Long Course

Long course racing is largely defined by the solitude of an event. Even when other people are around you, the focus is still very much inward. The athletes around you might be on a different lap of a multi-loop course, or they might be much weaker cyclists - but much faster runners (or vice versa) - and you are simply trying to build "enough" of a lead or minimize your losses. Ultimately, however, it's almost impossible to truly race all 140.6 miles, and there will always be moments when it's simply you against you - you against your willpower to take another stroke, to push down on the pedals, and - most agonizingly - to put one foot in front of the other when all you really want to do is stop. Whether you are first across the line or last, simply finishing the distance means that you've overcome the two toughest opponents in sport - the clock and yourself.