....

wish me luck eh

en route to vienna

April 8, 2010

en route to vienna for the first stop of the fmb wt and stuck in a airport missed my previous flight and yah im pretty tired not gonna lie.

Jeepers creepers i have been traveling a ton.

March 26, 2010

I just got home from the dominican where me and some investors did some site inspection on the 800 acres that we purchased.The plan is to make a destination bike resort and we have 2000 feet of vertical that is steep and full of the best dirt you have ever seen. I was amazed at how good the dirt there is. So the plan is to start building the lodge and cabins asap, meanwhile building a 6 degree trail from the bottom to the top so u can pedal all the way from the

bottom to the top with now worries. Then after that the downhill trails will follow.

check oot me pics eh

So we awake....

March 10, 2010

So we awake to another pristine morning in the Himalayas and the plan for the day was to go for a 2 hour climb and followed by a nice downhill.

Well it was a beautiful ride and it did take a little longer, 9 hours actually. Having such a big crew of 18 and trying to film and shoot at every great opportunity didn't really allow for a quick day. The views were beautiful and the ride up wasn't too bad except that we climbed up to 12,000 feet. For a first day after flying for 3 days it killed me, That evening all i could do is wolf down as much carbs as possible in order to try and recover for the start of the climb tomorrow.

6 am wakeup and today is the big day for the start of our ascent, at breakfast I hear rumors through the french that possibly the top of the pass is covered with snow and we might have to start lower than 17,000 feet for the race.

With a half dozen pieces of bread stuffed down my throat and as much water as my gut can handle.

At the moment I am sipping hot tea kaisang base camp at 12,000 feet. The hike was supposed to take 5 hours but it ended up taking 7 hours, I'm learning not to trust our guides estimation of time, since it is usually wrong. The trek up here wasn't too bad it was actually beautiful with 25,000 foot peaks on both sides of the valley, the only problem is that I am freaking exhausted. Not just from the day but from the last 4 days of nonstop travel continued by 2 days of big rides at elevation which makes it hard to recover from large days....

Well I am half way and I'm gonna eat as much carbs as I can and stay warm and hope I have some more energy tomorrow..... wish me luck

P.s. I am the only english speaking dude here and most of the others are french.... remind me to make sure there is another english speaking person to hang with for my sanity....

So its been since hong kong....

March 8, 2010

So its been since hong kong that I have been able to get to my email and man oh man what that a adventure or what.

Since i wrote last I had a 10 hour layover in hong kong and all I knew was that someone was going to pick me up in kathmandu.

After my 10 hour layover I jumped on another plane for another 8 hours of fight time, I was then greeted by laurent, one of the organizers of the event and he said here is your jeep you will be getting a ride to pokhara. Ok so I am extremely tired after 30 hours of travel time! and

he says no you have to drive through the night, ok then 5 hours later on a super bumpy road with no sleep we arrive to meet all the frenchies just waking up and meeting us for breakfast.

So I am now at 36 hours travel time and I'm informed that we have another flight in one hour

grrreat more travelling we get on a super sketchy plane and I'm also informed that we are landing in one of the most sketchiest airports in the world at 8500 feet high in the himalayan mountains.

The plane ride was unreal, towering peaks of the Anapurna mountain range whizzed by as we ascended up this narrow canyon. We land in a tiny village set amongst the largest mountains I have ever seen. Did I mention its been over 40 hours since I've seen a bed. Bikes were built

up and bags packed up for the journey which was a 2 hour bike ride up the canyon to another small village, just for a warm up for the legs yikes.

It was a beautiful ride and I was so tired I was beside myself. I got to the little hotel finally and I had to change rooms since my room smelled the same as the washroom that was next to it.

We ate dinner mostly comprised of carbs and then after lots of fluids I finally hit the hay, after 52 straight hours of hellish travel.

It's safe to say I slept like a baby.

Good old airports

March 1, 2010

Good old airports, cant say I really like em but hey they are better than train stations...

So as my travels go I was super dissapointed to leave vancouver the day before the gold medal hockey game to head to nepal. Just in case you didn't know WE FREAKIN WON, BEAT THOSE YANKEES HAHA.

and now I am chilling on a 10 hour layover in hong kong which wasn't too bad so far since I ran into a buddy on the flight and when I got here I rented a little room with a shower so I am feeling pretty decent. My next flight leaves in 3 hours and then I have 2 more fights util i land in kathmandu nepal.

So yah as always I hope that whoever is meeting me picks up lol!

anywho taker easy eh and CANADA RULES

So I am once again sitting in a airport

March 1, 2010

So I am once again sitting in a airport waiting to get on a plane. My travel time on this particular trip to nepal is going to be ridiculous my travel time is 30 hours. Not too much fun and then I have a day before we start to ascend to 17,000 feet, then race down.

I am worn out from enjoying the olympic festivities and my flight leaves at 2 am so wish me luck on this flight and keep posted.......

Just spent a few days

February 24, 2010

Just spent a few days in the interior of bc doing some cat boarding with the adidas eyewear boys.

super good times, had good weather and decent snow.

now I am headed back home to catch up on a few things and get prepared to head out for my nepal trip.

well I will tell ya....

February 24, 2010

well I will tell ya how nice it is to be here in the northwest but you have to be here to believe it.

I started out yesterday with my girlfriend at the olympic hockey game which we ended up with skybox tickets. That was super fun so we then headed to the red bull lounge to watch the canadian olympic game, which was amazing considering the asskicking the canadians gave norway 8-0 safe to say we got a good team for this years olympics. After that the city of vancouver was insane I cant even imagine how crazy it will be if we win the gold.

so today I started with a 1 hour pedal up fromme mountain on my specialized enduro which I love so much, upon arriving to the top I was quickly awarded some lovely downhilling. It was kind of funny to be pinning it so hard on the trails only to realize that I was in shorts and a jersey with a xc helmet and no pads. Yah more than a few times I had to tell myself to slower down.

check out some photos of my new ride

how goes it there?

February 16, 2010

how goes it there ? well it goes good in my hood!

I just got my first ride on my new enduro and man is that a deadly bike I built it up with a xtr groupo, mavic crossmax wheels and fox suspension.

It has to be by far the best bike out there right now, it pedals so well and downhills even better and at around 26 pounds you cant go wrong.

I also just rode my new trail for the first time and is that a good time.

I dont know if most people understand how satisfying building a trail then riding it is.

It is in the dead of winter....

February 11, 2010

It is in the dead of winter here in british columbia and I have been doing as much training for the nepal urge challenge as I can. If you do not know what the nepal race is well I will tell you, it is a adventure race where 10 athletes hike to the top of a mountain and document the experience.

then at 17,000 feet we each race to the bottom on a trail that is not marked.

Last year I did the race in africa and man what that ever a rad trip, it was a asskicker but fun.

So I have been hitting the pool in the mornings swimming around 25 minutes combined with hitting the gym and also doing road and xc rides.

Man the other day I did a 60km road ride on a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, it's safe to say that I bonked half way through the ride lol!

other than that i got some pics of this trail ikm building near my house.....enjoy

My flu was in full swing

February 1, 2010

My flu was in full swing the day of the contest in austria and I got barely any sleep due to the fact that it seemed my nose had a tap running on full all night.

I got up and had a shower then proceeded to the first ever FMBA word tour meeting, thats right folks us freeriders and industry staff are getting organized and are going to have a world ranking. The meeting lasted forever and when done we took to the slopes with our bikes and

proceeded to shred the slopestyle course on our bikes, for those that do not know about mtbing in the snow, well I will tell you, its actually pretty easy to ride in the snow as long as it is groomed and then set up such as left overnight.

Practice went well and it seemed that all the boys have been hard at work all winter, honing their biking skills, cuz everyone was riding good. The course was on a decent slope and started off with a small drop which led 2 doubles around 30 feet long in size then to a fruit

bowl with a drop out, which led into a step up step down into a big arse double around 35 40 feet long.

qualifying went well and I ended up qualifying in 4th and my finals run went like this.

360 off the drop backflip over the first double tailwhip over the 2nd, 360 xup out of the fruit bowl, tuck no hander up the step up, super indian air down the drop and 360 the big jump on the bottom.

I ended up with 5th place behind sam pilgrim in first and leahhy in 2nd and amir in 3rd and yannick in 4th.

I was super stoked with the result since I have barely ridden at all this winter due to crap weather.

keep it rubber side down till next time.

I am here in austria

February 1, 2010

I am here in austria for the white style event and today was supposed to be the first day of practice but due to snow we couldn't really ride, go figure eh!

My week here started out good with a night in munich which was very sleep deprived, we then jumped in a car and went to the famous bike town saalbach-hinterglemm which is also very awesome for snowboarding. So when I woke up I felt awesome after a good night sleep, so we

strapped on our boards and went snowboarding in the alps and man was it fun.

I have been here in the alps many times in the summer but never in the winter, the weather was awesome and we had a great day followed by some beers which is pretty much how they do it here, they sleep, ski then drink beer and sleep again and do it all the next day. My day was cut short since by midday I started to feel sick and by dinner time I was feeling aweful.

then today I dragged me arse up and drove to the red bull headquarters in austria which was pretty amazing to go check out the global headquarters and meet all the people that work there.

So that was fun even though that I'm deathly sick with the flu and now

im sitting in my room trying to save strength for tomorrow.

peace out and wish me luck eh!

Well it has been a while

January 26, 2010

Well it has been a while since my last blog and a happy new year to you too!

I have had a good few months of off season doing all sorts of things from snowmobiing in the mountains to surfing the rugged coastline of vancouver Island and it has been good to catch up with the family as well.

At the moment I am sitting in munich working on some good old jet lag with 2 hours of sleep last night I fear that today will be a struggle. All i want to do is go for a xc ride but since it is snowing here I guess I will just have to settle for the gym! baa I dont know about you but I hate the gym I would much rather be outside digging holes or side cutting single track with a pick.

So ya may wonder why I am in munich in the snow? well I will tell you, I am here for the white style slopestyle contest in leogang austria.It is a slopestyle course built out of wood and snow, and it has been a few years since I've rode my bike in the snow so I am quite anxious to go and play.

anywho im gonna hit the gym and wash down my jet lag with some fine german beer


Kinda warm here in indonesia

October 27, 2009

So its kinda warm here down in indonesia where myself and kyle are on the specialized indonesia tour, where we will be doing some demos and signing a whole bunch of autographs and a few thousand photos with fans. Myself and kyle have been here a few days now and just now are getting over the jet lag which is never fun.

The first stop on the tour was a demo at the indonesian national downhill championships, We showed up to see what they had built for us and were quite amazed at how big of a road gap they constructed for me and Kyle to jump a few times for the crowd at the race. The gap was around 30 feet long with around 26 feet of drop with a super flat landing and sketchy runout, I was quick to suggest that we should modify it so that I could hit it.

With that being said 15 indonesian workers with nothing but picks and sandbags built up the landing a little bit meanwhile digging it out to steepen the tranny.

With the landing being fixed I got up there and was quite amazed at how excited the local fans were to see something like this be done. With 2 practice runs finished I hit the road gap and I overshot it quite a bit. I was fairly impressed with the amount the crowd swarmed

me and insisted on photos and autographs.

I then hit it up a second time and threw a good table in for the crowd and once again was bombarded with the fans with all sorts of requests like give me your helmet to give me your bike which made me laugh. myself and kyle trew out some product for the crowd and what a sight seeing these people scrap over goggles and gloves and such.

Day 2 of the nissan x trail shoot.....

October 19, 2009

Day 2 of the nissan x trail shoot was quite a interesting one, we woke up in the utah desert and quickly realized the weather was not in our favor. It was blowing 30 mph and a deadly thunderstorm was headed our way, so the camera crew got stuck in a rain storm in the sand dunes. Good times I tell ya when the rain comes and the wind is blowing in a sand dune.

The freeride crew pulled it together to get some sick shots of the car catching air 5 feet off the deck and plowing into the sand upon landing, then after the car stuff was done the helicopter landed in our front yard of where we were staying and the pan was to go ride the

big mountain line that I had scoped and built a few days earlier but the problem was that it rained all day and we were not quite sure if it was too wet to ride the line.

So me and Cameron mccaul jumped in the heli for a quick recon and quickly decided that the dirt was too wet to ride so the big line got pushed back.

Day 3 starts at the break of dawn with a little breaky at our favorite spot, shortly after we roll into the desert to get a some shots of me flipping my dh bike which i had never done before and to make it even harder on myself it was on a hip.

That went real well and we got some amazing slow motion flip shots. which led us up to doing some ground camera angles of my big mountain line which was rad cause I was super excited to ride this big mountain line.

So me and mccaul hiked up and rode the middle section together since he was helmet camming me. We got some good shots with the helmet cam and then it was time for me to ride the whole line top to bottom, It was a little bit windy but i dropped in none the less and rode the line exactly how I wanted to.

The line started at the very top of a mesa with a techy drop with a short landing which ran onto a exposed knife ridge that had a few small steps then it rolled out to a diving board that i sent it off and screamed down the rest of the ridge into 2 bigger drops at the bottom.

end of day 3 shoot.

Day 4 we rolled up out of bed and got into the heli and Tom our pilot let me hang out the side of the heli while being strapped in while I held onto my bike while he shuttled me up to the top.

The first shot with the heli was the hero shot where they circled around the top of the mountain with me standing on top of it with my bike, After that was done big d waved his hand out the side of the heli and it was on.

With the chopper blades spinning at my back and thousands of dollars worth of film being used the pressure was on and I shredded the crap out of that line 4 times meanwhile using the heli for a shuttle, pretty cool i thought.

And that wraps up a killer shoot for my first tv commercial stay tuned for the 10 minute web edit coming soon from freeride entertainment also dont forget to check out my blogs on I-amspecialized.com

In utah after the first day of shooting for the nissan commercial

October 7, 2009

Im here in utah after the first day of shooting for the nissan tv commercial and man what a day.

I originally heard about this tv commercial that nissan wanted to film and I never thought I would actually get the job but here I am on the set of a official tv shoot.

The basic story line of the shoot is, I am flying around in a helicopter looking for a epic line in the utah desert then we decide I cant land on the top of the Line so I get out of the heli and jump into the nissan xtrail and drive to it and then I shred the line then jump back into the xtrail and drive away.

Pretty cool heh?

Freeride entertainment has paired up with some of hollywoods best in order to pull this off and I have brought my bud cam mccaul out to do some pov riding and he is my backup guy in case I get hurt.

We shot all day yesterday which was pretty crazy watching how much of a cluster it is filming a shoot like this, there are over 30 crew on this shoot. Thats alot more than what I am used to when I make bike movies its usually 2 filmers and 1 photographer so its pretty overwhelming but the shoot went well we filmed me landing in the heli then jumping out of it and getting me into the nissan xtrail. After that the professional driver took over and did all of the ralying

shots through the desert with the heli chasing it.

So that brings us to day 2 so stay tuned

one more trade show is in the books

September 28, 2009

well one more trade show is in the books. The show was good and I was stoked on how my segment turned out, I must say that this segment is my best to date. Not very many people understand how much hard work goes into a segment like this so with that being said I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and it gets the stoke going in your fire to ride bikes.

I got the opener in the movie which was rad not to mention how sick the intro was, dramatic music accompanied with the athletes and the crew to put the series to rest.

Today I awoke to the epic sunrise in zion national park, after having a epic xc ride ride late last night that ended up a little longer than I expected.

You know when its getting ate in the day and you want to go on a long ride even though you know there is a good chance u might not have enough light left.

lets just say i would have been fine if my front tire didnt go flat with 4 miles to go, lol! I rode out in the dark with a flat.

Now I am going to go to moab and do some more xc rides before i come back to virgin to shoot the nissan commercial with freeride entertainment.

stay tuned

Headed to Vegas

September 22, 2009

so the past few days I have been busy gearing up to head to vegas for interbike and shortly afterwards film a tv commercial for nissan. The commercial shoot is a pretty huge deal so im fired up about it, I will be filming it in southern utah and will have cam mccaul for a pov


things have been good up here in the northwest

September 15, 2009

well then things have been good up here in the northwest. I finished filming with cameron mcaul for the film follow me. I built some jumps in the forest at mount washington on vancouver island which myself and cam shredded for a day then shredded a bunch of the mountains killer terrain while training each other it was pretty sick especially the sick angles darcy and the film crew got while filming me and cam.

been shredding my dirt jumps a bunch too. and I rode in courtenay the other day with some of my bmx buds which was pretty fun.

bought a new bed too which is always nice. keep posted on the details of this car commercial im doing ill be bloggin lots soon

This will be the kits I will be wearing for my tv commercial shoot for nissan being filmed in early september.

Back on the good old bc ferry heading back home...

August 19, 2009

Back on the good old bc ferry heading back home after some good times had by all in whistler.

I was super pumped on the throw down session from all the boys on saturday. everyone was riding really well and the course was good as well a little small for my liking but good none the less.

My runs went like this, I rolled in for my first run and stomped the switch 360 on the first drop then stomped my superman tailwhip on the first jump and when I landed I must have done something to the chain cuz my chain wouldn't roll through my guide. So I had to stop and kinda try and figure it out and man was I bummed here I was about to stomp my whole first run and my chain twists baaaaaaa.

So I run back up on the landing and manage to get one crank in which was enough speed for the wall then I finished my run and to my surprise I got a decent score I was sitting in 4th or 5th place i believe.

2nd run my plan was to stomp my run clean which wasnt going to get me first place but it would have got me top 5 and then I would have been able to take my 3rd and final run and throw out all of my tricks.

So I roll in with my switch 3 to the superwhip and then into my wallride, nothing onto the giro trailer superman seat grab indian air off the giro trailer, boost the kona wall to one foot table out of the wall.

Then regular 360 off the sram thing to a no footed can off the skinny bonar log and i landed flat off the bonar log so I barely was able to steer my way to the takeoff which sucks cuz i was panning on doing a switch 360 lookback. I couldnt gain enough control to get the switch 3

but i did get a nothing to no footed can off the jump then onto cracking a big 360 table off the last drop.

I am now in 6th place which gets me into the finals and chubey rolls down with a good run and bumps me into 7th place by .2 of a lead.

All in all I had a great time and I will be looking forward to next year in whistler.

its finally sunny here at crankwerx

August 15, 2009

its finally sunny here at crankwerx and we just finished the practice for the morning. 1 hour we had today which was a joke since someone designed the race course in amongst the slopestyle so the race is on and we cant practice. and no we have not ridden the last drop yet and the contest is tomorrow, yikes.

But I did find out today that I am pre-qualified for the finals on saturday due to a few riders dropped out due to injuries.

anywho wish me luck tomorrow

360 turn downs and switch 360 look backs

August 10, 2009

I went up to the foam pit here in whistler to brush up on a few tricks the other day. One of the new tricks that i have been able to add to my repertoire is turndowns, due to the frame design of the sx. I am pretty stoked on the possibilities it opens up for my contest runs such as 360 turn downs and switch 360 look backs which never have been done on a mountain bike let alone on a slopestyle course , so stay tuned and wish me luck this week.

It is now raining in whistler ......

August 10, 2009

It is now raining in whistler here at crankwerx and that sucks since we have had nothing but epic weather here in the northwest. had a good xc ride yesterday with the specialized crew, we rode up the valley here in whistler to a trail called comfortably numb. other than that we had a good meeting with the freeride crew here at specialized. We were strategizing how to use all the athletes a little more.

Its been a warm few days here in whistler

August 9, 2009

Its been a warm few days here in whistler, I had to come up here a few days early to do the big bike launch for the media. Thats ended now and yesterday I went up the hill with yorrick carroux

to shoot some photos for the shimano photo contest. The weather yesterday was epic forshooting, up on top of the mountain there was clear skies with a fog ayer below which made for some epic scenery shots up top. Then when you rode down further it was foggy and misty,

which was perfect for shooting in the trees.

Now I am gonna go ride the air dome and practice some trix on my

slopestyle bike

On my way back from crankwerx colorado beaten down.

August 3, 2009

On my way back from crankwerx colorado beaten down. On my first run I went a little slow on a 360 drop and came up way short and broke my bike. I decided to take a 2nd run even though my bike was not in any shape to be shredded on and I landed the 360 drop perfect but my rear tire popped and that was it for my crankwerx colorado comp. It sucked because the run that I had panned and practiced all day would have took the win.

anyways off to whistler wish me luck

New World Disorder 10

July 20, 2009

My new world disorder 10 segment is finally finished.

The last shoot was at my pace where I built some jumps in the forest and a couple of one hit wonder hits.

The shoot was good other than getting a concussion the first day. We cable cammed the dirt jump line and a few other shots as well.

and now I am getting ready to go back to germany for the big in bavaria dirt jump contest.

4th annual 26 trix

July 17, 2009

It was the 4th annual 26 trix contest here and it went awesome especially considering the amount of rain that fell during the day. It all started on thursday afternoon when I first arrived and saw all the boys throwing down on the downhill dirt jumps, mosty the euro shredders like Amir Kabanni and sam pilgrim to name a few. The jumps were good and fun, one big line and one smaller line which linked up at the bottom. I ended up with a fourth place and was content since I was up against all the youngens.

Now I am back in canada filming for new world disorder at my place filming my trails, spook woods.

But why is it when all u want is clouds its blue bird and visa versa geez we waited around most of the day waiting for clouds then i got knocked out with my awesome helmet end of story for today .

2nd place and I crashed on a flip

July 5, 2009

I am in chatel france for the big mountain slope style and man what a treat it is to ride a big mountain contest where it makes a difference if you can actually ride mountains and not be foam pit trick based. The course was high in the alpine on the side of a mountain, it was

around 1000 feet of vertical drop and it started out with a couple options that most were drops then into some berms and turns straight into the big mountain jump section where a big bike was favored then into a couple of lines that sent you off a drop that ended up into a

steep straight rocky section that had a big turn at the bottom. After that there was a section that was steep and had dozens of different choices which lasted for about 300 vertical feet which spit you out to a big road gap that had a big berm at the bottom which compressed your suspension like a sardine. It all ended with a big booter about 45 feet in size which was good for big bikes as well.

On saturday it was beauty weather and the boys were throwing their lines together and it seemed that everybody was pretty much set to go for qualification. I was late and was hurrying to get on the lift to reach the top for the start of qualification and as soon as I got on the lift the rain started to come down in sheets or so I thought, good thing for my sombrio rain jacket.

So I am huddling on the lift, waiting to reach the top I suddenly rolled over the crest and the heavens opened up and said im angry, The lightning was everywhere and thunder roled through the alps like a freight train. once I reached the start everyone was huddling around

the red bull tent and of course since the course was made of clay it was cancelled for the day.

Its sunday and the sun is shining so up we go to do 2 runs of which the best one counts.

I roll in for my first run and clean the top section with a good flip and spin off the drop that ended in a steep chute and came in a little fast and double flatted on some rocks so my first run is a bust. Being that I am a all or nothing type dude I decide to throw it all on the line and send it for my last run, I spin the top drop that was a good 20 foot with 5 feet of distance and a real steep landing it was complicate to get my head wrapped around how I was going to spin so slow while barely moving except falling vertically. I pull it off and roll into the next jump where I have been flipping it all weekend without a problem and i spin way to slow so I pul the ejection cord and roll out of it. I quickly got back up and was super pissed off I

crashed on a flip so I charge the rest of the course with a ton of speed and throw down some good tricks along the way meanwhile taking some lines that have not been ridden yet and end up in 2nd. pumped on the day and now its off to leogang for 26 trix.

It was a quick flight to salt lake city

July 4, 2009

It was a quick flight to salt lake city and a swift shuttle up to the specialized press launch for the 2010 bikes.

The weather was epic and the crew from specialized put on a great show, showing off there 2010 lineup in style. I just want to say that this lineup of bikes is the nicest and sexiest you will see this year, possibly even a few years. My favorite out of the lineup was the enduro series, this bike will climb up anything with ease and descend with a prowess that would make alot of 7 inch bikes envious. Coming in at 30 pounds you cant just beat it for a all mountain. The sx trail is still my go to bike and the new 8 is a treat to corner with hills specific geometry.

I must say that i have ridden alot of trais in my day and this trail that we did near park city was and is in my top 3 of all time, it started with a nice 1200 foot climb puker hill to be exact, then once at the top we were delighted with the views a along the gently rolling ridgetop which rolled on for about 4 miles then descended through the alpen trees about 10 miles of the buffest smoothest singletrack ive ridden. It was so fun my mouth hurt from smiling for so long, me and

matt hunter agree that it was one of the sickest trails we ever rode.

2010 Product Launch, Snowbird, Utah

June 29, 2009

Its a beauty monday morning here in snowbird utah, where me and matt hunter are hanging out at the specialized press launch where we get to unveil all of the 2010 bikes.

yesterday was rad we presented all the new line of bikes which I can tell you is the best line of bikes on the market, all the way to the price point bikes to the high end bikes.

My favorite addition to the lineup would have to be the carbon enduro, it climbs like a xc bike then descends like a sx trail best of both worlds my friends.

After the presentation we got suited on whatever bike we wanted and went for a xc ride. Me and Matt hunter both rode the stumpjumper 26'' and the stumpjumper 29" it was the first time I tried the 29" inch bike and me and matt both agree that its a must try, the climbing ability of this bike is amazing I loved the way this bike rode.

We ended the day with a long dh trail that meandered down a valley with a creek rolling beside the whole way, it was a combination of techy rock sections and buff singetrack. The day ended with a rad dinner in this garden like estate restaurant.

thats all folks till the next time.

Back to mountains

June 29, 2009

Back to mountains once again I go but this time its the bc interior. I set off in my truck with all my bikes and my quad our destination was cache creek, a little bc town with a fair amount of freeride friendly terrain. I filmed in this area years ago and I always wanted to come back since that was the area I was first introduced to big mountain riding. With the intent of hitting some similar stuff but riding it completely different and utilizing new filming techniques.

The first line we filmed was a narrow chute that opened up to a wide face then ended with a booter. The new world disorder crew rigged up their cable cam in a few hours, stringing it in front of a cliff face all the way across the valley. I was super pumped with the shot we got

since the shot starts with the camera panning across this cliff face and reveals me charging through the narrow chute then making big wide ski turns down the slope and ending with a rad hip at the bottom. The shot totally feels like it was filmed from a heli.

The next day we headed out of our hotel and headed to a new zone where I had previously scoped this crazy chute that had 2 turns in it and ended in a small lake. My idea was to rail through the chute top to bottom and charge into the lake?

So being that my brother Ryan came up to get some big mountain riding experience, he and I got shuttled to the top with my quad and hiked half way down the chute (which was more of a crash half way down) and started half way down since I was skeptical of making the last turn

and I didnt want to pinball through the skinny chute. I dropped in and just made the turn and just stopped before the lake. Next up was my brother so he took the same line as I did and rode it out perfectly and came rolling out with a huge grin saying I think I really like big

mountain riding.

So now its time to film the entire line from top to bottom and I am still wondering if I am going to make the turn at the bottom of the chute so I drop in with the cameras rolling and I get half way with a ton of speed as if i was on a freight train I pulled the brakes as hard as I could and it was so steep I was still gaining speed at a chilling rate. I started to set up for the corner at the bottom while brakes on full and there it was, the exit. I fly out of the chute at a

speed around 70 km/h and it all happened so fast it was hard to know what i was thinking but i didnt brake before the lake and I plowed into it at around 80 km/h.I hit so fast that my legs smacked the bars as I got thrown over them like a circus monkey then my face hit the

water and I scorpioned for a half second before i got tomahawked 2 times across the water (sky-water-sky-water)then rested a good 50 feet into the lake.

Thats pretty much the end of that shoot due to some whip lash and gnarly bruises.

So for my rehab I went fishing and caught so much fish it wasnt even funny.

Back to the real world again....

June 11, 2009

back to the real world again well my world that is. I spent the last 2 and a half weeks backpacking in ecuador and peru with 2 hometown buds. Good times I tell ya, we started in ecuador and went to the jungle fora few days, we saw all sorts of weird and crazy animals on our jungle trek. I caught some piranha's which I thought was pretty cool. I even swam in piranha infested waters, pretty creepy I tell ya.

After our jungle tour we headed to the coast and got a little r&r in this crazy little surf town called Montanita. When we were one with the coast we headed south to Lima Peru, the town

is pretty unsafe for the most part so we only stayed a night before heading to Cuzco.

Once we were in Cuzco we booked our machu picchu hike and set off on a four day trek, which started with a 2 hour descent on a mountain bike down a scenic valley.

Then we hiked for 3 more days on and off the Inca trail until we reached Machu picchu where we lucked out and had clear sunny skies. The ancient town itself was amazing and I really was amazed at how people could live to become comfortable living on the edge of a cliff yikes.

Now I am in the BC interior filming my segment for new world disorder 10. The weather is supposed to be nice so we should get some good stuff done. My plan here is to ride some big mountain lines and add a little flare to the lines by jumping into the chutes and shredding back and forth down the line.

Wish me luck and stay tuned

Good times had by all at Jordie lunns fresh air jam

May 12, 2009

Good times had by all at Jordie lunns fresh air jam this past weekend in victoria b.c.

I myself had a wonderful time the weather was great and tons of rad riders showed up to shred the course jordie built. Some of the shredders were brandon semenuk, jamie goldman, geoff gullevich, erick lawrenuck to name a few.

The track was fun and we turned it into a 2 hour jam and at the end all the riders voted on the standings, some of the highlights were brandons truck driver off the up box, lawrenucks aliwhips, and goldmans solid runs were some of the visual treats.

brandon ended up in first and I ended up in 2nd and erick lawrenuck ended up in third.

So it's Tuesday....

May 6, 2009

so it is tuesday now and I had a good weekend. I did my first downhill race and got 3rd, under 2 seconds behind the winner, I rode my sx trail since it was a fairy smooth course and i love the quick response from that bike. Other than that I am listening to dragon force at the moment, good song.

getting ready for jordies jump competition this weekend in victoria. thats gonna be fun my first comp of the year woop woop. Also I am redoing my backyard with my new excavator and man what a big project dont really have the time but oh well little bit at a time

Films, trails and more

April 27, 2009

Well ive been home from my trip to utah for over a week now and life is good taking care of some bills and taxes ya know all the things that life throws at you when you decide to take off for 6 weeks. I have been building near my house, in preperation for filming here for the new world disorder 10, to hopefully finish off my segment for that movie which would be rad to get it out of the way early in the year, especially considering I have tons of obligations with traveling for various reasons like contests and film shoots. I even think I am going to the dominican republic for a film shoot for life cycles which is another film I will be in this year. The idea behind the shoot is I go there to park vida which is a bike park I am involved with and build a coupe rad and progressive stunts with stunning backdrops. It should be good pretty pumped on the trip but I wont lie in saying that the weather here on vancouver island is awesome at the moment.

I also want to tell you folks about something I just purchased..... I know you will be almost as excited as I am about it.... stay tuned for my next entry for now I will leave you some pictures of my trails called spook which will be featured in new world disorder 10


Back at home at last......

April 16, 2009

Back at home at last, I just returned home from a 5 week film trip in southern Utah. The film I was filming for was new world disorder 10. Yes I said 10, I know what your thinking but yes time does fly by and this is my 7th appearance in the new world disorder films. The process is quite simple, I drive my truck south with all my bikes and my moto of course, Then we rented a house for 2 months which we found to be quite perfect since the house was very close to our filming zones. Once I arrived I use my moto to scour the desert to find unique features such as big boulders that can be used as wall rides or a takeoff. But mainly searching for things that just stand out. Once I decide the jumps and or features that I am going build we get to work with shovels and rakes buffing out my lines. Then when its done we wait until the light is good and there is no wind.

This trip I was very successful in finding what I wanted, which was rad features that stood out. It definitely took way longer than I expected to get all the shots I wanted due to weather conditions, which included lots of wind. There were times where I sat on top of a jump and waited for a break in the wind for 45 minutes. Now that is nerve racking. Some of the highlights are, Switch 360 off a drop followed by a regular 360 off a second drop right away. Big gap to rock manual, turndowns and lookbacks on the raddest quarter pipe i've ever built it was 14 feet tall and super scary. Those are just a few of the highlights from the trip so stay tuned for other epic tales from ME

Building and Filiming in Utah

March 10, 2009

Back once again in the Utah desert. The weather is fair and the dirt moist, perfect building and filming conditions. I will be here in Utah for the entire month filming for new world disorder 10. So far I have been lucky in finding super unique stunts to build and since there is moisture in the ground building is a dream. Perfect lips get shaped in no time at all and it packs super hard. John Gibson will be the photographer for most of the time I am here and Brad Mcgregor will be the cinematographer. Stay tuned as the madness unfolds.

Stats for Darren Berrecloth are coming soon.