Benno Willeit

Benjamin Willeit

Nickname: Benno

date of birth: 26/06/79

hobbys: XC, DH, RD,MX, climbing,eishockey, skiing XC & DH, lifestyle and equipment etc.....

I am born in South Tirol- North Italy- Heart of the Dolomites, a wonderful place to life and to do a lot of sports. I have always been enthusiastic for bikes and equipment, I had to try out everything I got between my hands, and with growing up on a farm it was a lot! Two years ago I moved from South Tirol to Munich/Germany because the Specialized Europe Marketing Office is here and with my move also the Factory Racing Team Base now. Working in a team, with people ho has the same interests and targets is so cool.....Makes you work being a hobby! Also the bike riding here is awesome, just the mountains are not so high like in South Tirol, but with being on the road so much it is better this way for sure...

I am in the bike industry since 7 Years and with Specialized since 4. I have been to 2 Olympics, 9 World Championships, and many World Cup's all over the world and together with the riders I worked for, I won a lot of medals too :) I love to be on the road, organizing the stuff for the riders, helping out customers, testing new equipment, finding new special parts, and the chicken skin through the race and at the finish line when my riders are coming through. Racing is live!

The first year with Specialized I was one of three Factory Racing mechanics, two years later the Head mechanic and now On-road & Equipment Manager, lots of titles but Job titles are not so important to me. My affinity to sports and equipment, the way we approach performance and innovation and the amazing team is the result of a very good identification with the brand, and thats way I like to work for Specialized! Next year I'm also involved in the Triathlon Racing side, and I really look forward to it, something new and very specific stuff!

News from Canberra.... World Champs yehaa!

September 2, 2009

After a busy week at home with building new bikes for the World's and a long long travel from Munich - Frankfurt - Singapore and to Canberra we are doing very well here. The weather is nice, could through the night and sunny through the day with temperature around 64F / 18C. The

riders have been on the corse every day, trying out there new bike and differed tire options and it looks like everyone is riding the Fast Trak SLK 2.00 for the race. Todd was trying out both bikes on the corse, the Epic and the SJ 29" and he decided to race on the 29" The corse has been changed from last Year a bit, it is more technical now and the lap is about 4,2 M / 6,9 km long with one big climb right after the start. The lap time will be around 16,40 or 17.00 Minuets I

guess.... I'm already all excited :) World Champs yehaa!

my first blog and it is a busy one

August 27, 2009

here is my first blog and it is a busy one..... It is the week between two World Championships, last week I was in Graz with Susi, and now I have to get everything together for the XC World's in Canberra/Australia. Some of the athletes are already there and I'll follow them on Sunday. So far this week I have been "fighting" with customs to get the race bikes and the spare parts we shipped from Canada, and finally yesterday the stuff arrived.... Thanks Mr. Police for understanding my urgency , but I had to worked on the bikes, go through the parts and send them out today again..... One World, no customs, how cool would that be :) Also I have been in touch with the guys from the Hampton Bicycles / 353 Hampton St. Hampton, Vic. 3188, Australia, because the guys are helping as out in Canberra a lot. It is always difficult if you don't have your own team trucks with, because the team needs a lot of equipment, from the tent to the work stands etc. and this way we can save money and meet up with friends. Thanks a lot guys!

Tomorrow I have to build up one more race bike for Lene and Todd and then we are good to go.... More up dates soon.

ciao, b.

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