Specialized Mountain Bikers Rock Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

November 22, 2010

GUANGZHOU, 18th Nov. – Chengyuan Ren (CHN) sponsored by Specialized won the gold medal in the women’s cross-country event at the Dafushan mountain bike course. Meanwhile, Qinglan Shi (CHN), having finished runner-up to Ren at the 2009 China National Games, took second place. The Japanese athlete, Rie Katayama (JPN) also riding a Specialized bike, won the bronze medal, giving Specialized a clean sweep at the podium.

What’s more amazing is after Ren took the gold medal in the women’s race, Chun Hing Chan (HKG), another Specialized rider from Hong Kong won the men’s cross-country event at the same course.

The women's race almost became a one rider show for Ren. She led all six laps by herself, finishing 6minutes 32seconds ahead of Shi for the 32.4km distance. Ren finished the race in 1hour 46 minutes 35seconds.

“Three weeks ago, I decided to ride a Specialized bike for the Asian Games so I contacted Specialized Shanghai and they air flown the bike in very quickly. So far I only got to ride this 2011 Specialized S-Works a few times and today I won on it. How amazing it is.” said Ren.

QingLan Shi's performance didn't disappoint her Chinese supporters either. With a 2010 Specialized S-Works, she didn’t give Rie Katayama any chance to catch her.

“I have been training very hard for this race. I am happy to get second place here and I wish I could win one day, and of course with Specialized.” Said Shi.

While China has been undefeated on the women’s event, Japan has dominated past men’s cross-country races. Kohei Yamamoto (JPN) came into Guangzhou 2010 as the reigning two-time Asian champion favorite to win. However, it was Chun Hing Chan, a 29 year-old star of Hong Kong rocked the event. Chan didn’t take the lead until the last lap, riding with Kohei Yamamoto for most of the race. With a 2011 Specialized S-Works, Chan gave everything he had in the last lap and flew past the finish line with a happy smile.

“I am so happy that my dream came true. I would say this is the best game I’ve ever had so far. All the incredible hard training is worthy right now. Thanks a lot to Specialized. There was no problem with the bike throughout the race. I should give the gold medal to my Specialized bike.” said Chan.


Guangzhou, China / November 18, 2010


Top Women

1. REN Chengyuan (CHN) 1:46:35

2. SHI Qinglan (CHN) +0:6:32

3. KATAYAMA Rie (JPN) +0:14:39

4. CHOI Hye Kyeong (KOR) +0:18:37

5. NAKAGOME Yukari (JPN) +0:19:35

Top Men

1 CHAN Chun Hing (HKG) 2:11:33

2 YAMAMOTO Kohei (JPN) +0:00:15

3 DUAN Zhiqiang (CHN) +0:02:32

4 HIRANO Seiya (JPN) +0:08:15

5 CHOI Jinyong (KOR) +0:12:40