Troy Brosnan

Name: Troy Brosnan

Sport: Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

DOB: 13/07/93

Hometown: Adelaide, SA

Resides: Seacombe Heights

Sponsors: Monster Energy/ Specialized

Sponsors: Adidas Eyewear, Crank Brothers

Personal Profile: Age 16, height 5’5 and rising, weight 58kg

Career Highlights: 2007 National Champion, 2006/07 National Series Champion. 2007/08 2nd National Series. 2008/09 National Series Champion. 2009 3rd National Championships.

Most Recent Accomplishments: 2009 Crankworx Dual Slalom Jr 1st Giant Slalom Jr 1st.

A-Line 2nd. Canadian Open 1st.

2009 Elite Men State Champion.

Elite Men State Series 2nd.


Musical Artists: HillTop Hoods Black EyedPeas

Movies: Don’t have one.

Food: Mamma Rishe’s Brownies, Lasagna, WeetBix

Places to Travel: Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Thredbo

Places to Ride: Whistler, Canada, Hobart, Tasmainia

Other Riders: Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough, Will Rish, Rory Cunnigham

Christmas has come early!

December 17, 2010

Christmas has come early! With a delivery from Specialized containing a new XC Helmet one sick track pump and Some super pimp daddy S-Works MTB Shoes.

The last week I have been riding a lot and training pretty hard now, I have been set in good hands and just need to give it everything I have Next year. The first National round that has just passed gave me all the confidence and I know that I can go faster.

Im still running my world's bike, Specialized Demo and could not be happier how it feels! I have about a month till my next race and cant wait.

Sitting at Sydney airport

December 13, 2010

Sitting at Sydney airport,   waiting for my flight home that got delayed is not fun! This weekend the First Round of the Australian Series was on in Tasmania, The track is super fun and is almost up to worldcup standard. We had practice from Friday to Sunday morning, then Race time! With a almost faultless run I came across the line in first and had won the first round in U19's. To put the cherry on the cake My time was the fastest of the whole day by two seconds!

It was good to see Specialized have some demo bikes out there, even in the rain. And a massive thanks to SRAM for servicing my bike and putting some special Worldcup forks on my bike!

Thanks TB  

Driving 24 hours and back in 4 days

December 3, 2010

Driving 24 hours and back in 4 days! That's what 6 of us did to go see Josh Button at his 21st birthday party, The first day of driving was not to bad until we had to pull over and sleep on the side of the road in the dirt which turned into mud after it rained on us all night. with 4 hours of sleep under our belt we were ready to go again! another whole day of driving and we made it, Straight to the beach to have a shower in the salt water the bed. Another 5 hours sleeping didn't help to much but it was Josh's party so everyone was energetic. The party was heaps funny and we were throwing down some moves on the dance floor.

With 3 hours sleep that night we had hit the road again after fixing the car. I don't know how we made it half way back that day, just to only find a tiny little shelter with 3 park benches under neath. And yes it was raining all night so sleeping on the park benches was our only option! Tired and over driving we finally rolled into Wills house and made it safely. What a weekend.

On Wednesday Dan Peters and I went to the City Jumps and got some really cool shots of me on my Specialized P3. Now just have to get up at 6ish tomorrow and film some Downhill!


I have gotten myself a Trainer

November 29, 2010

I have gotten myself a Trainer and now im back into Training for next season! Ollie O'Neill (my new trainer) will be getting me up to strength and fitness by April and will give me all the chance to 'back up' the season that has just passed.I have been doing some testes with Ollie and he has made me go to breaking point both times. Im really excited about getting back into the swing of things and for next year, I have a great Trainer, Team and people around me to help and ride with!


15 runs in one day!

November 16, 2010

15 runs in one day! First time riding Downhill with all of my mates and smashed out a solid 15 runs back to back. That night i was in the hurt box with arm pump and my legs were super weak. Not much going on these days just regular training and Dirt Jumping a lot. 

Not to mention the Hot Sauce bottles getting sent from Sean and Jacy over in LA. Can't beat the taste of their hot sauce. haha


Beach and Mouse eaten

November 9, 2010

So I just pulled into my driveway, got out of my car walked to the front door when I saw one of my cats. And she had caught a baby mouse, next thing I know she is biting into it like its chewing gum. She had bit it into half - then she eat the bottom half, With just the two front legs and the head chilling there... But no she wanted to eat the whole thing! Crunching into the skull like no other and the eating it all.

Now here in Aus its starting to get warmer as my friends and I have been hitting the beach as much as we can. Its not to far away from the first National round held in Tasmania and im really excited to ride again!


Sitting here on the couch

November 3, 2010

Sitting here on the couch watching the concrete getting pored into my shed for the floor. Soon enough she will dried up and then its party time for all of my bikes! I can not wait for the shed to be finished and ready to work in its going to make life just little bit more easier.

On the weekend there was a local XC race on and I love the track so I thought that I would have a go and see where my fitness is at. Well I know where fitness is at the moment and really there is none... I set out to race for 4 laps and by the 3rd lap my legs blew up, my back was in so much pain and punters were passing me on the downhills. So I finished of my 3rd lap the pulled out. So with that in my mind I believe it is time to start training again and get back into the swing of things.


Summer is coming

October 26, 2010

Summer is coming as the rain clouds disappear and the temperature rises, the board shorts and skim boards get dusted off and ready for a sick summer. As every one else is blogging about summer leaving well Sam Hill and myself are laughing, as we both chase summer around the world every year. I have found a Job for the summer to get some quick cash. It is at a bike shop, so ill be building all kinds of specialized's and getting the learn so much more about the brand! Apart from that im just loving riding with everyone and being home.

The National Series are coming soon which will be fun and give me something to do.

Cya TB

Back home and eating some normal food again

October 18, 2010

Back home and eating some normal food again, im feeling way better now and glad to back with all my friends. Not to much stuff going on this weekend just putting up the finishing touches on my new shed and then getting ready to concrete the floor. Maybe will go for an xc on my new Stumpjumper with they boys and have a bit of fun. Other than that I have just been riding dirt jumps in the city.

Not much on the books for a couple of weeks which is good so I can just chill for a bit then get back into training for next season.

Thanks TB

In Indonesia and racing mountain bikes.

October 15, 2010

In Indonesia and racing mountain bikes. The Asian Pacific Championship held by Specialized was on last week end with Sam and I flying over to compete. From the word go when we got out side of the airport there were people all over us asking if we needed a taxi or money changing. With all that aside I was meet by Arifin (the Boss) and what seemed like 50 camera men, flashes going off every where. the whole time Sam, Steve Marsh and I were in Indonesia we were treated like kings Like super nice hotels with sick swimming pools and basketball courts where history took place with Sam placing last in Around the World and myself getting first, but with all the fun and games we were off to the Asian Pacific.

The track was pretty good it hard a few really sick sections. despite the massive amounts of rain it was a really fun race to do, there wasn't really any pressure and in the end I crashed over the bars near the finish. Sam finished in 2nd behind local rider/ pinner killing the filed by 5 seconds. after the race it was wild how many people wanted autographs and photos.

Then Monday came around, time for Bali!!! Bali was so sweet and there was so much to see and do, there was a lot of haggling being done and soaking up the sun. Then to just make my holiday wayyyy better I got Bali Belly which is like a virus bug thing(not good). but yer that kept me in side my hotel room for a full day and lets just say that I became really good friends with the toilet. haha Back home and felling way better.

Cya TB

In Jakarta

October 8, 2010

In Jakarta/ Indonesia for a race/ holiday. just been site seeing and having fun really, not to much going on just getting stuck in traffic and wild people on scooters cutting everyone off. Went to a shopping mall and had a little press conference then went to the fish spa, where these little fish eat the dead skin off of your feet. It tickles so much at first then you get used to it.

Off to Malung for a race in some rain forest! should be fun.


State Champs was on this weekend

October 5, 2010

State Champs was on this weekend. After not riding my downhill bike or any bike for a while I felt a little bit wired. coming into this race I wanted to do well and back up my last years performance of first in elite again. I love the track and do well there. The whole weekend my Specialized felt super smooth and I couldn't believe how many people wanted to see it and ride it around!

Race day I felt that every run I did I was getting faster and faster. My seeding run was pinned and I just backed it off at the bottom. Placing 1st by one second and knew there was more time to shave off. Before my race run I was really calm and just knew what I had to do, have a pinned run but staying on the bike. As I was the last person on the hill the time to beat was 1.55, My run was super sick and had no mistakes coming down with a time of 1.53sec taking 1st place and being the first person to go back to back state champ.

Off to Jakarta on Wednesday for a race that Specialized is putting on, should be sick and cant wait to see the scenery. 

Cya TB 

First race as a World Champ

September 21, 2010

First race as a World Champ, was one of my local state rounds. The track is defiantly not comparable to overseas but still it is fun. Saturday practice was sick just riding with all my mates and messing about. Sunday it didn't look like it was going to be a very good day, but in the end its was nice and sunny. Qualifying run was good just cruising down and placed 3rd only one second back, I knew that i could take a few seconds of in my race run. Race run was really good no mayor mistakes and came across the line in 1st by a few seconds. Got though one rider then just got edged out by only 0.07 of a second. Im happy with second place at this state race by just a very little bit, but I was just super happy that I won the worlds by just a little bit and didn't place seconded there. 

I can not thank MONSTER ENERGY/ SPECIALIZED enough for what they have done this year and whats going to happen in the future!

TB Jr #1

After 3 days of travel

September 13, 2010

After 3 days of travelling i finally made it home, it was so sick meeting up with all my friends and going out to dinner with them. I haven't been doing much at all just having fun and staying away from the bike for a week or two. there are some state races coming up, It will be sick to see all the Aussie races again and do my first race as the Jr world Champ.

TB Jr #1

2010 World Champs MSA

September 13, 2010

Just one week later from USA to Canada the World cup finals to the World Champs, with my good result at the finals I had all the confidence going in to Worlds. There was a lot of practice starting on Tuesday going all the way up to Sunday. Every day I felt more confident with the track and faster, Thursday was a timed run just to see what time everyone was doing. With an easy run I placed 2nd three seconds back.

Sunday rolled around and I was feeling good, practice was sick and I felt smooth and in control. I did my Normal warm up at the top with Jacy, just having fun and thinking a little about my run. Before I left the bottom to get on the chairlift I heard that Neko took over the hot seat with a really good time. So then I knew what time was going to be close to win.

My run started really good just holding speed and pedaling everywhere I could, half way down I was really getting into the run and was going as fast as I could possibly go. Somehow I held it all together till the bottom and came across the line in 1st securing a podium spot, but only just by 0.06 of a second.

Just one rider left on the hill and his first split was down by 7 seconds, I couldn’t believe my eyes the time ticked away and then I was the 2010 Junior World Champ. So much excitement and relief that had actually did it.

Massive thanks to Monster Energy/Specialized for a great season and can’t wait for next year!

TB Jr #1

World Cup Finals

August 31, 2010

I didn’t know what to think about the track after I walked it on Wednesday, it seemed short and you would not be able to carry much speed. But when practice came around on Thursday it was one track that I would remember, It flowed the whole way down not much pedaling and I was have so much fun riding it.

Friday Qualifying, my run was smooth and I just wanted to qualify so badly after a disappointing result at Val Di Sole. I held it together for 49th. Saturday was good just riding with Sam and Brendan, finding some new lines and going faster.

Race Day, in practice I felt really good found some more lines that took off seconds and it showed in my final. I hung it out the whole way and took over the hot seat for the first time. Sitting in there for ages then Sam comes down and takes it off of me. My time held up for a top 20 placing in 18th, my best result at a world cup yet.

Off to World Champs in MSA, should be lots of fun and ill try to take home those stripes.


Just been chillen in Bromont

August 25, 2010

After Crankworx we flew to Bromont for a rest week, just riding XC bikes, relaxing and getting ready for world cup finals and worlds. Hitting up the water park with Brendan and Mitch Delfs and smashing out some XC’s made for a great week. Now off to World Cup finals in Windham.

Cya there TB


August 18, 2010

My second year to whistler and I still love the vibe in Whistler, with all the lakes, tracks, weather and people.

Dual slalom was so much fun this year; it was tight and flowed really well. A few rounds in and I was up against Gee Atherton the first run he got me and then the next run I got him, the times would have been super close but Gee took it out. And went on to win which made me feel a bit better. I was then in the small final up against Mick Hannah, the same thing Mick got me in the first and then I got him in the second, but still he just got me and pushed me off of the podium for forth.

Garbanzo Downhill: 9th

Pump track: 5th

Air DH 9th

Canadian Open: 4th just, 0.11 off of 2nd and 0.04 off of 3rd.

It was a good weekend and it was good to relax. Off to bromont now.

Val Di Sole World Cup

August 18, 2010

Straight from Champery to Val Di Sole, two of the most testing tracks on the circuit. The track was wild, just to see how rough it was already. Practice was good just finding lines and learning every corner. Qualifying day, the morning’s practice was good till my last run where I crashed over the bars real bad and gave myself a dead arm. After the crash I decided to chill and just rest a little before my qualifier.

In my qualifying run I felt good just making sure I would get down safely but still qualify, but I must have been set on cruise control because I placed out of the top 80 meaning that I would not be racing in the final and would also hand over my leaders jersey. Heading into a break now before the next world cup I am hungry to train hard and get those two points back for the overall.

Off to Whistler for Crankworx now for some fun!


Practice was wild

July 29, 2010

Practice was wild; it went from dry and dusty to complete muddy and sloppy making it even harder to ride down. Qualification run was really good just got down really and tried not to crash, but still in the end I did have a small crash which cost me some time but still I came 39th.

Race day it was on and it was still raining hard and it wasn’t going to stop, hailing at some stages. All I had to do was be the fastest junior out there and I would have to leader’s jersey back. Finishing across the line in 4th, after 41 riders already down the mountain and then placing 32nd my best result of the season. I was stoked.

Off to Val Di Sole now and still no Sam but he is resting and doing what’s right for himself. Hope he gets better.

Made it to Champery

July 21, 2010

Made it to Champery for the 4th World Cup, the track walk was wild, blowing my knees and ankles up just trying to get down. The steepness is amazing and there is no pedaling what so ever, the track will suit me really well and I can’t wait till practice tomorrow. The scenery around the village is so sick, massive mountains everywhere.

Can’t wait for practice. TB

Overseas again

July 17, 2010

Overseas again for the second half of the World cup Series, with super sick tracks, Crankworx and also World Champs to finish off with I am ever so excited! Monster Energy/ Specialized have been really good to me and I couldn’t have any better two riders to help me progress this much. Although Sam has been injured I have learned so much from him.

Champery is next on the gender and from what I have heard… well I just can’t wait! My three weeks off At home were good just to be home for a while and made me want to come back hungry.

Cya in Champery


State Race at Home

July 12, 2010

It’s been good coming home for while just to think about the season and I think most of it has set in, I have learnt a lot and can’t wait to put it to use. With two big tracks coming up, I can’t wait to get back overseas. On the weekend there was a state Downhill race in my hometown (Fox Creek) I was there just having fun with no pressure and riding with the crew. Race day I qualified 3rd not too far off 1st, so I knew if I just though down some more pedals I would challenge for the lead. I had a perfect run and went into the lead by over five seconds, my time held for 1st by .20 of a second. It was a good race and has now boosted my confidence for the world cups.


Just chillen at home

July 3, 2010

Just chillen at home resting and doing a bit of training, trying not to think too much about the world cups coming up but it’s so hard with them both being super sick tracks with no pedaling.

Crankworx is coming up soon as well and a lot of Adelaide crew is going to be there to ride!

I have less than two weeks until I go back overseas again but I half want to be over there just for the burritos and sunny So Cal.

I have a little state race on this weekend, just going to have fun with it and then see what result I pull out.


World Cup #3 Leogang/ Austria

June 25, 2010

What a wild race, Mud, Tree Roots, Dirty gear and Lots of FUN! Another race without Sam but the whole team had the heads up high. Before Leogang we had a relaxing week is Saalbach enjoying some sun until it rained. I felt ready and Leogang had a good vibe about it, just like a small town and just a nice place.

Friday was the least muddy day which helped everyone practiced the new track. I felt good and just got my line sorted on day one, trying to follow brendog was a different story. Friday Avro brought the never ending rain, just the same as what happened in Maribor.

Saturday was qualifying and it was still raining, but I was determined to keep focus in the mud and try to go fast. I had a good run in qualifying and got my best result 62nd.

Sunday- still raining and it was the worst all week. I knew that in the final I just had to pin it and not be scared of the roots but somehow I still road in my comfort zone placing 50th, which is still very good but I knew that the was more in me. Well it’s better to be safe and not hurt, maybe if I pushed myself I could have crashed really badly and be out for some of the season to come.

Learning every step of the way and can’t wait till the next world cups to come!!!

Cya in at round 4


Training camp at Saalbach

June 14, 2010

Training camp at Saalbach, Austria has been quite fun with some hard XC rides and some downhilling on my stump jumper (not recommended) but its all fun and smashed out a massive XC today. Climbed around 3550 foot high with so hot weather but then got to descend like crazy with the boys. I had so much fun and the terrain was amazing, not crashes just some sheep that wouldn’t get out of the way and Brendan nearly ran a couple over.

Now just a few more days here, than world cup #3 in Leogang about 30minutes away.

Cya TB

Fort William World cup 2010

June 9, 2010

My second world cup has already arrived, after walking it I was blown away. The track looked super fast, rocky, windy and a lot of pedaling.

Friday practice was a bit scary as the track was crazy fast and rocky, a few suspension changes and I was on my way. Getting to the end of practice I was in top 80 so I could do a timed run. I had a good top split but then stopped to check out this one section near the bottom, as I was looking for lines Sam comes flying through amazingly quick blowing me away but he didn’t get out of the section as he was hoping for, Sam got bucked off over the bars with a 2 meter drop to hard packed dirt on his shoulder. I wish I didn’t see it at all!

Saturday well Sam was really sore and could not practice but I tried a few more runs out then qualified. I felt that I held back too much to try and save energy for the bottom when I should have just pinned it from the gate. But still I qualified in 71st.

Race day after qualifying I felt good and relieved so I put no pressure on myself for the final. My run was good but just had no legs at the bottom, I ended up 57th witch isn’t too bad considering the track.

Hope Sam gets better and recovers fast.

Now a week break in Saalbach should be fun and just mellow.


US Open 2010

June 4, 2010

Giant Slalom was really fun lots of turns and a few jumps made it one of my favorite tracks to ride. I qualified 7th with an all right run and then in my first run out of two I placed 3rd. I knew that I would still have to step it up to stay on that podium, so in my second run it was all or nothing pretty much I managed to come down in 2nd with Mitch’s first run still better than mine. Brendan then came down second to last taking the hot seat, it was all up to Mitch but he crashed out knocking himself out. Witch left me in 3rd.

Downhill brought a track that was like one of my Australian tracks at home and I thought maybe I would do well, but there was a lot of pedaling involved and it was going to really hard for me. Practice was going well and I qualified in 14th place with a bad run. Knowing that I could step it up and go fast so did other people and with a fast and smooth run I placed 11th just outside the top ten witch I was going for. But I guess that’s racing and should just learn from it.

Now off to Fort William World cup #2


Finally arrived at US Open

May 27, 2010

Finally arrived at US Open, First time to the US open and seems to be going well – minus the trouble finding the hotel but were here and I’m excited to race slalom and DH. Practice tomorrow for both, see how it goes…


Round #1 World Cup, Maribor, Slovenia

May 21, 2010

Friday Practice- Wow my first world cup it has come so quickly, A year ago I could only dream about this moment. It had rained all Thursday night making the track super muddy, the mud made it a lot harder to learn the track but as the day went on the track started to dry out. I was learning the track more and more, also with lots of sun and more than 200 riders practicing the track was drying out fast. Trying to follow Sam and Brendan down the track was pretty much impossible. With five runs I called it a day and went back to the hotel to rest.

Saturday Practice- Waking up to torrential rain is always good and bad, good as you know you’re going to be riding in the mud and bad because you know that you’re going to be super muddy. Knowing than Qualifying was later in the day I decided to only do two runs to try and conserve as much energy as I could.

Qualifying-As I was rider #237 to leave the gate for my qualifying run, Sam and Brendan went to the top Qualified then came back to the pits before I had even started to get ready. It was good seeing Sam place first and Brendan right behind him in second. Now my turn, the track was way more blow out compared to my practice but I still managed to qualify 74th with a crash.

Sunday- It was still raining since Friday night about 48 hours of it. Practice was simple just one run and just to get down and see how the track was looking.

Race Run- All I wanted to do was get down and not crash, push it in the sections I knew I could and backed it off in the real muddy sections. With a smooth run and a couple of mistakes I came across the line in 3rd. Brendan With a major mistake in the woods placed 3rd and Sam with a massive crash after the rock garden landing on his head placed 5th.

My first World Cup and I finished 48th overall and the fastest junior.

Next is the US Open cya there


World Cup #1 Maribor

May 11, 2010

World Cup #1 Maribor, Slovenia is already here…

After an 11 hour plane flight from LAX to Frankfurt we have finally made it, everyone is here and we have got the new RV. The RV looks so sick from the inside and the outside with all of it stickered up in MONSTER ENERGY. I’m excited to ride a new track and maybe even see some snow.


Time flies when you’re having fun.

May 6, 2010

This week has just been all about training and getting time on my Downhill bike. With some XC rides with Jacy and Sean I’m feeling good and now, not even two weeks away is the first world cup I am getting really excited.

Sam arrives on Saturday and then we will do some downhilling Sunday, and then leave to Europe on Monday.

Can’t wait


With Sea Otter over its just training from here on.

April 28, 2010

Last week was crazy… road some xc, some pump track and a lot of Downhill. I’m feeling really good on the bike and just can’t wait till the first world cup.

I have been doing some timed runs at a local trail, near Sean’s house. The track is all sand and really steep, it’s good for technical riders. Somehow I managed to leave a timing pole behind on the trail. So Sean and I had to drive back there at night, walk up to the pole which was a 10 minute walk in the bush. Sean had a knife and a little torch and I only had a big torch, it was really sketchy with all the wild life around there.

Today though we were on a xc ride and I decided to take a short downhill track down to the bottom when Sean just road the xc track. Well I made a bad decision, about half way down I came across the largest Rattle Snake I have ever seen. I scrabbled away from it and then told Sean about it. We went back up there so Sean could see it, the Rattle snake was the biggest Sean has ever seen as well, it was bigger than the width of bicep.


Sea Otter DH

April 20, 2010

With the Slalom and the Pump Track out the way all that was left was the DH. The track was defiantly not what I was hoping for; I never thought that a downhill track would have so much uphill and pedaling.

My result was a solid top 100 finishing in 84th, but hopefully I can use this race as my worst result in the season 2010.


Sea Otter 2010

April 19, 2010

Friday practice on the Downhill track was very interesting, the amount of pedaling is just crazy.

Saturday Brendon and I just Practiced Dual Slalom in the morn and the Qualified, Around noon we both then went over to the pump track and tried our best to get 1st and 2nd but we both choked. With that out the way all that was left was the Dual.

After Qualifying 28th I just had to be matched up with Aaron Gwin, so my first run down was not too bad I was in front the whole way down till the bottom pedaling section then Gwin just came flying past. Second run we were level then I blew my foot out before the pedaling section. It was all over.

Downhill tomorrow, should be fun.


Finally Overseas, and ready for the world cups.

April 12, 2010

After a 14 hour plane flight I had arrived in LA, Sean and I then drove to Sean’s house in So Cal.

I have only been here for one day but have already road a pump track with Sean, Chris Kovarak and Clair Buchar. It’s been so much fun already and there’s just way more to come!!!

Off to Sea Otter tomorrow. Yew…


Just been training

April 5, 2010

Just been training before I go overseas, Riding my DH and Hard tail a lot. I have been doing timed runs with the free lap with Will Rish. I feel good on the bike and now I can’t wait till I am overseas chillen at Sean’s.

Cya Overseas TB

UCI 2010 Oceania MTB Champs Dunedin, New Zealand

March 23, 2010

It was my first time to NZ (New Zealand) and it just had to start off bad didn't it! When my Mum and I arrived into NZ my bike had been lost so after trying to find it for at least over one hour we had to move on other wise we would miss our flight. I arrived to Dunedin on Wednesday night, with no bike. Thursday I walked the track, I couldn't believe how good the track looked loam dirt, off camber rock gardens, everything. Finally my bike rocks up Thurs night, the night before Practice.


Friday Practice was so much fun just riding the track and finding the fast lines.


Saturday there was no seeding just practice. I was loving the track so much I did around 12 runs, defiantly way to many.


Sunday, seeding and race day. Seeding went well just flowing the track and not pedaling to much. after seeding 3rd I had some confidence. Race run went good just making sure I wasn't going to crash or blow out corners. I finished in 3rd, which was good but I was a little bit disappointed with myself because I didn't push myself to the limits with coasted me a better position.


I had now made this a learning race and from now on I will be putting myself on that limit every race and cant wait to head over seas to Sean's to hang out and train with Sam and Brendon, and also race some World Cups!!!


Thanks TB 

National Round #4 at Canberra, Mt Stromlo

March 16, 2010

The week before the last National round, the selected Aussie Junior team stayed at the AIS for some training. It was a big week of more and more learning; It was fun hanging out and training with the Australian Junior team and having some icy cold recovery baths.

On the Friday the team rocked up to the track and everyone was looking at us, it was funny in a way. The team registered and then we did our new routine warm up before getting on the transport. After the warm up pretty much every elite rider asked what we were doing. (Secret)

Friday went well and I was feeling good on the track, but I knew I could step the pace up.

Saturday’s practice I did what I wanted and stepped the pace up before seeding. Seeding went very well, I had the best cruzing run of my life just flowed and linked everything up perfectly.

Sunday morning practice I followed my old team mate Josh Button down the hill and pushed myself to keep up with him. This defiantly helped me to push myself to the limits.

Race run went really well pinned the top half then nearly crashed big time but somehow stayed up. Then just pedalled my arse off through the bottom of the track where Josh Buttons Dad was standing yelling at me to pedal. Without him I would have sat down. Thanks Richard

A big thanks to MONSTER ENERGY/SPECIALIZED and Dylan, Trent and Phil from SRAM for a great national season and I can’t wait for the world cups from here on in.

The rains have finally come to Adelaide

March 8, 2010

The rains have finally come to Adelaide, for once I thought downhill in Adelaide would be muddy. Well after two days of rain the tracks still weren’t wet, the dirt is so hard that the rain just washed off.

Now I am off to Canberra to the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) for a week with the other junior riders for some testing and preparation for the Worlds, then the last National round at Stromlo.

Specialized Tyre Testing

March 2, 2010

Specialized Tyre Testing this week with Frank and Carol, They both came all the way from USA to do some Specialized Tyre testing with Sam Hill and I at Sam’s house. Frank and Carol decided to change locations and have it done at my house in Adelaide.

I found that the Testing helped me understand more about tyres and I had fun as well. Knowing that Carol was making my lunch every day got me even more excited.

Over all the test went well and I feel it gives me more confidence before I go overseas, to race the world cups.


Best lunch ever

February 24, 2010

Best lunch ever, Packed with Rye bread, Avocado, cheese, salami, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and a dash of mayonnaise. Well after my crash at Thredbo all I could do was make my lunch.

With my finger all smashed up I just had to hit the indoor trainer for the week, no dirt riding. Tried to go for an XC ride but couldn’t hold on. Just icing and watching the Olympics, good mix.

National Round #3 at Thredbo

February 16, 2010

National Round #3 at Thredbo, I love this track and have done pretty well on it over the years. Thursday practice was so good the dirt was exceptional as it had rained the night before. The track was very long with high speed sections, after practice I decided to make myself go into the cold mountain river for 10 minutes for recovery; I’ve never been so cold in my life.

Friday, the start to never ending rain... Practice was fun, ruts were forming and braking bumps were getting bigger and bigger. After practice though, cleaning my gear was a nightmare.

Saturday was seeding and it was still raining, just before I went up on the chair lift the rain stopped. I had a killer seeding run coming in with a 1st place, 13 seconds ahead of 2nd.

Sunday, the rain was back and stayed. In practice I felt good keeping out of the holes and just holding speed. I was about 30 seconds into my race run when before I knew it I was lying face first in the mud. Somehow my front wheel slipped on a rock, in the lip of a jump then I was flying through the air and landed into another jump. Winded and a smashed up finger I pushed on to try and make up time, Then I tried to jump ever a massive hole and cause my gloves were so muddy from my first crash, my hands slipped off of my handle bars then I crashed hard again. After my second crash I knew that my time wasn’t going to contest with the others. My thoughts were just to go as fast as I could I had nothing to lose, placing 20th.

It was fun racing in the mud and I’m not disappointed one bit.


Beautiful Kangaroo Island

February 1, 2010

Beautiful Kangaroo Island is just a short ferry ride from lower South Australia. I decided to take a brake and have a little holiday with some of my mates. Will Rischbieth has a shack over on Kangaroo Island which can hold over 12 people, its right next to the Rischbieth’s family beach and a sick little fishing boat.

It was my first time to K.I. and I don’t think I will forget it. Had so much fun fishing, going to beaches and hanging out with the boys watching the sun set...


No rest

January 27, 2010

No rest, After the Nationals at Eagle Park I had two days to recover before my mum and I had an 8 hour road trip ahead of us. The second round of the National Series located at Shepparton, near Melbourne.

We arrived Wednesday night to the small town, the next day there were runs at the track. I checked the track out with my friend Josh Button and found some good lines. The track had no berms just all flat corners, I had the Specialized Butcher on front and back. Those tyres surprised me with how much grip they had. Friday was a scorching 40 degrees plus day which made riding so hard. For most of the day I was found lying in the pool.

Saturday morning practice I was feeling good with the track, but my first run down the hill I got caught off guard with the wind and ended up rag dolling over heaps of sharp rocks. After the crash I decided to call it quits and just wait till the afternoon practice. Well, I was so shaken from the crash it was like I was scared, which did not help me in the slightest for my seeding run. My run flowed well finishing with a time of 2:07 putting me in 4th.

Race Day, the wind had dropped the track felt fast and I wasn’t too scared any more. I had some help from Josh Button in my practice to get me up to speed. Then I knew I would have to pull something out for the final. With practice finished and there was 4 hours till race run I decided to bail to the pool to cool down.

Race Run- From top to bottom I had a rhythm going and on the steep shoot I let it all hang out! Pretty much scared myself... I finished my run 10 seconds faster than my seeding time with a 1:57. I knew my time would be up there for the win with only 3 more riders to go. The last rider came down finishing 2nd with a 2:00.

I’m really happy with the weekend and how much fun I had.

Cya TB

2010 National Champs, Eagle Mountain Bike Park

January 18, 2010

2010 National Champs, Eagle Mountain Bike Park. After the disappointment in Tassie with getting a flat tyre I was hungrier for the win. Practice started on Wednesday and I was feeling confident already as this is my home track. After winning the Elite Men State Champs a few months ago I knew had had it in me to place first.

Thursday practice was good stepping it up another level. Friday came and Sam Hill arrived to practice. It was good riding with him for the first time on the new Specialized!! Following a faster rider like Sam helps so much; I tend to step it up even more.

Saturday was seeding and I thought I would try and throw down a smooth run, I ended up seeding first by 2 seconds which gave me confidence for the final.

Race day, Practice was good fun as it had rained in the morning making the track tacky. New holes started appearing in berms and I managed to ride into one of them, making my front wheel nearly come to a stop, then both of my feet blew out of my clip pedals, then my chest smashed into my head stem.

My chest was hurting, I could only just breathe, my legs felt like jelly and I was in the start gate for my final run.(Good Times)

Out of the gate I couldn’t help myself but to go wild and I went off of the track but held on, I got my stuff back together in the mid section then smashed the bottom section going off of the track again! Finally holding it together again I came across the line in first place by 1 second, crowned the National Junior Champion!!

Can’t believe it...


The start of 2010!

January 6, 2010

The start of 2010! The weeks leading up to the new year I have been training full time getting ready for the National Champs.


My Christmas was pretty chilled just hanging out with the family and lovely God parents!


'New Years'... What can I say? Plan for New Years was a Dual Slalom race up on a friends property, The race was meant to start around 4ish but people were having too much fun and were already getting drunk! This would have given me an advantage but we decided to just have an expression session. The day went really well and now we had to party for the last time in 2009.

Wow, that night was out of control. Watching people get drunk, smoke machines and the dance floor going off, and I couldn't help myself but to rally around in a smashed up van! Good times!!


Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


First race with Monster Energy/ Specialized!

December 17, 2009

First race with Monster Energy/ Specialized! The First National Round for 2009/2010 was in Hobart/Australia. I had my new bike, new gear and I was now racing in u19s. We arrived in on wednesday and had practice on thursday. Practice on thursday went pretty well considering that I had to push up sections. Friday was official practice and my runs were getting faster and faster. Saturday, I had my seeding run in the afternoon, the run went really well just keeping it smooth until the end of the track when i caught the rider in front of me. After 2 seconds he managed to pull off of the track and let me pass. I came across the line with a 3:19 in 1st place, 2nd did a 3:20.


Sunday I pinned my practice runs and was feeling really good for race run. The start of my race run was going so good, no mistakes or dabs just fully pinned! About half way through my run I went off of a drop nearly sideways and landed straight on top of a rock. My back tyre slowly started going down and then my run was pretty much over. I still tried to pin it as much as I could to get some points for the overall but came down with a time of 3:37. 1st place got a time of 3:20, so if I could of held it together i might of finished 1st.


My result for this weekend was not exspected and I was a little bit angry with my self. But now this just makes me more hungryer for the win at the National Champs!!



Single Speed and Dirt jump bike in the same week!

December 2, 2009

Single Speed and Dirt jump bike in the same week! Early on in the week arrived a Single Speed for my training (warm up/warm down). On monday the local crew came out to Will Rishbieths back yard where lies a pump track. All of the guys had a great time smashing turns, and finding new lines. End of the week came around and there is a nother bike box, its like christmas. This time the bike was a hard tail dirt jumper, i have been hanging out for a DJ bike! Cant wait to ride it. Sunday there was a practice day at eagle on the hill, which is the National Champs track. Mitch Delfs and Will Rishbieth came along to join in. The day went well with the Demo loving the new sections on the track.



This week there wasn't much going on

November 24, 2009

This week there wasn't much going on just the usual training. On Monday I went dirt jumping with the crew about 15-20 of us hitting the city jumps till dark, its always so much more fun with lots of people and every one steps it up and does larger jumps. Then on Tuesday we had the massive crew again but for a XC ride. Every Tuesday there is a XC ride through the hills for about 3 hours and evry time I put myself in the Hurt Box.

On the Weekend I took out the Demo for a ride down the most Technical track in SA called (Brown Sally). Its a new track that Brad McDonald built. The bike is riding so well and smooth, it loves the steepness and backs it in every where.


Also there is two new bikes on there way and I cant wait to get them. Every bike a have received from Specialized has been like a dream, so I can only imagine what these are going to be like. 



Tuesday the 10th was the same as any Tuesday....

November 18, 2009

Tuesday the 10th was the same as any Tuesday, untill my Mum and I got home in the afternoon and found a card saying that I had a package waiting for me...

That morning Sean had asked me if I had received a package, so I thought that maybe it was going to be big. I arrived at the airport and asked for the package expecting a little box, but a bike box came out and then I looked at my mum and grinned.


That night I built up my bike, The Specialized pretty much put its self together with Jacy's sick as packing.

On the weekend was the first ride on the new beast!! It rode like a dream, so smooth, light and has a really stiff back end with no flex.

I also received a TLD helmet with a sick Monster paint job by ap designs it looks great.


Now I cant wait to race on the Specialized and push it to the next level again.



On the weekend......

November 12, 2009

On the weekend Craig Yates, my Mum(Chris) and myself set out on a 9 hour road trip. With the tempreture at 35 dergrees the air con was cranking the whole time! We were heading to one of the National rounds practice days, Shepparton which is just outside of Melbourne. The trip seemed to take forever but why a packet of sour skittles lasted for the whole trip with all three of us eating out of the packet, I will never know. Arriving in Shepparton the night before the practice day,we all had a schnitzel at the local pub then crashed for the night.

The next morning we got up super early and headed out to the track, as the night before we had tried to find the track and got so lost, we didnt know if we would ever find the track but just in front of us was a downhiller, we followed him all the way to the track. When we were looking at the hill where the track was on it was hard to think that they could produce a National Downhill track. The track was gravity fed to our surprise, there were off camber sections and steep dusty shutes. I think when I come back in January for the National Round the track will be challenging and fast. Cant wait!

cya TB

It started out on Saturday.....

November 3, 2009

It started out on Saturday when I caught a plane over to Western Australia (WA), I was invited by my new team mate Sam Hill. Sam had invited me one week earlier to go to his now well know 'SAMAPOLOOZA' party, the party had everything from guys drifting cars and crashing them, to a massive shed with a sick DJ playing some very loud music! (Not to mention a bouncy castle).

We drove back to Perth Hills the next day, where Sam’s actual house is. Sam and I spent the week riding dirt jumps and pinning runs at Sam’s local Downhill trails.

knowing that the Saturday coming my Monster Energy/ Specialized deal was going to be announced. I couldn’t help myself but to be a little bit excited. Saturday morning came around pretty quick and we headed for Nannup which is three hours away, The trip down was quicker than I thought, the CD player was cranking and we only had one stop along the way!

We got there at two O’clock which gave us two hours to practice; my first run was behind Mitch Delfs and Will Rishbieth. the track was crazy, really dusty with two lines down the whole track and not to mention that it was gravity fed. I seemed to like the track more and more every run that I did. Pracy ended on Saturday with me having a big crash over the bars straight on to my head and shoulder.

I woke up on Sunday to a blue sky, but with strong winds which made the first jump a bit harder. My practice runs were pretty pinned and thought I knew the track enough so I called it off and waited for my race runs. My first of two race runs was good stayed on the bike but just felt slow and I fell into a few deep ruts which slowed me down. Next race run I had it way more pinned and thought I was on a good time until my front wheel slid out on me, and down I went breaking my hanger. And lucky for me I didn’t have a spare hanger available. So Sam’s brother Osberg lent his bike to me for the top 30 fastest run which was for money.

The bike I borrowed was Sam Hills old world cup Specialized; I hopped on it and road around before my run. Then the time came, race run for money! the first jump felt like a breeze on the Specialized and so did the rest of the track, the bike was smooth light easy to pedal and handled the turns very well.

All in all I ended up 5th and got $100, really stoked.

Having raced a Specialized that was way too big for me, down a technical track and doing so well I can’t wait till I get my new ride.

Thanks TB

Stats for Troy Brosnan are coming soon.