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Macca wins the Ironman World Championship

Almost to Mexico...

Ben Hoffman, December 28, 2010

2010: Wrapped Up by Bicycle

Desiree Ficker, December 13, 2010

New life at Playitas is sweet

Rasmus Henning, December 8, 2010

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Short Course

Even though Olympic triathlon isn´t an explosive race, I believe that it is the perfect format to place all our energy and execute in seconds race strategies. When I toe the line, I lose the notion of time and focus all my adrenaline in that first bouy, this because I know for a fact that those first meters are like a steeple chase and I will ...

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Long Course

Long course racing is largely defined by the solitude of an event. Even when other people are around you, the focus is still very much inward. The athletes around you might be on a different lap of a multi-loop course, or they might be much weaker cyclists - but much faster runners (or vice versa) - and you are simply trying to build ...

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"Xterra is the surfer's side of the triathlon spectrum."

"Xterra brings adventure to triathlon, colours the long asphalt, and begs of you to live more."

"Off-road triathlon has been branded as 'Xterra' - the cycling leg is raced on a mountain bike and the run covers technical trail. Distances vary, technical ...