Desiree Ficker

Hometown- Potomac, MD

Present Town- Austin, TX

Training Camp Town- Boulder, CO

Birthday- 12/9/1976

Nicknames- Dez, Flicker, Bibby

Family- mom, (Ma Ficker) dad- Robin Ficker, brothers-Robby and Flynn,

Pups- Atticus and Pandora

Favorite Foods- sushi, grapefruit, and kambucha

Favorite Movies-Anything Wes Anderson, Black Beauty, Its a Beautiful Life, Amelie

Favorite Books- Power of One, Life of Pi, 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Bike- Specialized Transition in black and blue

Favorite Run- Switzerland Trail, Boulder CO

Favorite Ride- St Vrain Canyon into Estes Park, Boulder CO

Favorite Color- light blue

Favorite Smell- laundry (that's clean)

Hobbies- baking, creating my own gluten free recipes, cooking, traveling, reading, hanging with family and friends, taking my dogs to swim, watching tennis, flower gazing and planting

2010: Wrapped Up by Bicycle

December 13, 2010

Yesterday I was riding my bike through the snow covered farm fields of York. I was reflecting back onto all of the places I have ridden my bike this year and how many adventures my bike has exposed me to. The roads of Austin, Texas is where the year began, often taking to them with friends, training partners and teammates. Onto a training camp in Santa Monica with my coach Siri, one memorable ride in particular began in the pitch dark and took me up and over Muholand Drive. After 120 undulating miles I popped out onto the beach bike path which was lathered with skateboarders, unicyclists, joggers and beach cruisers. Oh how I felt to be quite the odd ball in this bunch! For my first trip of the year I traveled to Australia for the Ironman and after a very long and arduous two days of travel I took my bike on a serene jaunt to the grocery store. My jet-lagged haze was lifted as I cruised up and down the rolling hills along the breathtaking seaside and onto a highway laden with cows, kangaroos and goats. Next up was a trip back to Austin and to a trip to Galveston, home of the massive hurricane from 2008. The wind was howling during the half ironman bike portion and I was trying to keep as small as possible on my Specialized transition to whip through those gales. A big smile comes to my face when I think of the the next adventure, the bluegrass ridden roads of Wildflower! It was so much fun having our team manager and photographer cheering loudly from a convertible as I pressed on and over the chip sealed sunny roads. From here it was back to LA and on one epic ride when Philip came to visit, he descended so fast he had time to wait and time how long it took me to get to the bottom, 65 seconds. I need to work on that:) Our team went on to a training camp in Borrego Springs and we had some amazing rides with wind stronger than I have ever felt before. Sam Warriner and I made it 110 miles one day and faced every element imaginable. Freezing temps to start, then rain, then a stop in a coffee shop because we were frozen through. Back onto the bikes after donning every piece of clothing in Siri's trunk, the sun came out and brought back the Mr. Wind. We ended the ride going 5 miles per hour as hard as we possibly could, as Mr. Wind that was going much harder. To the hills of Connecticut for the Rev 3 tri, then the flat marshlands of Eagleman, and onto the gorgeous rolling hills of Cour d' Alene. The trusty little bike was all packed up for a month trip to Europe and from here had two weeks in the semi warm York riding through roads lovely and narrow, with sheep viewing on every corner. On one group ride there was a bee sting incident followed by a falling out, followed by immense laughter. Philip and I then set off for Estonia, and had a few days of heat wave bike training on the extremely rolling hills of the Estonia Tri 111 course. The course was lined with skate skiers basking in the short summer glow and often traveling at speeds close to ours! After an extremely enjoyable race in Estonia we packed up the bike boxes and headed for Weisbaden Germany. Race morning a downpour that would have you soaked to the bone in two seconds began and only let up in time for the start. Once out onto the bike the rain was so severe at times I had to trust I was going the right way based soley on shapes and not outlines. Descents like I have never ridden in rain stronger than I have ever ridden in, this combination actually made for a very enjoyable day, in a masochistic sort of way. From here there were rides in Racine on a road that bump-ity-bumped the entire way, Wisconsin which was cow filled, Eye of the Tiger blaring route. The fall was setting in now and I had the opportunity to compete in the toughest and most fun roller coaster of a ride bike course of Savageman. The Maryland foliage was in full peak color and the bike course was like running through a stream of orange, red and yellow ribbons. The air smelled fresh the entire way as it would if you had fallen over and into a bed of crisp leaves. The last big ride of the year was another rainy one through the streets of Augusta Georgia and on a tour of their quaint neighborhoods where people still came out in their slickers to cheer despite the pouring rain.

Looking back I have had some incredible moments by bike, have had many enlightening conversations, witnessed periods of natures great forces and periods of human kindness. I have also had moments of serene quiet time to reflect, contemplate and release. Onto the bike rides of 2011...they are sure to be just as geographically challenging and exciting:)

Stats for Desiree Ficker are coming soon.