Davide Gozzini

Date of Birth: June 30, 1981

Place of Birth : Chari

Nationality: Italian

Current Residence: Chiari ( Brescia)

Status: single

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Nickname: Gozzo

Favorite Car: Audi

Favorite food: Pizza

Hobbies: Motorcycle, Swimming and Playstation

Favorite track: Spa-Francorchamps

Team: Currently TM official rider

I'm Davide “Gozzo” Gozzini an Italian Supermotard rider in Supermoto World Championship S2.

I start my sportive activity in 1989 and I debut in Supermoto World Championship in 2002 ( When I was 21). In 2004 with the official team Husqvarna Cross2R I become the first super rider who won the GP in the new class S2 (450cc).

From 2007 I run in the S2 category of the Supermoto World Championship with the official team TM Racing Factory. Currently I am the Italian Rider who has the most wins in the Supermoto World Championship.

In 2008, I get my best result in my career ranked 2nd in the Supermoto World Championship in S2 after a hard fought season. In late 2008 I moved to Australia to run the last race of the Australian Supermoto Championship to compare the European technical level with others ( for the occasion I ride the official TM SMX 450). I won the last 4 final manche, taking home the win of the last manche of the championship.

Since 2009 I run with the new official Tm Team, the 747 Factory Motorsports headquarters in Rome. In the same year I won my third consecutive S2 Italian title. At the end of the year I repeated the experience in the Australian Supermoto Championship S1 this time took part in all calendar rounds, taking home the title and became the first European driver who have won the supermoto title in Oceania. In the same period I took part at the New Zealand Supermoto Championship winning too.

For more on Davide visit http://www.davidegozzini.it

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