Tommy Hayden

Born: July 14, 1978

Resides: Owensboro, Ken.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Tommy Hayden began racing when he was just three years old and had already won an amateur national title by the time he was 10! This stand out racer is the current reigning 2004 American Motorcycle Association (AMA) SuperSport Champion

Born and raised and still living in Owensboro, Kentucky, Tommy comes from a true racing family - Tommy's two younger brothers Nicky and Roger Lee are also elite class factory-backed motorcycle racers; his father, Earl was a dirt track racer for 20 years and even his mother, Rose rode the Powder Puff class for five years.

Turning pro in 1994, Tommy is also a regular competitor within the Grand National Flat Track series during his off weekends. In his time away from the track, Tommy enjoys riding mountain bikes, motocross, supermoto, playing golf, and jet skiing.

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