Desiree Ficker

Hometown- Potomac, MD

Present Town- Austin, TX

Training Camp Town- Boulder, CO

Birthday- 12/9/1976

Nicknames- Dez, Flicker, Bibby

Family- mom, (Ma Ficker) dad- Robin Ficker, brothers-Robby and Flynn,

Pups- Atticus and Pandora

Favorite Foods- sushi, grapefruit, and kambucha

Favorite Movies-Anything Wes Anderson, Black Beauty, Its a Beautiful Life, Amelie

Favorite Books- Power of One, Life of Pi, 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Bike- Specialized Transition in black and blue

Favorite Run- Switzerland Trail, Boulder CO

Favorite Ride- St Vrain Canyon into Estes Park, Boulder CO

Favorite Color- light blue

Favorite Smell- laundry (that's clean)

Hobbies- baking, creating my own gluten free recipes, cooking, traveling, reading, hanging with family and friends, taking my dogs to swim, watching tennis, flower gazing and planting


June 15, 2009

I was hoping to make you think of Chucky there for a second. I know you are all thinking that I have dropped off the face of the earth. I would just like to say I am back! Hello! For a while I was relying on Facebook to keep my friends updated on my wheres and whats, that got a little too time consuming and hectic. There was also too much of a cross between people who I wanted to see my most personal details and those that I did not. So! I have decided to start updating my website again and twittering…I like twitter as it is much more simple than Facebook and I have more control over what is posted there.

Things over the past few months have been a roller coaster of ups and downs. After a strong early winter and spring of training the last few months have been ridden with injury and stomach illness. Before the New Orleans 70.3 I was feeling confident and strong, thinking I could at least have a decent race. In the days before the race however I was too careless with my diet and must have had something that my stomach translated as evil. I woke up race morning with a (to spare the details) “bad” stomach and started the race on a half empty tank. No good, no fun and not productive. Coming back home after one of these episodes is never fun as the “symptoms” can last for several days and leave me weak and depleted. I literally was having trouble finishing a four mile run. Taking a nap always seemed like a much better idea. I have often the thought if I could just change one thing physically about myself it would be my celiac disease or gluten intolerance and overly sensitive stomach. It has caused me much strife.

I then began experiencing a nerve injury that was displaying as a sharp heel pain for most of April and May. It was the strangest pain as it would get better for a few days, I would manage to get some running in, and then it would return immediately. Frustrating! I realized it was my biking that was in fact aggravating the nerve so I decided to take a week off of that too. I accompanied my mom on a road trip down south to visit our relatives. During that time…poof! the pain vanished. I also had a great bike fit on my new Specialized Transition from Dave Wenger at Source Endurance. These new changes along with the time off have allowed me to train pain free for three weeks now YES! I was sorry to miss out on St Croix and the Rev 3 tri….sometimes things do not go according to plan.

I am happy to say that tomorrow I will be racing Eagleman 70.3. I have been home this past week to see my mom (who is still fighting off her cancer with prize fighters strength). Eagleman was my first ever half ironman way back in 1999 when I was a young tike of 22 years old. I have raced it 5 more times since then, making this year my 7th time there. I love this race as it is flat fast, hot and takes me back to my roots. Vigoman the RD and his staff always puts on a first class race.

Thank you to my sponsors Specialized for my beautiful new Transition and Ruby, Asics for my awesome Hyperspeed race flats and all other accoutrements, SRAM for sending what I need asap and that super smooth Red component groupo, TYR for my super comfy race duds, swimmie trunks and goggle, Blueseventy for my Point Zero and Heliz fasties suits, MyAthlete for allowing my friends and family to see my whereabouts on the course, Oakley for my beutious sunnies and to Jack and Adams for being not only the best bike shop on the planet but great friends too.

After this race I will posting much more regularly… Promise.

Cheers and thank you for your support, Desiree

Stats for Desiree Ficker are coming soon.