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Cross Vegas 2010

Just to let you know

Christoph Sauser, December 27, 2010

Cyclocross National Championship

Todd Wells, December 14, 2010

Well, it's been a little while

Sofia Hamilton, December 13, 2010

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Whole Athlete Cycling Team

The Whole Athlete Cycling Team is a non-profit supported youth development program. Our mission is to invest in the future of our youth and the sport of cycling by developing junior & espoir cyclists and to provide opportunities to race and ride together emphasizing our three-point philosophy of dedication, integrity and fun. We ...

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USA Factory Team Specialized/Sho-Air

Team Sho-Air/Specialized has assembled one of the strongest U.S. domestic professional cross country mountain bike teams around and captured the 2009 Men’s Pro XCT team title, which they hope to defend in 2010. For 2010 the Sho-Air/Specialized team will be composed of four riders, plus guest rider; AMA road racer Ben ...

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The Specialized AllRide Academy is a program designed to help riders get a leg up in the bike industry. Kirt mentors passionate young riders and provides them with bikes, clothing, products, entry fees and travel fees. He also provides bike maintenance from his personal mechanic, Travis Lucas, and he helps them understand the ...

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Specialized Factory Racing

Specialized Factory Racing goes into 2009 with a collection of new and old faces. Both Christoph Sauser, the current World Champion, and Lene Byberg from Norway will be joined by three new members to the global team: The 2008 Under 23 UCI World Cup Champion Burry Stander, 2008 World 4X Champion and World Cup 4X Overall Champion Rafa ...