Desiree Ficker

Hometown- Potomac, MD

Present Town- Austin, TX

Training Camp Town- Boulder, CO

Birthday- 12/9/1976

Nicknames- Dez, Flicker, Bibby

Family- mom, (Ma Ficker) dad- Robin Ficker, brothers-Robby and Flynn,

Pups- Atticus and Pandora

Favorite Foods- sushi, grapefruit, and kambucha

Favorite Movies-Anything Wes Anderson, Black Beauty, Its a Beautiful Life, Amelie

Favorite Books- Power of One, Life of Pi, 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Bike- Specialized Transition in black and blue

Favorite Run- Switzerland Trail, Boulder CO

Favorite Ride- St Vrain Canyon into Estes Park, Boulder CO

Favorite Color- light blue

Favorite Smell- laundry (that's clean)

Hobbies- baking, creating my own gluten free recipes, cooking, traveling, reading, hanging with family and friends, taking my dogs to swim, watching tennis, flower gazing and planting

Our only security is....

March 1, 2010

Our only security is our ability to change. ~John Lilly

I feel comforted by this quote because I am about to embark on new changes in the upcoming year. With any change there are new emotions, some positive, some not. Fear is something that can hold us back from change, but it is also something that can motivate us to grow. I have been through a lot of hardships these past few months. Getting through the holidays were a struggle for me for my mom had always made Christmas so enjoyable for our family. She was the angel on top of the Christmas tree so to speak. It has been extremely difficult to wrap my head and heart around the feeling of missing someone so much who you will never "see" again. Therefore, instead I try to imagine she is next to me, guiding me to make the right choices.

The past few months in Austin have been productive and there are exciting changes for 2010 with our new Team Specialized taking on a new front of red, white and STRONG! Looking at the athlete roster you can see that screaming loud and clear! To make sure I am keeping up with my teammates as well as being the best athlete I can be, I have decided to make some personal changes. I have joined up with Team Sirius and Siri Lindley will be my new coach this year! I have watched and admired Siri from afar for many years. She has the ability to bring out the best in her athletes and I have absolute confidence that she will do the same thing for me. She has been through the ins and outs of racing, and overall I can tell she "gets me'. She has an intuition that I think is hard to find in a coach, which is why I have been insistent on being self coached for so long. I am also looking forward to have a team to push me through workouts and to lean on for support when things get rough. Tomorrow I leave for Santa Monica where I will be training with the team for three weeks. I have been looking at pictures of the Santa Monica mountains and can't wait to ride up through those gorgeous hills and to smell the eucalyptus...and hopefully not the smog!?

I will send updates from camp, my homestay family has informed me well in advance that I need to sharpen up my Rock Band skills...air guitar on the plane the whole way there:)


Stats for Desiree Ficker are coming soon.