Desiree Ficker

Hometown- Potomac, MD

Present Town- Austin, TX

Training Camp Town- Boulder, CO

Birthday- 12/9/1976

Nicknames- Dez, Flicker, Bibby

Family- mom, (Ma Ficker) dad- Robin Ficker, brothers-Robby and Flynn,

Pups- Atticus and Pandora

Favorite Foods- sushi, grapefruit, and kambucha

Favorite Movies-Anything Wes Anderson, Black Beauty, Its a Beautiful Life, Amelie

Favorite Books- Power of One, Life of Pi, 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Bike- Specialized Transition in black and blue

Favorite Run- Switzerland Trail, Boulder CO

Favorite Ride- St Vrain Canyon into Estes Park, Boulder CO

Favorite Color- light blue

Favorite Smell- laundry (that's clean)

Hobbies- baking, creating my own gluten free recipes, cooking, traveling, reading, hanging with family and friends, taking my dogs to swim, watching tennis, flower gazing and planting

The Austin Tri

October 29, 2009

On Monday, Labor Day I participated in the Austin Triathlon. It was put on the greatest bike shop on the planet...Jack and Adam's bike shop in conjunction with High Five Events, led by race director and good friend Dan Carrol. On Sunday I participated on a pro Q and A panel with about 6 or 7 other local Austin pros. It was very cool to see everyone lined up there together, the talent at the table was strong enough to move it from the floor! As I was sitting there though I was not feeling so good. I began to feel like I wanted to be somewhere else, I wanted to get up and run away. Everyone seemed to be laughing and smiling and I just felt sad and gloomy. I was trying to buck and up and cheer up but my insides were hurting. The past few months have been very difficult and it felt strange to be back at "work" again. I felt like I was in the twighlight zone.

I went home and I started doubting whether racing was a good idea. I did not think my head was in the right place and was worried I would get out there and start sobbing like a bafoon on the bike. However after much thought, I decided to just keep moving forward. I checked

my bike in and got my things ready at home for the next morning. I was thinking about what Ma would say (WWMD?) and I knew she would have encouraged me to get out there and just enjoy myself. So that is what I decided to do...

We started off in Town Lake with a deep water start and looking around as I was bobbing in the water I could tell we were in for a rough start. There were a lot of people in the wave and the first few minutes were much rougher than usual. I finally settled into a pack after what seemed like the entire wave went by, and happened to be upon the roughest feet I have ever felt. I touched them several times and could only imagine a catcher's mit! I was also imagining what the owner of this set of catcher's mits might look like. I was convinced he was an elderly, impressive ex UT swimmer (I'm thinking 80's here people). We made our way through the swim and it turns out those mits belonged to my friend, my age Lon! We had a discussion about the condition of his feet after the race...he did not seem to be aware of their condition in the least. Ignorance is bliss:)

Onto my speedy and pretty Specialized Transition I ventured onto the exciting bike course circulating through downtown Austin. I was in fact, enjoying myself. I was in third and had better biking legs than I expected to have. I was thinking about Ma and how hard she fought in her last few months. I thought of how painful emotionally the last few months have been. With these thoughts I was able to push harder and harder until the end of the bike I arrived into transition on the heels of first place woman and my good friend, Kelly Handel. Kelly had

about a ten second lead coming out of T2. They had us run directly onto a tough trail section and I was having trouble balancing myself through those rocks. I gradually moved up until finally I was on Kelly's heels by mile 1 or so. I was breathing like a horse and it was embarrassing! The sun was full on now and the temperature seemed to be rising each mile. My mile 2 Kelly and I were running side by side and it felt strange. She is my good friend and here we were duking it out! The announcer, Logan was booming about saying what a hot race was on etc etc...I felt a sudden burst of energy about half way through and decided to surge a bit. Kelly stayed on my heels pretty much the entire second half and forced me to run hard. I was glad to see the finish line. As soon as I crossed the line I thought about Ma and hoped she was watching, she would have been proud I went out there and got the job done.

Thanks to Jack and Adams and High Five Events for putting on such an outstanding race. You guys pulled it off seamlessly and any race with post race ice cream cones at the end is a do-over for sure!

Thank you also to my sponsors TYR, Asics, Specialized, Oakley, Jack and Adams, SRAM, Zipp, MyAthlete and Blueseventy who continue to stand by me throughout such a turbulent year. I am sad to be missing Kona but am planning to save up all my energy for that race next year! Next up...Augusta 70.3 and that should be a ton of fun.

Stats for Desiree Ficker are coming soon.