Short Course

Even though Olympic triathlon isn´t an explosive race, I believe that it is the perfect format to place all our energy and execute in seconds race strategies. When I toe the line, I lose the notion of time and focus all my adrenaline in that first bouy, this because I know for a fact that those first meters are like a steeple chase and I will have around 17 minutes to place myself in that selected first pack. The cycling part has become a rollercoaster in which accelerations and decelerations are a constant. This racing style has determine how to set up our training. The final goal of my training and race strategy is to reach that racing day with best possible sensations on the run and join the wolf hunters whom fight to catch the lonely temporary leader. ( Ex, in super series Gomez or Brownlee). No mercy when is hunting time, 10 or more hunters can run you over in some seconds, that’s why I’m always aggressive and focused in any move. I would do anything to be in a privileged position even though it results in a ambulance after I toe the finish line. Olympic distance or short course is the best way to challenge my body and reach the unexpected.