Desiree Ficker

Hometown- Potomac, MD

Present Town- Austin, TX

Training Camp Town- Boulder, CO

Birthday- 12/9/1976

Nicknames- Dez, Flicker, Bibby

Family- mom, (Ma Ficker) dad- Robin Ficker, brothers-Robby and Flynn,

Pups- Atticus and Pandora

Favorite Foods- sushi, grapefruit, and kambucha

Favorite Movies-Anything Wes Anderson, Black Beauty, Its a Beautiful Life, Amelie

Favorite Books- Power of One, Life of Pi, 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Bike- Specialized Transition in black and blue

Favorite Run- Switzerland Trail, Boulder CO

Favorite Ride- St Vrain Canyon into Estes Park, Boulder CO

Favorite Color- light blue

Favorite Smell- laundry (that's clean)

Hobbies- baking, creating my own gluten free recipes, cooking, traveling, reading, hanging with family and friends, taking my dogs to swim, watching tennis, flower gazing and planting

Augusta 70.3

October 29, 2009

I was looking forward to this weekend for a long time before the race as I knew it signified the reunion of the “Traveling Circus”. I have two dear friends who I have been traveling to races with for years and years now, David and Scotty. It seems we are always lost, laughing, running into a crazy adventure of all of the above when we are together. Hence my excitement to be reunited with these two. My Dad and Amy would also be joining for the fun and I was looking forward to seeing them as well.

I traveled with my friend Kelly from Austin and that all went smoothly. David and Scott showed up to grab me at the Augusta airport, only after visiting two other airports in Augusta. Who would have thought such a little place would have so many airports? The vocal GPS had been set to an English accent for it was the only one David could stand…so we appropriately named her Ruperta, a female Rupert Evert of course. David would later practically tear poor Ruperta out of her haunches and throw her straight back to her motherland…for she were to say “Recowwlculating” on this trip one too many times. We had a laid back dinner that night with Kelly at “Nacho Mama”..the food was fresh and delicious. Even though it was not yo mama’s it was still pretty darn good.

The day before the race we were hearing tall tales of a large current that was to push us directly into transition and onto our bikes. I was envisioning a totally laid back NYC style swim, effortless and beautiful. I have to say it wasn’t nearly as swift or as wonderful as I had been imagining. David and I did have a fun time on our warm up swim laying flat on our backs and watching how fast the dock was going by. We then went out onto our bikes to preview the course only to be passed over and over by a racer who had a few things to prove, either to us or to his girlfriend he had left in the dust about a mile back. Yikes! In the afternoon I had a exploratory run from our hotel, I even got directions through a secret entrance to a pristine high school track by a kid who went to school there. He went on to tell me all about his baseball team and he kept calling me “mam”. Such a nice young kid but for some reason I still feel too young to be called “mam”? Maybe not! I did some strides on this springy bouncy track and was singing “I’m so Excited!” in my head. Yes, I did a dance to that in 6th grade in the talent show wearing a red sequin shirt with my friend Amy Sims. Great song, scary dance!

Race day began with three very sleepy circus travelers entering the darkness and making our way to the transition area. I ran into my friends from CDifferent, they had a whole slew of athletes racing, several had recently lost their site in the war and were doing their first tri ever. Amazing. I ran into one team athlete and I told him about our traveling circus theme song “do do do dodo”. I told him we adopted it as our theme song because we were lost all the time. He said “Hey I am lost all the time too maybe I should get onto that” ! He went on to have a great race…and did not look like he needed our theme song one bit.

The swim was point to point so we had quite the job of stuffing ourselves into the shuttle buses to take down to the start. David and I spent the time before the race cracking jokes and laughing (sometimes at my dad and his shorts..aka Mr Fuzzy Dudz). We had a dive in start and Kelly and I made our way down to the pontoon and within a few minutes the gun went off. I said a little prayer that my goggles would stay on my head. Pheww, they did but I did not keep up with the lead pack or anyone else very well after that. I came out of the water and heard my dad yell three and a half minutes down! Uh oh, I had some making up to do. The bike course was beautiful, careening, pine tree lined, hilly at times and flat and fast at others. We had a headwind for much of the race and I was looking forward to getting off and running some people down as I think now I was in 7th or 8th place. Back into transition, the Asics socks and flats went on and I took off like a bat out of hell (weird expression), passing several girls immediately. I was running in 5th now and could see Magda up the road. The run course was two loops of excitement and almost pancake flat with some tough turns. There was a huge straightaway through town filled with loud noise and team cheering. I got a thrill every time I went down this street. In the last loop I managed to catch Magda and Pip, sending me into third place. I could see Kelly and Laura duking it out at the turn around but by then I was beginning to run out of gas and of real estate. They still seemed to be about a minute or more ahead. The last few miles of any race are always a challenge. I thought about Ma a lot in these miles and how she used to strategically place herself somewhere in these miles, then pop out and say “Go Des!”. My dad was there too and gave some loud cheers. I ran home into the finish, got hugs from Kelly and Laura and then went straight into a massage.

David had started waaay behind me and I still had to get some run miles in so I went back out to find him. I found Scotty out on the course and then David immediately after…we ran the last 8 miles in together and then it was time to hug my CDifferent friends, take some pictures, and then….burger time!!

I really enjoyed this race and thought Bill Burke and his staff did a fantastic job, especially for a first time event. The crowds were large and the feelings were happy. Thank you as always to my stellar sponsors, Asics, Specialized, SRAM, Zipp, MyAthlete, Oakley, Blue Seventy, TYR, Jack and Adams, Rae and Badger Ford. You guys rock! Thank you also to Ma Ficker for inspiring me the entire way and in training every single day.

Stats for Desiree Ficker are coming soon.