Sam Hill

Sam was born in Glen Forrest, Western Australia on 21st July 1985.

He rode his first bike at two years of age, and started competitive MTB riding at nine.

He attended his first downhill event at twelve and it was an immediate love affair with the sport.

He became a member of the Melville/Fremantle Cycling Club and through their help, and the aid and support of his parents, Sam began to attend national level MTB events.

In 2001, at age sixteen, Sam attended his first overseas races, traveling to Canada and the USA.

At the Vail World Championships he succeeded in finishing 3rd in the U19 DH event.

In 2002, Sam was successful in winning the U19 Australian DH Championships at Thredbo and later was Junior World DH Champion by coming 1st in the Worlds held in Kaprun, Austria.

Still only eighteen years of age, in 2003 Sam made the decision to ride in the elite category, and won both the Australian DH Championship and the Oceania DH Championship Titles at this level. He then went on to successfully defend his Junior World DH Champion Title held in Lugano, Switzerland.

In 2004, Sam entered the elite rank of MTB riders and won for the second time the Australian DH Championships, took out the US Championships and was 3rd at the World DH Championships at Let Gets France. He finished 2nd overall in the World Cup DH Series.

2005 was a mixed bag for Sam, when he took his first win in a World Cup race, coming 1st in Schladming, Austria. A broken wrist in June caused him to miss the World Cup races in Mont Sainte-Anne CAN, Balneario Camborio BRA and Angel Fire Resort USA. He came back in August to win the World Cup race in Pila Italy, and was 2nd at the World DH Championships in Livigno. Despite missing three races, Sam finished 2nd overall in the World Cup DH Series rankings.

In 2006 Sam was again Oceania DH Champion, was 1st in the US National DH Championship Series (Norba), won the Crankworx Garbanzo Enduro DH race, finished 2nd overall in the World Cup Series and highlighted his year by winning the World Championship DH Title held in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Sam’s downhill skills have improved each year, culminating in an unstoppable domination in 2007. He was again Oceania DH Champion, 1st at the Crankworx Garbanzo Enduro, gained podium finishes in all five World Cup races, with 1st in Mont Sainte-Anne Canada, Schladming Austria and Maribor Slovenia. He successfully defended his World Championship DH Title in Fort William, Scotland. He also took out the elusive 1st in the World Cup DH Series.

Sam has been the recipient of the Junior Australian MTB Cyclist of the Year Award in 2003 and received the Australian MTB Cyclist of the Year Award in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Sam currently resides in Parkerville, Western Australia.

The off season always seems to go past too fast

December 14, 2010

The off season always seems to go past too fast, I have had a lot going on at home and been travelling around a little bit. I flew over to sydney a couple weeks back for a downhill race at Newtons Nation which was cool. I got to hang out with a few buddies I dont see all the time so it was cool to see them. We also went and watched the Sydney Super X in Parramatta, Monster Energy are a title sponsor of it and they hooked us all up with VIP tickets. It was awesome hanging out in their truck with a free bar and right next to the start line so we were close to the action. I then flew home for a couple of days and found out my best mate had bought me a ticket back to Brisbane where he and some other mates were so I flew over there. We partied a little bit and watched the final round of the Super X, Monster hooked us all up again but the track was wet and muddy so the racing wasn't quite as good.I still had an amazing time, its good to be back home now though relaxing a little bit. The weather is getting hot here so its hard to get out for a ride or ride my moto. I went for an xc ride yesterday with my older brother and had a sick time finding some new trails and getting a bit lost. We also nearly rode over a big snake which scared us both heaps. Im looking forward to getting out on the bike more now and having some fun in the slippery conditions.


The last few weeks

November 22, 2010

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, I had my massive Samapalooza party 2 weekends ago. There was about 700 people there and all kinds of wild things went down. I have a motocross track there so a lot of people came and rode that during the day, then we had a car jump competition in the afternoon. We built a big single especially for it, there were about 4 cars people brought down the rally and jump. It got pretty crazy and all the cars were dead after about 4 jumps each.

Monster energy brought there truck down there and pumped the music for a while until the DJ fired up. It was a lot of fun but me and a few mates were left with a lot of cleaning up to do the next day. It was all worht it though and everyone had a good time.

Im heading across to sydney on wednesday for a downhill race, im not too sure what its about but there is a big festival going on and it should be cool to be involved. Its been a while since i have been on a downhill bike though. Other than that, I have just been enjoying my time off. Been getting my new shed set up with power and all stuff inside. Im still waiting to build my mezzanine so I can get my foam pit running but. Hopefully it wont be much longer.


I finally made it home alive

October 18, 2010

I finally made it home alive from our trip to Indonesia. The race we did there was pretty cool and the local riders and fans were really excited. I had a good race run and got 2nd behind a very fast local guy Popo. He must of had a really good run because he smashed my time. After the race we visited a couple of shops and got a bit wild on the bus rides in between. Troy was singing karaoke and it was just a good laugh. We then flew out to Bali which is another island of Indonesia, I have been there before and its an awesome place to holiday and have a good time. I also met up with my girlfriend there and we had a great time. There was a few Bintangs going down and some wild scooter rides back from the clubs. I flew home yesterday though and its nice to be back for a little while.


Im sitting here sweating a bit in Indonesia

October 8, 2010

Im sitting here sweating a bit in Indonesia, its humid and tropical. Im over here for an Asia pacific downhill championship that Specialized have brought me over to compete in. Its been really cool so far and I have seen a lot of the country. We have practice today and then race tomorrow. Its pretty wild how many people want photos and signatures. The group of guys taking us around are really cool people and always make sure we are happy. They keep feeding me Bintang which is their local beer.

The hotel we are staying at has indoor basketball courts and i thrashed Troy in a game last night. Hopefully the tropical storms will stay away during practice and the race.

After the race on sunday we are heading to visit some dealers and shops around here and then fly over to Bali. I cant wait to get there, I went for a holiday there last december and it was awesome, its a cool place to party and do fun stuff so I am really looking forward to that.


I have spent the last couple of days

September 11, 2010

I have spent the last couple of days hanging out with Christoph Sauser and Burry Stander, a couple of the Specialized cross country racers. They are both cool guys to hang out with and we all went on a bit of an adventure ride yesterday. I was thinking it was going to be pretty mellow and not much uphill. Man I was wrong, we rode up into some valley and I was already hurting, then we took a bus pretty far up a mountain and from there had to ride further uphill to the peak of the mountain. I was done pretty much as soon as we got off the bus and thought I was going to die on the side of this mountain somewhere freezing cold. I think the only way I made it to the top was because there was a little restaurant up there. I have no idea what its doing there because you have to hike to get to it but it felt amazing to make it all the way, sit down and have some hot soup. After that I was feeling a bit better and we started the downhill which went from slow technical rocks into nice flowy switchbacks. Im glad I got to experience riding with those guys and have an adventure but hopefully itwont happen again. haha We are off to Madrid now to meet up with some other Specialized riders and a few media guys so it should be fun.


Its monday morning after the world champs

September 6, 2010

Its monday morning after the world champs and things feel pretty good. The weather yesterday was a bit wild but I put together a solid smooth run and took the win. I couldn't believe it as each rider came down and couldn't beat my time. I didn't think I had a fast enough run to win but I guess it was better than I thought. Jacy had my Demo 8 working amazing and I want thank the team Monster Energy/Specialized for all their support and help through my injuries this year.

Im excited to have some time off now and let my shoulder get back to 100% so I can have a healthy season next year and try defend my title.


World champs is on for another year

September 1, 2010

World champs is on for another year, the track here in Mt St Anne is dry fast and rough. I have never ridden it so dry before its wild. I have a feeling its going to rain though before the race is ready to run on sunday. I have been taking my time with the course because we have so much practice and I have been trying a few different things with my bike setup to try get it as good as I can for the course which I think is going to be important.

Im really looking forward to getting closer to the race though and turning up the speed a little. Its going to be an exciting race and I cant wait to hear the fans screaming on the sidelines like they always do here, it makes you push that little bit harder.


We had another day of practice today

August 29, 2010

We had another day of practice today which is an extra day on top of what we usually get because this weekend is a triple event with DH, XC and 4x. I liked getting the extra day to prepare for the race tomorrow. I got a lot better lines sorted out today and am feeling a lot better for the race. I am still struggling with holding on for a full run, Im sure when the adrenaline kicks in for the race I will be fine though.


Qualifying went down today here in Windham

August 27, 2010

Qualifying went down today here in Windham. I had a pretty solid run I thought, my time was not as good as I was hoping but I have a bit left for the finals on sunday so it should all be good. Unfortunatly Brendan lost out on getting some points because he got a rear flat in his run which sucks. Troy qualified again in a good position so its going to be exciting on sunday.

The track has dried out a lot and is getting faster every run. My shoulder has been hurting a bit so I haven't been doing very many practice runs.

Anyway im excited for the race on sunday


We are here in Windham

August 25, 2010

We are here in Windham and the track looks pretty wild. Its typical east coast being wet and a fair few rocks. There are some big looking g outs so I hope my shoulder can handle it alright. Im pretty excited to ride tomorrow and get back into things.


Here I am again sitting in airports

August 23, 2010

Here I am again sitting in airports, I am currently 4 hours down on a 30 hour trip from home to New York. My shoulder has been steadily improving and I have been able to do a little bit of training and ride my Demo a couple of times. Im excited to be able to come back for the world cup finals and world champs. This year has been the first time in 9 years that I have been back home during winter, usually I am following the world cup circuit around mainly in the northern hemisphere where it is summer so I kind of get an endless summer. I have really enjoyed being home for a winter though, I guess the weather where I live has been really nice though so that makes it better.

I have been getting a pretty big shed built at home to keep all my stuff in and have plenty of room. It will be finished by the time I get back there so the fun will begin.

Anyway hopefully these last 2 races of the season will go to plan.


My shoulder is slowly getting better

August 3, 2010

My shoulder is slowly getting better still, I have recently seen my doctor and he is happy with hos its going just going to take some time still. I have slowly been getting back into training and trying to be as prepared as I can be for the last world cup and world champs. Im looking forward to being back on the bike and having fun again. Its been good being at home over winter though. The weather where I live has been really nice. Its warm during the day and just gets cold at night but my house stays really nice and warm. Its also been raining a little bit and my dam is filling back up so thats good news. When my shoulder is better the water level in the dam will be high enough to start jumping in there again.


Here in Denver

July 16, 2010

I am here in Denver airport sitting around wanting my flight to hurry up. I had a good time at the Specialized dealer launch but its time to get back home and get some rehab on my shoulder. I really want to get back healthy so I can be on my bike again.


It's nearly time

July 15, 2010

It's nearly time to get back on a plane and head back home to Australia. It's been really cool here at the Specialized dealer launch though. I have met so many cool people who are passionate about riding bikes. The whole event has been a big eye opener into a different side of the bicycle industry than I am used to. I have never really been to anything like this before, It's kind of like interbike but 100% Specialized and all their dealers from across the globe. I have been doing a little bit of riding while I have been here but unfortunatly my shoulder is still too sore to ride off road so its just been on the cycle paths. Its a bit of a tease seeing some of the awesome tracks around here and a huge tent full of 2011 Specialized demo bikes to test out.

Anyway I'm really looking forward to getting back home, being able to see my girlfriend and get stuck into the rehab for my shoulder so I can be back out there soon. I am going to see my specialist next week so hopefully he will have some good news for me.


I am back overseas

July 12, 2010

I am back overseas at Keystone Colorado now for the Specialized dealer launch. Its crazy to see how big it is, I never thought there would be so many people here or so much product to show. Specialized have stepped up all their products for 2011 which is cool to see. Everyone at the company is so passionate about bikes its pretty amazing. I haven't had to do too much here, kind of just hang around and meet people and talk about the new Demo a little bit. Everyone is really friendly and nice though and the food has been killer.

I am up here for about a week and then I fly back home to see my shoulder specialist again, I have been resting it up as much as possible but it still hurts quite a bit sometimes. It actually got worse flying over here so that sucks a bit. anyway hopefully he will have good news when I go back and see him. Im looking forward to getting home again though, the altitude here is killing me.


The last couple of weeks

June 22, 2010

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a bummer for me. I was really looking forward to the second world cup in Ft William but had a pretty wild crash in practice and hurt my shoulder too bad to be able to ride. I was hoping I could hang tough and salvage some points but there was no way I was going to be able to make it down safe so I was forced to watch the race. Its weird being a racer and not being in the race, It was exciting to see it all unfold but I just wanted to be out there so bad and race that track. After missing out on racing I decided to fly home and get my shoulder checked out. I found out that I have 3 snapped ligaments in my shoulder so thats why it was so painful. I have been home the last 2 weeks resting it and just playing the waiting game for it to get better. Unfortunatly there is nothing I can do to speed up the recovery so im hoping it gets better very soon because I want to be back out there racing and on top of the podium.


We had track walk here today

June 4, 2010

We had track walk here today, it was cool to see how much effort the team here at Ft William put in to make changes to the track. They have done a lot of work and it looks awesome. It looks pretty much the same layout as before but they have dug down in a lot of sections and the terrain has changed a lot. It looks a little more technical now and also like times might be a little longer just because there are a few more corners and things going on.

Im really excited about practice tomorrow, the track is going to be fun to ride and try find new lines in the fresh sections and also I have a couple different set ups to test out on my bike so it will be good to see what I can get working the best.


We just got to Ft William

June 4, 2010

We just got to Ft William, Scotland for the next world cup race. It felt like forever traveling from the US open, We flew into London and drove up here which was about 10 hours in the motor home. I am pretty disappointed with the results I got last weekend. I rode well but on that downhill track you need to let it hang out a little bit, and I think my run was too in control and smooth. It was still a lot of fun to ride there and have other people racing other than the world cup regulars. It makes me remember when I used to do all the local and state races at home and just how much fun everyone has without the seriousness of world cups.

Anyway I am really looking forward to this weekend, there is rumour that the track has been changed a little bit so that will be cool to check out. I always enjoy this track because its so fast and rough. It really beats your body up race runs are always so good with the large crowds they get here. Hopefully this time I can have a fast race run without going off track.


We are here in Vernon, New Jersey

May 27, 2010

We are here in Vernon, New Jersey for the US open. We had our first day of practice today and the track is dry and fast. I did quite a few runs and had a lot of fun on the track. The Sram boys are here helping us test a few different things out so thats cool. We have learnt a few things and got a pretty good set up going on. It feels like Maribor was ages ago so its good to be at a race again. We are also doing the giant slalom here which is really fun and a cool track so it will be good to ride my new sx trail.

I think we have practice for both downhill and giant slalom tomorrow so its gonna be a big day.


Being injured and not being able to ride

May 24, 2010

Being injured and not being able to ride your bike always makes you think things over. When I was sitting on my couch a couple of months ago rehabbing my knee It got me thinking how much I rely on riding my bike and also about how things are always progressing in the sport. I know that every time I go training I want to go faster or do a new line or something and the sport is getting more and more dangerous as we go faster and push harder. I think its really cool that Troy Lee designs brought out the new D3 helmet. It's got a lot more safety features than other downhill helmets and it's good to know that my head is going to be safer now when i ride. No one plans on getting injuries, it's just something that happens now and again. I have been using the Leatt neck brace for a few years when I ride motocross and think its great for that. Then at the start of this year I wanted to try it out for downhill and it felt good, I thought it might be too much but I liked it and now Leatt have helped get me set up with a couple of braces to race downhill in and I feel a lot safer about pushing the limits when I ride.

Anyway, I cant wait for the next world cup in Ft William. I really enjoy riding them Demo there because its fast and rough which suits my bike


We are just sitting here at the airport

May 17, 2010

We are just sitting here at the airport ready to fly back to california. The first world cup didnt go exactly to plan but I came away top 5 and with some valuable points to try defend my title. My race run was going good and I was fastest by over a second at the first split but I made a bad decision to pull a tear off and by the time I got back to the handlebars I grabbed too much brake and lost traction. I fell down a bank and landed off the track on my head so I was really dissapointed. I ended up 5th in the finals and got on the podium so that was a good result considering. Anyway next time I will be smarter.


Maribor is wild,

May 15, 2010

Maribor is wild, wet and muddy. We have had 2 days of practice and qualifying went down today. I was the first man down because I won the championship last year. I wasn't too sure of how my speed was going to be, its always an unsure time at the first race of the year and also having not much time spent on the bike because of my injury I was feeling a bit uncertain. I had a pretty good run though and ended up qualifying in 1st with my team mate Brendan in 2nd. We are both pretty pumped on the result and hopefully we can pull off the same tomorrow. Also Teeroy qualified in 70 something but he made the finals tomorrow. He had to pass a couple of guys and also had a crash so he should be able to improve a bit tomorrow. Anyway its good he made it in as its his first world cup ever.


We are finally here in Maribor

May 12, 2010

We are finally here in Maribor for the first round of the world cup, there aren't many people here yet but we got our pits set up today and they are looking sick. We have a new Mercedes motor home with the awning coming off the side. Its a lot better than what we have had in the past and its going to make it a lot easier as a rider to have somewhere to hide and get out of the cold weather in between practice runs and also while we wait around for our race run. It's also been cool to be back with Brendan and have the whole team together again, we haven't all been together since Schladming last season. We also have a new guy other than Troy on out team this season, Colin Bailey who is a former world cup downhiller has come on board to mechanic for Brendan so its cool to have him around as well.

We get to walk the track tomorrow so it will be cool to see how it is looking and if there are any new sections.

We gotta wait until friday though to ride it when practice starts so im hanging for that.


I just landed in the USA

May 10, 2010

I just landed in the USA, im here at Sean's house getting ready to fly out to the first round of the world cup next weekend. Im really looking forward to getting it all started and back on the world cup tracks. My new bike is pimping hard, me and T roy did a few dh runs yesterday and got them dialled in so that was cool. It sucks getting back on an airplane again for such a long time, i kind of get use to it during the season cause we fly so much but i haven't had much practice since last season.

It feels weird that Maribor will be my first race, i am so used to having sea otter but i missed that this season.

It's cool to be back with the team and get a couple of burrito's into me.

Anyway im hanging to get some racing underway and try defend my world cup title, i think its going to be an exciting year.


It's getting really close

April 22, 2010

It's getting really close to the first world cup in Maribor now, It's only a few weeks away and im sure everyone is squeezing in their last minute training. The weather here in Perth has been really good, a bit cloudy and rainy but i don't get to see that often here so its nice. I saw a few pictures and results from sea otter, unfortunately i missed it this year which is a bummer. I have been every year since 2003 so its weird to see stuff on the internet about it and not be there. Im looking forward to racing again and cant wait to be back with the team


It's all happening over here in W.A,

April 5, 2010

It's all happening over here in W.A, we had a huge storm not long ago that was classed a natural disaster and pretty much smashed everything. There were tennis ball sized lumps of hail smashing cars and I saw a few cars after that were all dented and looked like a golf ball. All the cars in car yards were smashed, house roofs were collapsing in because they couldn't handle all the rain and the power went out in areas for a few days, it was pretty wild. There was also a big park in the city that had a big land slide and wrecked some apartments there. I was pretty lucky and didn't get any damage so thats good, it also filled my dam up a bit and i caught 3 marron out of there today so i will be cooking them suckers up tonight.


It's finally raining

March 22, 2010

It's finally raining, the skies have opened up!


It's starting to get really close

March 17, 2010

It's starting to get really close to the season starting up again, I cant wait to be back racing world cups. Thinking about Schladming last season seems so long ago. Im really excited to be going back to Champery and Val di sol this year, they are both such good tracks and it sucked not having them on the schedule last year. I also cant wait to have fresh bikes again.

I haven't been up to much really, just hanging out with my friends and my girl. It still hasn't rained here, I want it to hurry up and piss down for a couple of weeks to fill my dam back up again.


There has not been a lot going

February 4, 2010

There has not been a lot going on in my world lately, I have just been getting back into my training and my coach has got me doing some pretty good stuff. Its a bit different to what I have done in the past but I think its a positive direction to be going in. Its been hot and dry here in west Australia and my dam is getting real low down with the water level which sucks cause now its too shallow to dam jump in there on hot days. I think im going to have to get an excavator in to dig it deeper so it lasts longer next summer.

National champs

January 27, 2010

National champs didn’t really go to plan for me, I qualified 1st but then in the race I was riding good and happy with my run but tried to go a little too inside on the last corner and washed my front wheel out. I was pretty bummed but im glad it was on the last turn and not the first. I still managed to get 5th place and my new team mate Troy Brosnan won the under 19 class so that was cool.

Since Nationals I have been back in Perth getting back into training slowly. I got some new Specialized prototype tires to test out recently and im very impressed. They are the tires I have been hanging out to try and it was awesome to finally ride them and feel how good they are.

It feels good to be training again and im looking forward to the season starting up again, I have a lot of work to do to be ready but I know I will get there and im excited about this years schedule.


Here we go again....

January 15, 2010

Here we go again, another year has gone by and another has begun. I have had a good off season and am looking forward to the race season to start again. I went to Bali for a couple weeks over Christmas and New years for a holiday with some buddies, we partied a lot over there and had a pretty sick time. I have slowly been getting back into my training now though and am currently in Adelaide, South Australia for the National champs. We had practice today and it was fun to be back on my DH bike. I haven’t really been riding a lot up until now so its nice to be out there again. I have only been to Adelaide once before so this time I decided to come over a bit early with my girl and check out the town a bit. We have practice and qualifying tomorrow so it will be good to put in a clean run and gauge my speed with the others.


The last month has been pretty crazy....

November 10, 2009

The last month has been pretty crazy for me. It was awesome to get back home and catch up with all my friends and family. I haven't really been up to much other than enjoying my time off. I did have a big party that got pretty wild and lots of crazy stuff happened. I think that everyone that was there has a sick time. It took me and 7 buddies a whole day to clean up after though.

I have been riding a little bit of motocross and did a couple races back home but the season is over there now as well.

I am in America again now having a little bit of a holiday, last week I was up in Vancouver filming with Thomas Vanderham for the new Anthill films movie coming out called 'Follow Me'. I had a good time riding there and getting a chance to ride with Vanderham, he is a really good rider and we had the chance to hit some amazing trails and different lines he had built.

I have also just bought a new house, unfortunately it all went through when I was in Canada so I cant move in until I get back from here but it has given me something to look forward to.


Interbike here we come

September 23, 2009

We are about to hit the road for Vegas, interbike here we come. Im looking forward to being able to catch up with some people there and have a good time. Its always fun in vegas to see new stuff people have out. Hopefully I can win back the money I lost there last year as well.

All on black baby!!!


The season has come to an end

September 22, 2009

The season has come to an end again for another year. It didn't go a smoothly as I was hoping for and I didn't win as many races as I wanted to but I did win the 2009 world cup series and that was my main focus for this year. I'm disappointed there are no more races but at the same time im happy I can relax for a little bit and do some other fun things during the off season.

Schladming was an awesome track and event this year, I think it was rougher than in the past and was really demanding. I was definatly feeling the nerves before my final run and my race run was shakey but it got the job done. The after party was not as wild as I was expecting for the final race of the year. I ended up getting hungry and went to a kebab shop which had a boxing bag machine that gave you a score. It was cool trying to get a better score and just having a good laugh with a few locals in there as well as the kebab slicer. I couldn't beat the machine's record which was making me angry but I will be back there next year for another go.

I just landed back in America, getting ready to head to Vegas on wednesday for interbike and just have a good time.


I qualified 1st today

September 18, 2009

I qualified 1st today just over 3 seconds ahead of 2nd place, Brendan qualified in 3rd and threw down a big whip into the finish. I think he will be able to step it up on sunday which will be cool to see. This morning in practice I felt like I was riding fast but kept getting wild as the track has become a lot rougher and beaten so I decided to back it off a bit for qualifying and rode a lot smoother. I know I can go faster on sunday but I just want to have another smooth run. The track was pretty slick this morning but dried out a lot for qualifying and I have been told by a local the weather is looking good for sunday so it might be faster for the finals.

Practice today was so fun

September 17, 2009

Practice today was so fun, the track is as good as always here and it was sick riding with Brendan, pushing each other to go faster. I saw Brendan hit some sections today probably as fast as it was possible to go through there, it was pretty cool to watch. I feel like I am going good on most of the course but I want to hit some parts faster tomorrow and get it all sorted before qualifying tomorrow afternoon. Im feeling pretty good about the race and haven't had any nerves kick in yet, its early days but im feeling pretty relaxed about it all.


here in Schladming

September 17, 2009

We are here in Schladming, Austria for the world cup finals this weekend. The track has some changes and is looking really good. It's already pretty rough and there are a lot of tree roots everywhere so it's going to be fun. We start practice today so Brendan and I are just getting ready now to head up there and have some fun.

We also have some pretty sick colored bikes this week that got done specially for this race so keep your eyes out for some photo's.


Back in America now getting ready to fly out to Schladming

September 14, 2009

I am back in America now getting ready to fly out to Schladming tomorrow for the world cup finals. Its probably my favorite race course on the circuit so it’s going to be a good one to finish off on.

The world champs have been done and dusted, congratulations to Steve Peat. It felt weird having the worlds in my home country, it was awesome to have all the support from the home crowd and it definitely got me fired up seeing how excited everyone was and how loud they were cheering. My team put together an awesome bike for me to race on there, the track is not as rough or steep as most race courses so I decided to race the Specialized sx trail which has a little less travel and is lighter and more nimble so it suited that course a lot. I felt like my race run was nearly perfect and I couldn’t have gone any faster so I was happy with my race run. I didn’t get the result I was looking for but I gave it everything I had so at the end of the day I’m pleased.

I got to spend some more time at home this past week which has been cool, I did a couple cool cross country rides on my Stumpjumper and hung out with my friends and family. I also fired up my grizzly 4x4 quad and did some night enduro’s on it in the bush near my house. Its heaps of fun trying to get up wild muddy, rocky hill climbs and just mess about out there.

I’m excited to get back on my downhill bike in a few days though and ready to go racing. Its been a long hard fought year so it will be good to get it done and relax for a little bit.


Headed to Worlds

August 31, 2009

Here I am sitting in Perth airport heading to Canberra for the World Championships. I have had a really good time at home the past week with my buddies and also got a good few days training in.

I got to watch my buddy fight it out for the pro lites motocross state title yesterday which was cool and he rode really good all day. He came in to the day a few points down and although he won the overall for the day he came up a couple points short to win but still got a solid 2nd place.

It has also been nice to catch up with my family because I haven't seen most of them since I left for South Africa at the start of the season. I rode motocross a couple times with my brothers and had some fun. I always love to get home during winter in West Australia, everything is green and its really nice.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing the team again tonight and getting set in for a good race this weekend. I have been putting in a lot of work so it will be good to see how it all pays off.


This year seems to be going past faster than ever...

August 17, 2009

This year seems to be going past faster than ever, I am flying back to Australia tomorrow to have some down time at my house before flying over to Canberra for the world championships in a couple of weeks. There are just 2 races left to go this season so its all coming to an end for another year.

The last week in Whistler has been really fun, I have enjoyed just riding some fun mellow tracks with friends I wouldn't usually get to ride with. My little buddy Troy Brosnan has been over here and cleaned up pretty much every race he entered in the amateur class and turned some heads. The canadian open was today and I ended up winning with Brendan getting 2nd so that was really cool to finally get a 1, 2 result for the first time. hopefully we can repeat it at the world cup finals in Schladming Austria.

Well I better get packing all my stuff.

See ya in Aus!!


We have had a couple races already here in Whistler

August 11, 2009

We have had a couple races already here in Whistler. The slalom was saturday and unfortunatly Brendan and I had to race against each other in the first round and I ended up getting through. In my next heat I washed the front end out in a turn and after that I couldn't make the lost time up so it was an early night of racing for the team.

Yesterday was the Garbonzo downhill and I was looking forward to it, last year my shoe fell off during the race so I made sure they were on tight this time. I dont know what really happened but about 4 turns into my race I fell and hurt my finger. I knew it was a long race and mistakes could be made up for so I kept pushing as hard as I could. The rest of my run was good, I did feel like I was going to throw up in my helmet for the last 5 minutes though. It seems like a good idea to race the Garbonzo every year until your about halfway in and you regret it. In the end I came up 3 seconds short and finished 3rd, its pretty crazy after a 14 minute race that 3 people are only 3 seconds off each other. Im already waiting for 2010!!


Hanging out in Whistler

August 7, 2009

We are here hanging out in Whistler, I have been coming here for the past 6 years to compete in crankworx and just ride for the fun rather than being at the races. I do compete in some events but its purely for fun and they have some cool races like the Garbonzo, slalom and giant slalom that are a lot different to world cup races so it keeps it interesting. It's always good to be here and be surrounded by awesome trails and thousands of people who love to ride bikes.

The last couple of years Monster Energy have been a big sponsor of crankworx and they always have fun and cool stuff for us to do. Last year they took Brendan and I to the Pemberton motocross track for the day to ride and it was watered and everything so that was cool. Nelson also had a wild off road buggy there that we rallied around on and jumped pretty high, I couldn't believe how much it could handle as long as you were harnessed in. They also took me bungee jumping, it was my first time and pretty scary but I couldn't imagine a better place to do it. It's off a 60m high bridge over a river so it has a cool feel to it.

Anyway the last few days here have been pretty mellow, Jacy has been driving the truck and trailer across the country so we haven't had our personal bikes yet. We have been borrowing some of the Specialized demo bikes to ride some cross country and check out a few local trails. I think Jacy is arriving tonight with all of our stuff which will be cool. We have slalom practice tomorrow and then racing on saturday which should be fun. Also I am competing in the Garbonzo on sunday so I might try squeeze some practice in on that tomorrow as well to learn the track.


Finally off the east coast of Canada

August 4, 2009

Im finally off the east coast of Canada now and arrived in B.C, Its nice not to be in humid rainy weather. Im waiting for my Dad to fly in and then we are going to catch a shuttle up to Whistler. I think there is a couple of days riding going on wednesday and thursday with some of the Specialized guys so that should be good fun. Crankworx doesn't really start until friday with slalom practice so we have a few mellow days to just do what ever and mess around a little. Im looking forward to the events coming up, its always fun to race in some different things and without the pressure of the world cups.


7th world cup is now in the books

August 3, 2009

The 7th world cup is now in the books, It has been nice weather all day today and the track dried out a lot for the finals. I went up for practice pretty early to check out a few things and then did 2 runs after that to try and get up to speed. I am still feeling pretty sick as well and woke up sore from my crash that I had yesterday. I wasn't feeling very good after practice, it seemed like when I tried to ride fast I would keep making mistakes so I just wanted to ride smooth in my race run.

The start of my run felt a little slow but after I got to where the big crowds were I got pretty pumped up from how loud they were cheering. The crowd here today is probably one of the best I have ever experienced, it was cool. I ended up finishing in 3rd place only 0.6 of a second off the win which hurts a little to be so close. Im happy with how it ended out though seen as I have been feeling so sick and I managed to turn my 4 point lead in the series into a 16 point lead. We only have Schladming in Austria left for the world cups and it has always been pretty good to me so im looking forward to getting there and taking it down to the wire.

We are heading to Whistler on monday for a couple of weeks during the crankworx festival so that should be good fun and also give me some time to prepare for the world champs in Canberra, Australia at the start of september.

Anyway Im on the hunt for some Irish whisky because I have been told that mixed with hot water and honey is the secret recipe to good health. Sounds wild but I have nothing to loose.


Just got back from qualifying

July 31, 2009

We have just got back from qualifying today, it has been wet all day and the track has developed a couple of big holes. I haven't been feeling too good, I've been sick all week and have just been trying to rest up so I didn't do much practice the last couple of days. I wanted to get some solid runs in today but had a pretty dirty crash in some rocks again and banged myself up a little so I just waited to qualifying after that. I had a pretty good run and played it safe in a couple of sections, Fabien Barel just beat me in qualifying by 0.56 all the times were pretty close but I know I can go faster tomorrow. I definatly want to win tomorrow and feel confident but also at the same time I know I need to ride smart for the championship so I will have to try and find somewhere in the middle. The track is pretty much the same as it was for last years world cup and I have been having fun on the runs I've done.

I'm looking forward to it tomorrow, hopefully Brendan can have a clean run because he has been hauling in practice. I think he will put something pretty good down tomorrow.


Yeah!!! I finally got my first win of the year

July 25, 2009

Yeah!!! I finally got my first win of the year today in Mt St Anne, I have always had pretty good results here so I had confidence that I could get the win. After qualifying yesterday 7 seconds in front of 2nd place I knew I could have a clean run and not push too hard. I didn't feel like I was going fast in my race, I just wanted to keep good speed everywhere and not make any mistakes because the track was a lot slicker than yesterday. I ended up winning by just over 3 seconds and now have the series points lead. I have slowly been climbing back in the points chase ever since I crashed in Andorra at the 3 round. I wasn't expecting to leave here in the lead so it feels good. Im really looking forward to Bromont next weekend, I won there last year and am looking forward to hopefully getting another win in.


Another day down.

July 24, 2009

Another day down. The weather today has been pretty gloomy. It rained a little bit during practice and made parts of the track pretty slick. The conditions for qualifying were good though and there was plenty of grip. I only did 2 practice runs this morning, I hit all the lines I wanted to from walking it after practice yesterday and they felt good so I decided to stay fresh and not over practice. I ended up changing from dry tires back to my cut Specialized Storm tires and I think it was the safest choice because it could have rained at any moment. My run felt good and I carried good speed everywhere but I also missed a few lines that I would have liked to have got. I ended up qualifying in 1st just over 7 seconds in front of 2nd place which I was surprised with to be that far in front. It has given me a peace of mind for tomorrow though and I feel like I can just hit the lines I missed today and ride the rest the same, then it should all be good.

Im excited to race tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be wet again but you never know.


Guess what?

July 22, 2009

Guess what? Its raining here in Mt St Anne. It feels like the rain follows the world cup circuit. We walked the track today and it is looking really good. Its going to be wet tomorrow for practice but it looks like a lot of fun and fast as usual here. One of my good buddies Robbie Mcnaughton is here for these 2 world cups doing a magazine article and filming these 2 events. He arrived last night and it was cool hanging with him and Brendan today. We went to the water falls this morning, the water was so cold but it was still worth a quick swim.

Im pretty excited to get out there and ride tomorrow, im feeling ready to get back into these next 2 rounds and have some solid results. The last few weeks has been good for me and I feel like im riding faster than I have all year so hopefully I can put together some smooth runs and tighten the points up as much as possible.

I also have a brand new bike that Jacy has built up for both me and Brendan, I love the feeling of a new bike and how solid everything feels. They are exactly the same as our previous world cup bikes just shinier.

Hopefully its not raining tomorrow during practice but either way its going to be sick.


Here we go again.

July 20, 2009

Here we go again. We have the next 2 weekends racing again, both Mt St Anne world cup this weekend and then Bromont the next. Im really looking forward to them both and cant wait to get racing again. My time off between world cups has been good, Im feeling injury free and have been putting in some hard miles so hopefully it will all pay off. I am also excited about these races because my Dad has flown over to watch me and hang out for a little while which is nice. We actually played 18 holes of golf yesterday and I taught him a thing or 2 out there. haha It must be from watching Tiger Woods tearing it up on tv. I have a lot of respect for anyone that can concentrate for a full round of 18.

We are driving over to Mt St Anne tomorrow and Brendan flies in so we are picking him up on the way. I haven't seen him since Maribor so it will be cool to catch up on what's been going on.


Quebec cup in Mt St Anne

July 13, 2009

We managed to dodge the rain today for the Quebec cup in Mt St Anne, although it rained a lot last night which made the track pretty slick in sections. I did a couple of practice runs this morning and rode the Specialized Storm tires which seemed to be the best option for the conditions and were hooking up good. I used the Specialized Butcher tires yesterday when it was drier but decided to put wet tires on because of the rain over night. Practice finished at 11am and I didn't race until 3.40pm so there was some sitting around going on. My race run started off slow and felt like I messed the first 5 or 6 corners up but after that I got to a small crowd and they were cheering really loud which got me pumped up and I started attacking the track more. Who ever it was up there cheering, thanks it definatly helped. The crowds in Canada are always loud which is really cool. The rest of my run went ok but it was not a clean run and still felt slow in sections. I managed to get the win over Mitch Delfs in 2nd and Neko Mullaly in 3rd so I was happy to still get the win.

We are back in Bromont now for about a week until Brendan flies in then we head back to Mt St Anne for the world cup in 2 weekends time. Im also excited that my Dad is coming to visit at the end of the week and watch me race the next 2 world cups so that will be really nice to have his support. He hasn't been able to make it to a race for a while and I always like having him around.


Here in Mt St Anne

July 11, 2009

Im here in Mt St Anne this weekend for a Quebec cup race, Sean, Jacy and I drove up early this morning and I have been out for practice already. The track is even faster than previous years and they have made some cool new sections. There is a bit more technical stuff to the track this year which I think is cool, it mixes it up a bit. There are also a couple cool new jumps. The race track for this weekend doesn't start as high up as it will for the world cup in a couple of weeks although you can see where they have made a new top section to race on for the world cup and it looks really good. I like it when there are new tracks or at least sections on the race tracks we return to because it keeps it fresh and interesting. I always find that it takes a few runs to feel comfortable here because its so high speed compared to most of the other tracks. I felt pretty good today though and did quite a few runs. Its just started raining and its forecast for thunder storms so it might be a wild child out there tomorrow. The conditions today were perfect, it was mostly dry and loose but still a bit slick in the trees which made it really fun.


I had a real fun race today

July 5, 2009

I had a real fun race today, It rained pretty hard before I went over to the venue and then kept raining on the chairlift to the top but eased once I was up there. It was hard to see in the top trees during my run because it was pretty dark in there, I had a good run and stayed out of most of the deep holes. It was cool trying to put together a pinned run down that track in the wet and not make any mistakes. I ran into a tree about half way down and just said hello with my shoulder and kept going. The crowd was getting pretty loud so it was cool to just hold it wide through sections to give them a good show. I always get excited when the crowd is going nuts. I ended up winning with Mitch Delfs in 2nd and Neko Mullaly a fellow Specialized rider taking 3rd.

Anyway time to wind down with a couple cold ones.

over and out!


I just got back from downhill practice

July 4, 2009

I just got back from downhill practice, it rained all night but the track seemed better than yesterday. It is just getting rougher though and big holes are coming out of nowhere. I did about 4 runs and am feeling like I have all my lines sorted out. I have to sit around now for 4 hours until my race run and its just started raining pretty good again, Its going to be fun racing in these conditions. I think I will have to pay extra attention to new holes out there so I don't get caught out. There are some people looking pretty fast out there and also one of my buddies Mitch Delfs is racing so I am going to have to be on it later.


We got all the tire testing done yesterday

July 2, 2009

We got all the tire testing done yesterday, we learnt some good things and I am really happy with the progress that has been made. Its awesome to be able to work with a company like Specialized to make new products that are better and will help me win more races. Thanks to Frank for putting in the time to come and make it happen the last couple of days. Like I said before a couple things were delayed so we didn't get to test them but I think a new tire is going to show up tomorrow. I am really excited about this one as its something I have wanted for a long time so we will see how it works. I think it will be really cool though.

There is a Canada cup race this weekend in Bromont so I think I am going to get amongst it. Practice starts tomorrow so it will be cool to check out the course, I think it is on the world cup track for the most part but also some different sections as well.

I went for a sick cross country ride today with Sean, Its pretty wet so we were sliding around all over the show. The track we rode was pretty technical with roots and rocks but it was so much fun.

I will keep you updated on how the race track this weekend turns out.


First day of tire testing down...

June 30, 2009

First day of tire testing down, we met up with Frank one of the Specialized tire guys this morning and he showed us a couple cool new tires to test out. Unfortunatly a couple things we had planned on testing out didn't show up in time so thats a bummer. We ran a few different spike tires today and got some useful information out of them and I was pretty happy with what I learned. We are going to try a few different dry tires out tomorrow and do some more back to back comparisons with them.


Guess what?? Its raining again.

June 30, 2009

Guess what?? Its raining again. Today we went and visited the Specialized Canadian office, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. They have a massive warehouse out the back. I somehow lost my xc helmet as well somewhere so they hooked me up with a sick white and red spotted one. Im going to look fast out in the woods now!! haha. I got back into my training program today and although it sucked I am feeling a lot less sore than I did a week ago, im glad I can get back into it now and put in some solid weeks before then next world cup.


Sunny day here in Bromont,

June 29, 2009

Sunny day here in Bromont, I went for one of the best cross country rides in a long time today. It was pretty wet still from the last couple days of rain but made it more fun sliding around on wet roots and rocks. I take where I live in Australia for granted with the sick trails right out of my door step, I have some of the best xc rides at home that I have ever been on and I have ridden in a lot of different places. My leg felt even better again today which is good news.

We have to go to the airport tomorrow and pick up my downhill bike that got lost on the way back from europe. It seems every year we loose either bikes or bags at least 1 time during the season. It will be good to have it back though and get some time in on the downhill tracks here. There is a lot of fun trails out there and I always have fun riding with Sean and Jacy. 

I have a couple of Specialized tire designers coming out this week to have a test session on some new stuff we have been working together on. It has been awesome to bounce ideas off those guys to come up with some new stuff, Im pretty excited with how the wet tire the 'storm' turned out. I have used it a lot already and it works amazing so it will be cool to see the other designs in person and put them to the test.


Resting up here in Bromont

June 27, 2009

Im still resting up here in Bromont, the weather has been a bit wet the last couple of days so its not too bad that I cant do a lot at the moment. I have been for a couple easy xc rides over the last few days and my leg is starting to feel a lot better today. Im still getting a lot of pain in my sternum but there is not much I can do about that.

Its cool to be in a house for a little while where I can unpack my stuff and settle in for more than a week. After being on the move so much and always eating at restaurants its awesome to just cook at home. Sean has been making some real killer food for us. Hopefully the sun is out tomorrow, might have to hit up the water park!


This week has been pretty boring

June 26, 2009

This week has been pretty boring, I flew back from Maribor to Pennsylvania with Sean and Jacy, Brendan has gone home for the break. We stayed with our friends Tammy and Steve there and then headed across the border to Bromont Canada.Im still feeling pretty sore from those dirty rocks in Maribor that decided I needed to smash into them and have a little party with so Im taking a bit of a break to try and get all rested up. Its hard to sit around when there are sick tracks and a trailor full of bikes sitting just outside. I know getting all healed up will be better in the long run so I will wait it out.

Jacy finished putting my new xc stumpjumper together yesterday so I took it out for a mellow ride, I love getting new bikes especially when Jacy puts them together. They always ride and feel so good after he has worked on them. Thanks Jacy!!


World Cup Round 5

June 21, 2009

The 5th world cup is all over, today was pretty rushed. Practice started at 7 am and I wanted to head straight up so I could try and squeeze 2 runs in before qualifying. The track was dealing with saturdays rain pretty well and I felt good. I came into the rock garden and slipped out on a slippery rock, straight over the bars and smashed myself up pretty good in some rocks. I stood up feeling pretty dizzy and sore all over and headed back to the pits. I was pretty beaten up so decided to rest until my qualifying run. I struggled pretty hard and couldn't really hold on very good so I was riding tight and making a lot of mistakes. I ended up qualifying 5th and knew I needed to make something happen for the finals.

After a few more hours rest and some pain killers I was feeling more pumped up for the final, I felt really good in the top half and was riding good but as soon as I reached the rocks again my body started tightening up and I couldn't ride a freely as I normally would. It sucks to know and want to go faster but your body won't let you. I crossed the line in 2nd place 0.71 behind Fabien Barel. I never like crossing the line already behind so I was not very excited. In the end some of the other guys ended up making mistakes and I finished 2nd which I am happy with considering how much I was hurting. I was 1.5 seconds faster than anyone at the top half so I know I had the speed. I also closed the gap on the overall points chase a little as well which is cool.

Brendan brought it home in 5th place so it was sick to be up on the podium with him again. He has moved into 7th in the championship and im up into 3rd now.

It will be good to have a few weeks off before Mt St Anne and let my body rest up. Im hanging to get a win this season though, I hope it comes soon.


Maribor, practice day 1

June 19, 2009

I just got done with the first day of practice here in Maribor, the track is really dry, rough and fast. I felt pretty quick straight away but was getting all sorts of wild. I made a few changes to my bike during my practice runs today and feel like I have got it sorted out now. I had a really mellow timed practice run and was 10th I think but I will have a lot more for tomorrows qualifying and the race on sunday. It feels like we have already raced half of the world cups this season, I am not happy with my results so far so I am looking to turn things around for the last 4 world cups. I have won here in Maribor the last 2 years so I am confident but at the same time I feel pressure that everyone expects me to win like they did last year in Schladming. I am definatly going to be going for it, I need to make some ground up for the world cup title and we have a 4 week break after this weekend so it would be great to be on top for that period.

The rumor is that its going to be wet tomorrow and maybe sunday so it might be a wild couple of days :) anyway im looking forward to it however it goes down.


First day in Maribor

June 18, 2009

First day in Maribor, its really good weather and the track is looking sickO for tomorrows practice. They have made a couple of small changes to the track but all in all its pretty much the same. I always forget my lines from previous years but I think I have some good ones for this weekend.

Thursdays always suck at world cups, we get to see the track and then I want to ride it but cant until the next day so we have just been killing the time really.

I'm excited to ride here and race on this track again, it has been pretty good to me in the past so hopefully things will go smooth again this year. I'm also looking forward to flying back to Canada next week, I am going to be based over there to ride and train before the Mt St Anne world cup, it would be nice to fly home to Australia but its a long way for such little time. There is some pretty cool riding in Canada so it will be a good place to be.


Just arrived in Maribor

June 18, 2009

I just arrived in Maribor, Slovenia. I have been hanging to come back here, the track is definetly one of my favourites of the year.

Its fast and technical, heaps of roots, rocks and just really fun to ride. We are going to check the track out tomorrow and then practice starts friday again so im keen to find some good lines out there.

Our flight from London was ok, Brendan and I had seats next to each other and just watched a motocross dvd on my laptop so it went past pretty fast.

Its cool to meet back up with Sean and Jacy again. They have been hanging out somewhere and getting in some riding themselves rather than watching me and Brendan do it all the time. 

The weather here is pretty nice, I have heard it might rain on saturday and sunday so it could be a wet race. Either way its going to be sick fun.


Off to Maribor

June 17, 2009

I have had a pretty wild time here in England at Brendan's house. It was cool to meet his buddies and see how he just loves to hang out and just ride bikes with them. We both learnt to back flip and have been doing them in his garden now. It's a wild feeling pulling back off the ramp and not knowing where you are until you come around again to see the landing.

We are just about to head to the airport, flying in to Maribor for the 5th world cup. I'm really looking forward to it, it feels like it has been way too long since I have won a race so I will be pushing hard as always this weekend. 

well we are running late for the flight, better bail.



June 10, 2009

Just getting used to the cold weather here in England, I have been having a real good time at Brendan's. His pump track has been getting some major laps in and we went and rode moto today at a place called essex. It was pretty cool but it had been raining and was slick as can be. We had a really fun time though.

I'm looking forward to Maribor, I wish it was a bit sooner because I am really enjoying the races this year. It feels like everyone has stepped up their riding in different areas to improve and the competition is tough this season.

It feels weird that we are half way through the world cups, the last 4 haven't really gone to plan for me as I hoped them to so I'm going to make sure the last 4 stay on plan.


Halfway through the world cup season

June 8, 2009

We are now halfway through the world cup season, 4 races down and 4 to go. I had a pretty good weekend here at ft william. I had a really good qualifying run and was way off the pace so I went and walked the course to try and find some time up there. Apparently there was some changes in the course tape and you could miss out 2 corners and straight line where Brendan and I were going around. Pretty lame. I also found some other good lines that I practiced this morning and felt really good. My race run was pretty solid but I was not aggressive enough. It was weird sitting in the start not being fired up at all so it made it kind of hard to get into it at first. Once I was a bit into the course I started feeling a lot better and felt like I was riding good. Minnaar laid down a good time though and took the win.

It felt like Andorra was ages ago so it was cool to have another world cup race, I'm really looking forward to Maribor now. We have another weekend off this weekend so i'm heading back to Brendogs house to hang out and have a good time.


First Day of Practice

June 5, 2009

First day of practice is over, I did quite a few runs today. It was really fun riding and trying to get faster. I feel like it always takes a few runs and some confidence to go fast on this course. It's really hard pack and rolls fast this year so it can get pretty sketchy when you let it go and hang it out a bit. I had a few scares but everything turned out good so i'm happy. Brendan had a couple big ones which sucks but he is fine and got away with them.

My arms are hurting big time now, there are just holes the whole way down the track and it smashes your body up a lot. I think I will have a mellower day tomorrow and save some strength and energy for qualifying and race so i'm not too sore.

I feel bad for Jacy, I have been pretty hard on wheels today so he has been pretty busy on the bikes. Sorry buddy...

Qualifying is tomorrow afternoon, we have some practice in the morning and then it's all on again. I have some points to make up so I won't be holding anything back. It should all be good though.

I had a sick time at Brendan's

June 4, 2009

I had a sick time at Brendan's the other day, we rode a lot of pump track and he took me to some of his local dirt jumps, it was pretty cool. Brendan 360'd a step up at the end of the line for the first time and he made it look really easy. We drove up to Ft William yesterday, it took us about 10 hours but it didn't seem too long because we were watching videos the whole way. 

There is not a lot of things to look forward to at Ft William, but the track is really good, the scenery is cool when the sun is out (not very often) and there is a killer Indian restaurant where the waiters love to say please and thanks every 3 seconds. 

We smashed some Indian last night and I got my sweat on trying to be brave and eat a vindaloo without my eyes watering. It was really good though.

We are heading over to the venue soon to pick up our number plates and walk the track. I have heard they have made some changes so it will be cool to check them out. Practice starts tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting out there. I have been hanging to ride my Demo here, I think it's going to work really good on the rough stuff.



June 2, 2009

I just landed in London this morning. It was a pretty short flight from New York over and Brendan met me at the airport. We are just hanging out at his house today and driving up to Ft William tomorrow. I haven't been here for very long but we have already had a good session on his pump track and my hands are hurting form doing so many laps out there.

It was cool having this last weekend off from racing, I enjoyed relaxing a little bit and kind of thinking about the season and what I need to do at the next few world cups. I am excited about riding at Ft William again, its such a tough track to ride fast and not get caught up in any holes. I'm feeling confident that I can do really good there and I know I need to start making some things happen before it gets too late in the season.

I think Brendan is going to show me some of his local jumps this afternoon and then we are just going to chill out and hopefully set his well on fire!!


Back relaxing from the weekend.

May 25, 2009

I'm just back relaxing from the weekend. We had a pretty cool time at the US Open. The downhill track was feeling faster than previous years and my bike was working awesome there. I felt that I had some good pace going on sunday morning and was anxious to race the finals. I had about 4 hours from when practice ended until my final run so We just hung out at our condo and watched some UFC. Some of those guys were taking a pretty good beating. 

It started raining pretty hard for about an hour while we were waiting for our runs so Jacy put some specialized Storm tires on to deal with the wet conditions. It was a totally different track for the final run. It was really slick and hard to stay on the line you wanted in the rocky sections. My run went pretty good, I tried to attack the top of the course and nearly went down a couple of times so I decided to back it off a little and just try stay smooth. I had to also change a line I had in one section because I was riding high over some off camber rock slabs and didn't want to risk going up there. The line I did end up riding was where a lot of other guys were going but it was a bit of a dirty line. I nearly went over the bars right there but other than that my run was pretty clean.

It was cool to come down and Brendan and me were in 1st and 2nd. There were another 2 guys to come down and George Atherton got between us so I ended up winning and Brendan got 3rd. We were both pretty happy with how the weekend went.

After the race I treated the team to dinner at a gas station, all up we got $27 worth of beef jerkey, potato chips and m&m's, when they found out it was my buy they were leading up big time. I will get them back!!! haha my stomach was not that impressed with all that food.

I'm looking forward to resting up this week and getting ready for Ft William world cup in 2 weekends time. I wish we were racing again this weekend. I'm having a lot of fun at the races this season.



May 23, 2009

Yeah!! Brendan and I have been planning on getting a 1-2 result for a while and waiting for it to happen. Well Bernardo won the giant slalom today and I finished 2nd. I was hoping it would be a 1-2 the opposite way round but i'm stoked for him, he laid down a solid run and was on it. It was a sick track to ride and I had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is the downhill finals and it's raining a little now which will make the track interesting if it keeps on. It will be a lot slower and really slippery on all the rocky sections. I don't mind if it is wet tomorrow because it will just make riding that much wilder. 

Hopefully Brendan and me can swap results tomorrow ;)


Practice at the US Open

May 22, 2009

Just got done with the first day of practice at the US Open, we had downhill practice this morning which was pretty fun. I wasn't feeling my best on the bike today but just did some runs to get used to the track and try find some lines out there. The track is pretty dry and seems a lot faster this year compared to the past few years here. I always like riding rocky tracks like this one, I wish there were some more technical rocky tracks on the world cup circuit. Jacy is probably happy there isn't though because it beats the bikes up a lot more. The downhill qualifying is tomorrow so hopefully I will be up to speed and can lay down a good time to see where I am at compared to the other competition.

After downhill practice was over we had practice and qualifying for the giant slalom. It's not really a giant slalom, kind of more just a smooth mini downhill. It's just 1 person at a time and in the finals tomorrow it will be the best of 2 runs. It's a really fun track though, I am doing it on my sx and it feels good out there. Brendan and I qualified about mid way through the field and when we left Brendan was 1st and I was in 2nd. There were still a couple fast guys to come down after we left so it might have changed but we will be in a good position for the finals tomorrow anyway. It's going to be really fun racing it tomorrow afternoon, I like the best of 2 runs format. I think I will try get a good clean run in the first round and then hang it out in the 2nd to try and improve my time. 

Brendan and I went over to the pool before and got hit on by a couple old drunk ladies. I think they fancied Bren's English accent!!

I'm looking forward to getting some more racing underway this weekend.


Just back to America

May 20, 2009

We just got back to America yesterday, for some reason I was actually excited to be sitting on a plane for 9 hours. I guess I was looking forward to catching up on some sleep and watching a couple movies but we got ripped and it wasn't one of those cool planes with a personal video screen. I pretty much got through half of the first movie and fell asleep. Sean was sitting next to me and said I had some pretty wild next angles going on. haha no wonder my neck was so sore when i woke up. 

Every year when we are back on the east coast for the US Open we stay with a couple friends (Steve and Tammy). We are hanging out with them now for a couple of days before heading to the race. They are really cool people to be around and Stevie always gets really excited about talking bikes which is cool. Thanks for looking after us guys!!

I'm happy to be going to the US Open again this year, it's always a really fun track, pretty technical and rocky. It's just a really laid back atmosphere compared to world cups and there are a lot of different tracks to ride there other than the race course. I'm bummed out we have an off weekend after though before the 4th world cup in Ft William. I am having so much fun at the races this year I want to race every weekend. 

Getting 31st last weekend kind of put a dent in my points for the championship, I have a lot of ground to make up from now on but there are 5 world cups to go and I feel like I can be strong at all of them. In a way I'm more excited about it because it's more of a challenge to try and come back now and it will be even sweeter if I can pull it off. I think I learnt a lesson from crashing last weekend so hopefully it wont be happening in any more race runs from now on.


3rd round of the world cups

May 18, 2009

We just got finished with the 3rd round of the world cups, I felt really good all week and qualified 1st with a very mellow run so i was confident going into the finals today. Unfortunatly I had a big crash during my run, I was 1.8 seconds faster at the first split which was only 45 seconds into the course so I was definatly on a good run. I just went off a drop a little too fast and pushed down to stay lower, I ended up landing on my front wheel a bit heavy and went over the front end. It was probably one of the biggest crashes I have ever had and I am lucky to have been able to get back up. When i was crashing I was headed right into a huge rock which I somehow missed, then missed a big stump and landed in a snow bank. I bent my bars, pushed my front brake lever up and got snow which covered most of my goggle vision and that sucked for the rest of my run, I was still trying to push it the rest of the way down. I was just trying to salvage as many points for the championship as I could. I ended up in 31st position only 5.5 seconds off 1st. It is nice knowing I have the speed to win, I just need to keep it together next time. There are still 5 races to go and a lot can happen between now and then so I am staying positive and will keep riding as fast as I can.

Brendan had a solid result today with 7th place, he was not feeling too good during practice so it's cool he put down a good run in the finals. I am now 5th overall and Bren is 7th so we got pushed back a little but will be on the hunt in Ft William.

Qualifying today went really well,

May 16, 2009

Qualifying today went really well, I had a good run and finished in 1st so i am really looking forward to racing tomorrow. I just have one more run to lay down and hopefully i can stay on top. My bike feels real sick on the track and I have been having heaps of fun riding here. Bring it on!!


Andorra, first day of practice

May 15, 2009

Just got finished with the first day of practice. The track is getting pretty rough and one lined everywhere but it's so much fun to ride. My Demo is working sick everywhere so i am feeling comfortable in the wet conditions. I also got to try out some new tires Specialized have made called the Storm. It's their new mud spike and I am impressed at how good it tracks everywhere it's awesome. I'm hoping it stays wet just so i can keep using them.

I'm looking forward to a good nights rest, we have a few more hours practice tomorrow and then qualifying in the afternoon so I am going have it pinned to try and get as many points as possible for the series title.


Here we are in Andorra

May 14, 2009

Here we are in Andorra, the weather is pretty wild. We checked the course out today and it looks pretty much the same as last year except for the snow on the sides. I'm really excited to practice tomorrow, its going to be a lot of fun but its going to be messy with the mud. We only have practice tomorrow and then a little on saturday before qualifying so I need to get my lines dialled in early.

Last weekends race in La Bresse was cool, the people and the crowd there were nuts, there were so many fans screaming on the sides of the track. It rained a bit for the last hour or so of racing but it didn't change the track conditions. I had a really good run and finished in 2nd place and Brendan finished in 4th so the whole team had a good day. It was also the first time Brendan and I have been up on the podium together on the same team so that was cool. We are looking forward to it being a regular thing from now on.

The drive from La Bresse to Andorra was fairly boring, there was not a lot to see but we did stop in at the Specialized France office which was cool to see, they are in a pretty sick little village and have a mean hot chocolate machine. Brendan pretty much slept for 2 days in the back of the van after a big night out sunday, so it was just Sean, Jacy and me rocking out in the front with half a working stereo. I think the highlight of the drive was when the turbo inlet hose came off and we had to pull over to investigate. Lucky Jacy got us rolling again.


In La Bresse

May 7, 2009

Just walked the downhill track here in La Bresse. It looks really sick, heaps of natural stuff to jump and get wild on. cant wait to smash some runs on it tomorrow with Bernard and get my bike all dialled in for qualifying on saturday.

Last weekend went good

May 5, 2009

Last weekend went good, it's a bit hard not speaking the language over here though and we were a bit lost with the schedule. I ended up having some good runs and got 2nd place. Times were super close with everyone and i was happy with my run and time.

we just drove over to La Bresse yesterday, we have the 2nd world cup here this weekend. Me and Brendan checked out the course and it looks so sick, its wide open in grassy fields with heaps of natural mounds to jump and a few rocky sections with drops. I'm hanging to start practice there on friday. 

The town here is pretty dead and we struggled to find somewhere for dinner last night, there was only one restaurant open so we tried our luck in there. The menu looked pretty sketchy but the waitress recommended the lamb so Seanos and me both hooked it up. About a mouthful in we both realized it was frozen in the middle. pretty wild to be chewing on frozen lamb. I haven't got sick yet so its all good.

hopefully the weather stays fine and the days don't go past too slow so we can get practice going.


Lyon, France

May 4, 2009

We are racing the avalanche cup today in Lyon, France. The track is in the middle of the city. We had practice yesterday and its pretty short, got a few jumps and some tight turns. Everyone is riding small travel bikes or hardtails so im not sure how it is going to go on my demo. We practiced yesterday and it was pretty fun to cruise some runs so it should be all good today.

Lyon, France, Here we come!

April 29, 2009

I am just getting all packed up ready for our first trip to europe today, we are flying to Lyon, France and racing an avalanche cup this weekend. I have heard that the track is pretty fun and the crowd is crazy so i think its going to be a cool event. I am really looking forward to the 2nd world cup, which is in 2 weekends time. Its a brand new track in Labresse, France. I'm hoping i can get my first world cup win of the season there but the competition is tough this year so we will have to wait and see.

I have had a pretty cool break since Sea Otter, i have just been staying at Seans house down in socal. I decided on friday to buy a ticket to Salt Lake city to watch the 2nd last round of the AMA supercross, the racing was pretty tight. My boy Chad Reed had some bad luck with Stewarts team mate trying to take him out and he unfortunatly didn't win but got 2nd. It's all going to come down to the finals in vegas this weekend to decide the championship. I did score a Reed signed jersey though so that made my trip even sicker. 

I also had a photo shoot yesterday with Troy Lee, they have some of the coolest new gear coming out for next year, i wanted to keep it but they wouldn't let me just yet. It was a massive day of pushing up and redoing sections to get the shots but we got some pretty killer stuff. We had a pretty cool crew there and there was some funny stuff going down. Troy found this massive tree that had a split it in about 20 feet high, so he climbed up there with his bike and made it look like he was riding out of it. It was pretty funny, especially when he got ants all in his jersey and on his neck.

Well I'm going to go smash a cold Monster and load the car for the airport.

SH #2

Riding with the Specailized Crew

April 22, 2009

Yesterday we went for a ride with some of the Specialized crew, It was a cool track in a big redwood forest. Even though the trails were really fun, I was scared the whole time about touching poison oak. I have never had it luckily but its something i dont want to experience either. We ended up taking some photos and also some video out on the tracks so we had to push up a few times. Branden was the guide for the trip and ended up showing us a spot with a few jumps and cool lines to hit so we ended up playing around there for a bit. It was a pretty fun day and nice to check out a couple new bikes out there. After the ride we stopped in for a burrito, which was a bit sketchy and headed back to the office. It was definitely cool to meet all the people who make things happen at Specialized and cool to see how into bikes they all are.

Another Year at Sea Otter

April 21, 2009

We have just got done with another year at Sea Otter, I have never had very good results there and I wanted to change that this year. Jacy did a sick job building me up an SX for the slalom and that bike rides so awesome. It was my first day on it and I qualified 2nd in slalom and then went on to race Cody Warren in the finals and I ended up taking the win. It felt really good especially with all the people from Specialized there supporting me. In the downhill race i rode really good and had a good run, I ended up in 12th but was only 1.9 seconds off first place which is the closest i have been on that track.

We are now at the Specialized headquarters just meeting new people and checking it all out. Everyone there are really cool and are all people who love bikes which is a bit of a change for me to see.

I think we are headed out on some trails tomorrow with some of the guys to take some photo's and have some fun so it should be a good day.

Back in Perth

April 14, 2009

I have just arrived back in Perth this morning. My trip to the 1st world cup in South Africa was pretty successful i feel. I had a good time riding over there and it was awesome to be back together with my team. Sean and Jacy did a great job putting the new bikes together for this season and i was stoked with how my bike was riding. The track was pretty easy to ride, there wasn't a lot of line choice so it was pretty much just working on speed. There was also a huge flat pedally section in the middle of the course so i wasn't too confident about getting a solid result as i am not the strongest pedaller out there.

I qualified in 8th which i was happy about, i knew i could go faster in the final and my race run went really well. I felt like i rode strong and put down a solid time that i was pleased with. I ended up 4th in the final and i am really pleased with that on that track. Its a good result to start the season with and i am looking forward to building on that as the season goes on.

I only have a quick stay at home as i am getting back on the plane tomorrow and flying to America for the sea otter classic this weekend, i am looking forward to being there and racing again and hopefully i can get a better result in the sea otter dh than i have in the past few years. wish me luck.

First World Cup of 2009

April 6, 2009

I have just arrived in South Africa for the first world cup of 2009, its a lot different here than i was expecting. The town we are staying in (Pietermeritzburg) is pretty cool and has a lot of jungle around the town.

It was cool to meet up with the team again and all catch up over a cold Monster. I'm still waiting to see monkey's, they are supposed to be in the back yard early in the mornings. 

My new downhill bike is looking pretty damn good, Specialized have done a sick job on the paint side of things and its looking pretty racey. Also our new gear looks cool, Troy Lee always comes through with the goods and makes us stand out.

We dont have practice until thursday so we are kind of just getting acclimatized and resting up for this weekend. The first race is always exciting as you don't know how you are going to stack up against the other riders. I am feeling fit and healthy though so i am confident about this year and looking forward to racing this weekend.

Pre-Season update from Sam

March 9, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I have just been getting ready for the world cup season which starts for me in 4 weeks. The first round is in South Africa and i am really looking forward to racing again especially on my new demo 8. I have been putting in alot of time on my new bike and i am feeling really comfortable on it.

I have had the chance to race on my new Demo a couple of times in Australia. I got 10th in the Aussie nationals which i wasn't really happy with, then i travelled to Mt Buller for a national round. The track there is really cool, loose, dusty and rough. I had a good race run and won by 6 seconds so i was stoked to get my first win in on my new bike and proove that it is definatly capable of winning.

Also my team mate and really good friend Brendan Fairclough was staying with me in Australia for 6 weeks riding and having a good time. He just went back to his home in England last week to spend some time there before we will meet back up for the first race. I will also be meeting up with my mechanic Jacy and team manager Sean in South Africa so it will be cool to see those guys and hang out with them again. I havent seen them for a few months. Probably what i am most excited about is getting my new race bike there, Jacy will be bringing it and he always has my bikes super dialled.

Clay Porter, the guy who makes sick videos like 'between the tape' and 'first' has been with me filming the last couple of days with me in Aus. We went to some really cool spots to film so i am looking forward to seeing his video come out. It's premiering at the 1st world cup and is called 'the tipping point' so keep your eyes out for it. The teaser looks really cool.

Stats for Sam Hill are coming soon.