Lene Byberg

Born: 25.11.1982

Birthplace: Stavanger ( lives in Sandnes )

Height: 171cm

Weight: 52kg

Racing since: 1999

Norwegian club: Bryne Cykleklubb

Professional team: Specialized Factory Racing

Hobbies: Friends, Handball, Shoping and enjoy life

Favourite food: Sushi and Mexican

Personal trainer: Ragnhild Kostøl

“A short brief of my life so far. I grew up on a small farm outside Stavanger with my parents, little brother and my grandparents. As a child I was a very active girl, some of my hobbies were horses, handball and football. Since I'm a "farmgirl" animals were always a big part of my life as a young girl, when I turned 7 years old I got my first pony and at the age of 13 my first horse. My handball team got more serious during the years, and I wanted to be a part of the team so I gave up horses and football.

When I was 17 years old my father managed to get me on a mountain bike for the first time, I don't know how he managed that because biking was the most stupid thing I could imagine. It’s hard to admit but I loved it!! I loved the fact that I was doing something different from other girls and the challenge that mountain biking gave me. In the beginning I was riding for fun in a local club and I did some local races, but I got stronger training with the boys and started to compete in Norwegian cup races. And now many hours and years later of hard training I'm a professional rider on one of the best mountain bike teams in the world, Specialized Factory racing!



3rd WC Bromont Canada

4th WC Mont Saint Anne Canada

4th WC Fort William Scotland

7th WC Offenburg Germany

8th WC Madrid Spain

11th WC Schladming Austria

11th WC Houffalize Belgium

13th Worldchampionship Italy


3rd Olympic testevent

8th Worldchampionship

8th Europeanchampionship

8th WC Canada

10th WC Canada

Norwegianchampion XC


5th WC Begium

5th WC Scotland

6th WC Spain

8th WC Curacao

7th Overall Worldcup

13th Europeanchampionship Italy

12th Worldchampionship New Zealand

Norwegianchapion XC/MX



5th WC Spain

5th WC Brazil

7th WC Canada

14th WC Belgium

20th WC Belgium

16th Europeanchampionship

20th Worldchampionship

Nordic-champion MX

2nd Nowegianchampionship


1st Ronde van Oploo

8th Ronde van Drenthe etp.1

15th Ronde van Drenthe etp.3


1st Norwegianchampionship Criterium 2004

11 Medals Norwegianchampionships XC and road

Olympicroadrace Athens


November 29, 2010

Like the last couple of years I`m heading to Gran Canaria for three weeks of training before Christmas. Easy to get there, not to expensive and nice weather all year around is what attracts lots of riders to this Canary Island of Spain. It`s actually in my opinion not the best place to train in the world since It`s so hilly, but the nice weather is one of the reasons why I always come back every year.

Exciting week in Scottsdale, Arizona

I have to say my trip to USA last week was awsome and the theme for this Specialized Womans Press Launch was: Train for you first triathlon. I was actually a bit nervous about swimming and beeing in a pool for more than 5min, but our special hierd Canadian olympic tri-coach Barrie Shepley made all of us very comfy about swimming. Some girls where really good swimmers though and next to them I realized what a bad swimmer I am.

Triathlon is not only about swimming, It also include running and biking two of my favourite sports. So I guess I have some potentional☺

During this week Barrie showed us all about a triathlete`s day during a race. I learned what kind of equitmemt they are using, important details about how to change from pool/bike/run and new tips about training. I`m not concidering to do a triathlon in the up and comming years but It might be something I would like to try in the future.. The main thing was that I was there for the invited girs for this camp.

Our hotel was a upper class one☺ I`ve never stayed in such a beautiful hotel before and I felt very spoiled during this week. It was very luxuryous including high class dinners. I have to make a special thank to Specialized for this invitation, I had one of my best weeks so far together with great girls!

My Shape...

I`m getting stronger☺ And I`m looking forward to train on my road bike here on Gran Canaria the next three weeks!!




November 29, 2010

Like the last couple of years I`m heading to Gran Canaria for three weeks of training before Christmas. Easy to get there, not to expensive and nice weather all year around is what attracts lots of riders to this Canary Island of Spain. It`s actually in my opinion not the best place to train in the world since It`s so hilly, but the nice weather is one of the reasons why I always come back every year.

Exciting week in Scottsdale, Arizona

I have to say my trip to USA last week was awsome and the theme for this Specialized Womans Press Launch was: Train for you first triathlon. I was actually a bit nervous about swimming and beeing in a pool for more than 5min, but our special hierd Canadian olympic tri-coach Barrie Shepley made all of us very comfy about swimming. Some girls where really good swimmers though and next to them I realized what a bad swimmer I am.

Triathlon is not only about swimming, It also include running and biking two of my favourite sports. So I guess I have some potentional☺

During this week Barrie showed us all about a triathlete`s day during a race. I learned what kind of equitmemt they are using, important details about how to change from pool/bike/run and new tips about training. I`m not concidering to do a triathlon in the up and comming years but It might be something I would like to try in the future.. The main thing was that I was there for the invited girs for this camp.

Our hotel was a upper class one☺ I`ve never stayed in such a beautiful hotel before and I felt very spoiled during this week. It was very luxuryous including high class dinners. I have to make a special thank to Specialized for this invitation, I had one of my best weeks so far together with great girls!

My Shape...

I`m getting stronger☺ And I`m looking forward to train on my road bike here on Gran Canaria the next three weeks!!



Travel to USA

November 4, 2010

From October to November already and I can`t belive how fast time is flying.. I feel I write about the months passing by in every blog and I guess It`s really what I do..

November is like a new start for many riders, they start the winter training for a new season after a break in October. Plans has to be finished and It kind of feels like a new start!

My plan for November will be much like October training wise. I`m not making any big plans because I`m not sure if I`m able to complete what I want to do. A week now is consisting of running, biking, strength-training and hiking. A nice mix of diffent sports witch make a good balance during a week for me.

November seems to be more busy than October. I`m already looking forward to take part on a Woman`s Press lunch held by Specialized in Phoenix in the middle of this month. One week in Arizona, USA, where I`ve never been before. I`m so exited to meet the women and ride with them. I`ve also made some big shopping plans and my goal is to do all the christmas shopping over there. I`ll bring my biggest travel bag and It has to be empty.

Home my project is now to get the room in second floor ready to a fitness room. This will include spinning bikes and a swiss ball in front of a big flat screen. Spinning bikes are great for my power intervals and indoor training is great when the weather is bad. I don`t mind going to the gym but home training save me some time and I can only focus on my self. I also like to watch tv while I`m spinning but I`m not sure if that is good for my focus or not..

Bye for now!



October 11, 2010

Rain, wind and dark nights are here again. The Norwegian tend to spend much time inside as soon as It gets darker and wintertime is getting closer. We light the candles ,hit the sofa with something warm to drink and wrap a wool blanket around us. We get more tired and don`t have the same energy anymore. It`s dark when you leave to work and It`s dark when you come back from work.

I sometimes get questions about the ”darkness” in Norway when I`m out travelling, how do you handle this? How can you train in the winter? So why do I live in Norway when I`m a cyclist: First of all I love my country and It`s hard to live somewhere else far away from family and friends. Another thing Is that I belive training at home in the winter makes me stronger mentaly and fysicaly. Can you imagine coming back from a 3hr ride in bad weather taking a warm shower and relaxing on the sofa afterwards. I think that is the best feeling ever, It`s so hard when you are out there riding sometimes, but what a feeling of freshness it gives you when you are back home again. I never get the same feeling if I`m in South Africa or somewhere else where It`s warm. And finally, I`m not living way up north in Norway where they have complete darkness during the whole day for some months and we don`t have polar-bears walking around in the streets (question I got in Brazil once..ha,ha)

I think I`m writing this now because I`m on my way home from France and Roc d Azur where I had my last summer days for a while. I know what`s ahead of me the next month at home. The weather will never change anyway, winter is coming and it`s better to change the mental part of training in bad weather.

Seeing some French riders yesterday at the race venue suffering in 15 degress celsius, they where passing me like they couldn`t move because It was so cold. and windy. I understand them because Its all about what you are used to, so my answer to train ouside on my bike in the winter in Norway is: You get used to it☺

I had a great week with my team in France, I didn`t race but I went for a few rides again. It was awsome to feel some power in my legs and do real mountainbiking! Actually It was my first time on my S-Works Era since the Worldcup in Champery, not funny the mecanics where woundering why I came with a shiny clean bike to the Roc. They cleaned it the last time in July!! My shape is far from what it was a year ago, but I`m looking forward to start building up again for next years season. I`m still not feeling 100% so I`m trying to balance my training every week and I`m just training without any program. My day-feeling is still the most important thing!!

Have a nice day!!


Long Offseason

September 21, 2010

The months are passing by, atumn is here again and 2010 was deffintely not my best year.

It`s been a long offseason –actually without having any season ... The good thing now is that I feel I can start all over again, Worldcup`s and Worlds 2010 is history and the same is my 2010-season.

The days back home (or I should say months...) have been nice and quiet. And the last two weeks I`ve been getting more postive signs from my body, which Is a good thing when I`m slowly starting to think about next year. I`m not making any big plans but I feel soon I`m able to do a little bit of low intensty training on my bike again. I`ve been to the gym now and then the last weeks to work on my strenght of my upperbody. Not much of strenght there, but when you start on zero you improve fast☺ Hope the same thing will happen with my endurance-shape as well when I start riding again!!

My days are longer than before, I`ve more hours during a day to really do what I want. The apartment Is finally painted on the outside and more clean than ever on the inside. I can buy fresh flowers every week because I`m not traveling that much. Okey, painting and cleaning is not what I really want to do, more something I had to do....

I`ve also got a brand new white Mazda 6 so I can drive around to friends and family without thinking about biking☺ But my bikes are clean and ready, they are just waiting for me to get ready!

Big Smile


No World`s in 2010

September 2, 2010

My biggest goal for this season was the World Championship in Canada in September, one of my favourite courses in the moutainbike cirut. I wanted to defend my last years silver medal or even get the rainbowjesey.

But I`ll not do the world`s , I`m home in Norway and has to face the fact that my 2010 season is over. It was a hard decicion but the best one for me. With all the illness this summer the best thing for my body is not racing or training. I`m having an early off season this year and I`ll try to start with my training slowly again in Ocbober.

I`m going to Oslo this weekend to do ”my” work as a commentator for the woman`s World Championshps on Saturday. The biggest Norwegian Channel NRK will show the race on television, witch is a big step for us moutainbikers☺

Bye for now



August 16, 2010

I don`t remember the last time I did travel for a summer holiday in August but I guess It must be about 8-9 years ago....The last 10 days I`ve spent in Marabella South in Spain like a typical tourist. No bike and no training means lots of time for the beach and tanning!

I`ve to say, I would rather been on a training camp, and then sit on the plane back home and feel happy about my preparation for the World`s. But my goal for this trip to Spain was not to train! My goal was to rest and see how my body is recovering without any training for a few weeeks. I`ve more or less spent the days on the beach or at the pool, but I get so bored of doing nothing..So I bought my first swimming-googles and started to do some swimming every morning. I`m a really bad swimmer though, but I`ve heard swimming should be good for recovery so I had to try it out.

Appart from spending time at the beach, I`ve been doing my favourite hobby: Shopping!!. Spain is good for shopping and I have a few shops I always want to hit while I`m there. Shoes and dresses are always my best buys in this country!! All in all Spain trip was good, I feel better and It was quite good to do nothing for a while and see the sun every day.

Back home again I`m not sure what is happening with me rest of the season. I`ve done a few short rides and I`m not feeling good on my bike still after my weeks of rest. Seems like I need more time and that things are not looking good for the worldcup-final and Worlds. I`ll make sure I take the time my body needs this time and listen carefully to the people that is helping me through this. I`m always trying to stay positive so I think this is a situation that will make me stronger in the future.

Big Smile


To be healthy and in good shape

August 3, 2010

What`s up?

To be healthy and in good shape is not what I experience in these days. Looking back on a fantastic season last year It`s hard to except that things are not working well for me his year. Where did it go wrong?

I started well in America this spring, my shape was improving in evey race and everything was looking good for the upcomming worldcups. Returning to Europe I got ill but I just continued racing and things just got worse. I had to make a brake from the bike in May and since my comeback on the bike my results have been up and down the last month. One day feeling okey and then the next day really bad!

After my last worldcup in Champery I got the final signs that my body don`t want to race or train anymore, I realized that I`ve tried too hard and that my head want`s more than my body. It`s hard to describe what`s wrong with me but in general I have continuesly musclepain, get ill all the time and I don`t recover from races and training. Looking back a few months I believe it all whent wrong when I pushed my body to hard while I was ill, I also didn`t give my body enough time to rest before I started racing again. It was soo hard to see the other girls continue racing and that just made me train more and harder than I should have done. I like to be honest about things and I`m the first one to admit that this Is my fault and that I`ve done a couple of mistakes I can only blame my self for the situation I am in now. I wanted to believe that my shape was comming soon and hitting the wall was not even something that would ever happen to me... Now that I realize that enough is enough I`m not sure what will happen with me the next monhts, racing the worlds or not? Toughts are running through my head, no decission will be made before I`m able to ride my bike again and that I feel I can get a top teten WC-result again.

Trying to look on the positive side of life I`m not having any pain, I have a great life, the best family and friends in the world and not to mention the best support from my team Specialized. All these things make me belive that even if I`m not back this season on my bike I belive I`m able to be back on a top level for next year.



July 12, 2010

It`s been a while since my last update..Not good at all!! I`m not sure where to start, what have I been doing the last month? Time is flying to fast and sometimes I wishes that time could stand still for a while like It did when I was a young girl.

One thing is sure, I`ve not spent the last month back home with relaxing holidays at the beach and BBQ in the evening.

10 days spent in Trondheim for the Nationals, then a small week home before 7 days in Israel for the Europeans.


My tanning didn`t improve at all in Trondheim, 10 days with rain and cold weather. I like to race in rain though, but when I gets to cold I get muskular problems and this was the case in the Marathon race. Actually I desided to stop in the race halfway, I couldn`t take any risks of getting ill again. In the cross country race I was feeling better, still heavy legs from the base-training in June but still a okey race and training for me. I won the cross country race and I`m looking forward to use the Norwegian Jersey in the Worldcups. The road race was a bit of a challange, one year since my last race on the road and I`ve to be honest to say I don`t really know the strenght of the girls on the road. The only thing I knew was that I was a good course for me.

I attacted halfway in the race, only one girl followed me and we where in the breakaway the whole way to the finishline. I lost the sprint by 1cm and was not so happy about that.


Israel was a new country for me, the only thing I knew about Israel was that It was going to be hot and totally the opposite from the Nationals in Trondheim. I`m used to race in the heat so this didn`t really bother me, I was just happy to see and feel the sun again. I even got to use my bikini for 10min in the Mediterranean Sea, my first swim this year! I`m not a big swimmer and I`m only taking a bath when I warm in the sea.

The course was cool,fast witch suited me and my S-Works Era well.

Again I had a really bad start and also some problems taking the wrong line in the first single trail where It was full stop. After a lap or two in the back of the field I could start my race and pass girls. I think I was around 20 in the first lap and finished in 6th place, 1min 14sec behind Katrin Laumann who won the race. I really have something to work on for the second half of the season and my start-speed is way to slow. I dosen`t matter how fast I am in the end of the race when I can`t follow the best girls from the start.

The next week I`ll be resting up home for the Worldcups in Champerey and Val Di Sole in the end of July. Not to much time to tain on my start speed but I hope some resting also will make me faster from the startgun

Bye for now


A week of Norwegian Championships

June 16, 2010

I`m packing my bags again. What a feeling!! This time the Norwegian Championship is just around the corner for both MTB and road in the third biggest city of Norway in a city called Trondheim. A week of racing and also a week resting is my plan!

I`m racing the marathon and cross country in MTB and the Road race, witch means three races in a week. Hopefully I can reach one of my goals for next week and get one Norwegian-title. The shape feels good and I don`t feel anything after my illness anymore, I`ve done a good block of training the last three weeks and I did a good race in Champery two weeks ago where I finished 2nd.

It`s a lot to pack and prepare though ..Three Specialized bikes: one S-Works 29èr, one Amira Road bike and one ERA S-Works! And when my boyfriend is going to race as well, It means three more bikes to bring. Me and Sondre are both flying but my parents is so kindly to help us and they will drive my car the hole way to Trondheim. It`s a long drive for them and I guess they will do in a two –day drive so they have some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature.

Bye for now

Big Smile


Back to Racing

June 4, 2010

It feels great to have a good feeling on my bike again, the past two weeks I`ve been training more or less normal and my body has responded well. I feel stronger every day so I`ts time to do some racing again!

While most of the riders take a rest from racing to do a good block of training again I feel I have to do some racing. I also need a good block of training so I`m not aiming for a top shape for the next races, the most important thing is that I get back in shape for the Europeans in July. I`ve lost both racing and training during my illness the last month but I know for sure that my winter-training was really good so It`s nothing serious to worry about since I`m feeling so much stronger alredy☺

At the moment I`m in Champerey, Switzerland for a national cross counrty race. The same place and course as the Worldcup round 4 in 6 weeks. After I did a national marathon race in Norway last weekend I desided to travel to Champery, my body felt okey and I need a hard cross counrty race in a rough course.

Traveling all alone Is nothing I`ve to say I`m used to. I`m so spoiled to have such a professional team around me all the time and It really makes me think about how the riders without any Pro-team must have it traveling alone for races. I`ve to call my self a Pro-Traveler though and for me It`s not a problem to travel all around the world alone, but when It comes to the mechanic bit I`m not a Pro anymore.

Every year I tell my self I need to learn more how to fix my bike...Seems like every year It`s more easy to ask for help rather than try to fix It by my self!

I`m exited about the race on Sunday feels like ages ago since last race and I want to do well. I`m not thinking about any specific results, just that I feel I can fight again.

I`m slso happy that another young up and coming Norwegian girl Elisabeth Sveum is here to race, hope she do a good race.

Big Smile



May 19, 2010

Resting on my sofa I´m dreaming of be in shape again., I want to ride my bike fast and push my body to the limit. Do what I`ve been training for months to do: Race!

I was suppose to be somewhere else now than my sofa, Worldcup racing in Germany is far away at the moment.

In and out of the doctors office have been my ruitne once a week since I came back from the Worldcup in Houffalize. Racing with a sick body was not a good idea in Dalby and Houffalize so I`ve to pay for it now..I never recoverd so training and racing just made me worse! Now I`ve been sick for a month with virus infection and have to bulid up my strenght again.

I feel like a hypochondriac running to the doctor all the time, I hardly never visit the doctor and I`m more or less always healthy.

So I guess it was my time now and when I think about It It`s actally a part of the game beeing an athlete. Pushing the body to the limit and racing means something might go wrong in the system sometime.

I`m postive and looking on the bright side, biking again just makes me smile and feel better. The sun is shining in Norway and I do recover even though It feels slow.



First Worldcups England & Belgium!

May 7, 2010

Arriving from the US to Europe in the middle a vulkano-kaos was not easy for us on Specialized Factory Racing. In Frankfurt all the flights where cancelled and we didn`t really know how bad it was before we actually saw the departure table at Frankfurt Arrival Hall, hardly nobody was talking about this ash from Iceland in Sea Otter Classic and with a busy schedule I didn`t read much in the news either.

Anyway we got to Europe and where happy about that, but we didn`t really think out a Plan B if our flight to Manchester was cancelled. With 10 bikes in our ”hand-luggage” things didn`t get more easy.. and with just a few rental-cars left at the airport I think we where lucky that we got two rental cars and all the luggage with us.

It was a long drive though, from Frankfurt to Dalby Forest in England it was15hrs Nonstop drive and this after our long flight from the US. Totally I think we travelled for two days but he team-spirit was on top as always (maybe all the snacking in the car kept the bloodsugar on a high level ☺)

The course is Dalby was fun, fast and tecnical I was so exited to race in a new Worldcup-course. During the week in England I got ill with fever and flu-sympthoms, but I desided to do the race even If I was not feeling 100%. I knew It would be to hard for me to miss out the first WC and loose important points, so I could only do the best out of the situation and accept that I would not be able to fight with the best girls like last weekend in Sea Otter.

The race was really bad for me though, I was suffering and I had to work with my head to really get through it. Feels bad when the head wants more than the body!!

I fininsed 10th in both Dalby Forest and Houffalize, and the feeling was about the same in both races.

After more than three weeks on the road I`m home again, the sun is shining and lots of people is riding their bikes. Feels hard to watch them enjoy springtime in this beautiful weather and I`ve been told to stay in bed and rest. Well if this is the formula to get well to the Worldcup in Offenburg I`ll do my best to hold out the last 5 days without training (3 is gone). Looking forward to ride my bike again..

Ciao Ciao

Back in America

April 19, 2010

A busy and exiting week in the US is gone. The first days the whole team spend in Morgan Hill and at the Specialized HQ. It`s always nice to meet everyone at the office again and It´s a kind of a once in a year visit we do as part of the Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey witch by the way is a big festival over here!

I just came back to my hotel room after a rough Short Track this afternoon, feels like I`m improving my sprinting skills even though I finished 2nd again this year. The american girls are always fast in the start so It`s a good country for me to train on my start-training☺ I also like Sea Otter as an event, lots of people that loves biking and you will defently find a catagory that suits you here either It`s road, downhill,dirt or MTB.

I think I stick to MTB and tomorrow the XC-race is on the schedule. I`m exited to try out my new 29èr in the race and with a weight of 8,8kg I cannot blame the bike!

Let hope my legs feels a little bit lighter tomorrow than they do right now..


Bike-Fit in Boulder

April 9, 2010

About two weeks ago I finaly got to travel to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Dr.Andrew Pruitt for a Bike-Fit. I did meet Andrew three years ago at a press launch in Madrid for Specialized, but without all his equipment It was hard for him to do a proper Bike-Fit on me. So I guess It was about time I finally booked my ticket to Boulder - which by the way is a lovely town in Colorado.

I`ve been thinking about this meeting with Andy for years now and after I finished 2nd in the Worlds 13 sec behind 1st I decided It was about time to see if there was something I could change on the bike to make me those seconds faster ...

I`ve heard so many good things about Andy from other Pro-riders who have been in Boulder and his office. He knows about all the issues a rider can meet sitting on a bike for hours and he is the best in the world when it comes to issues like back pain and sitting-problems.

I don`t really have that much back pain but I do in some periods have sitting-problems.

My reason for the visit was mainly to see if there was something to do on my position on the bike, pedal-stroke and if my cleats on the shoes was optimal.

First I did a X-ray to see If there was any length difference on my legs and how my back looks like. After this I did a 3D Bike-Fit riding on my own bike on a roller. Looking at my self pedaling on the computer was a bit weird but very interesting. Then Andy made a few changes and I did a 3D Bike-Fit one more time. After this Andy could compare both results and see my difference before/after.

I was very surprised to see how small changes he did and that I already was on a good position on my bike, I kind of expected a lot of changes but nothing is better than small changes☺

I`m happy I did the trip to Boulder and got he answer I needed to know, my power goes where it should go: in the pedal! I totally share the same experience like other riders, Andy Pruitt knows what he is doing and Is the best on this kind of work as well.

Bye for now


Laguna Beach

March 25, 2010

Tomorrow is my last day allready at Laguna Beach, it`s been nine great days and I don`t feel like leaving this place. The weather has been nice, trails where good and I`ve finally recovered well from the jet-lag I had. I feel so much more fresh and my body has much more energy during training.

Me and Sondre stayed together with Todd, Meg and Winston (dog) in a small house I would call a summer-cabin just up the road from the beach. I`ve not been at the beach though, the weather is still a bit cold for me to do that. But I`ve had some nice morning-walks along the beach alone with my I-pod. I enjoy small walks in the morning to wakeup and feel the fresh sea-air, and like usual I`m the first waking up even before Winston does... When I had a dog the dog woke me up, but It seams like Winston has a good sleepingheart just like his parents☺

Training last week was much better than the first week in Ontario, now I have the energy to do the training I should do and my heart-rate is normal again. I`ve been riding som nice trails, done some road riding (on mtb) and tried out my new 29èr for the first time. Just fell in love with that bike, so I`m exited to see how it works for me to race on. We`ll see in Fontana this weekend, but I`m quite sure it will be tumbs up from me!!

Except from riding, sleeping,eating and more eating I had time for some adventure days as well. All of us (except Winston who had to work and take care of the house) went to a NHL game between the Ducks and Colorado recently, I`ve been visting both Crank Brothers and Oakley as well as a cuple of malls and Starbucks. So why leave now, when I feel I live the American dream??

Anyway I guess you at some point get tired of spending too much money also (hard to belive..),Back to reality and racing again but first I want to enjoy my last longride on the road tomorrow. For the Bike-Fit in Boulder with Andy Pruitt I want to make a own blogg on that with some pictures to show how a real Bike-Fit should be☺

Big Smile


First race in the US, Bonelli Park

March 16, 2010

All exited about starting racing again I arrived safe at LAX airport last Wednesday.

Flying in to LA was like watching an American movie, this city is massive and so big.

Everthing is big in the US though: cars, burgers, coke, cinema, malls and more or less everything else as well

After my bag didn`t show up straight away I had an good excuse to go shopping the first day, I had to get some running gear! After a long flight my legs needed some blood circulation again. I`m really happy that I`m used to running so I´m in situations like this still able to do a bit of exercie insted of just waining for my luggage to show up.

Not fully recoverd from the Jet-lag It was time to start racing again, I knew I would feel tierd from the Jet-lag especially when the race started at 02.30pm whitch means in the middle of the night in Europe. The course at Bonelli Park was nice though, fast, easy and a smooth start of the season. The XC race was on the Saturday with the STX and Super D on Sunday. I`m not used to Short Tracks and Super D but when I first was in the US to race I had to do it all the American way to☺

I had fun racing my first US-Cup ever, not the best feeling but this is always the same every year in March when my legs don`t have the fire, they are just heavy without any extra power. I did finish 2nd in both XC and STX after loosing the sprint both times and in the Super D I finish 3rd, so I Its not a to bad start.

Now I`m on my flight to Denver, I`m doing a Bike-Fit at the Boulder Center of Sports Medicine tomorrow afternoon. I`m exited to meet Dr Andrew Pruitt and to see what he can do with my postion on my bike.

Bye for now


More snow..

March 4, 2010

Everybody I know had enough of snow, its unusual for us on the west coast of Norway to have snow for months. We are used to rain and mild winters!

It`s still snowing now and then, but its getting warmer in the air so the roads are wet and salty. The good feeling I have after training is not from the good training I did but from the hours I managed to do. After being in perfect riding conditions in both South Africa and Gran Canaria this is a mental test for me. Today I think I used about 30min to get all dressed up for my 2,5hr ride, in another word I didn`t know what to wear and how many layers

Before when I used to stay home the whole wintertime this was not a problem so I know Its all about getting used to the cold again. I`m just to spoiled to have the option to travel somewhere warmer when I want now!

After three years with Specialized Factory Racing I`m happy to resign for two more years. I`m sure I will have two more fantastic years with the team and I hope this will make me develop more through the years. I know I`ll have the best support in the world so the rest is just up to me.

Take Care


Second Week of Gran Canaria

March 1, 2010

Second week is gone and second week of good training is done!

Sometimes I`m wondering how fast time can fly away..

With just two weeks until I start a new season again I`ve tried to push my self a little bit harder than normal on the intervals. But I have no feeling on what kind of level I am at right now, It has only been me and the long uphill so far. This is a good Island though to test my climbing skills so I guess It was the right decission to stay here for two weeks insted of training in the snow back home where indoor biking would be the best option for intensive training.

Monday I`ll fly back home, again just for a week. March 9th I`m heading to USA to do two races, one at Bonelli Park and one in Fontana. I`m looking forward to start racing again and especially to do Short Track`s. I will be staying at Laguna beach between the races, this is my first time at Laguna, I hope the training is good there.

Last longride on this spanish island is on the schedule for tomorrow (Sunday), more climbing and KM to do. A good dinner with a nice dessert tonight should do it☺

Big Smile

Gran Canaria

February 22, 2010

With just three weeks left before my first race of this season, I`m doing my last preparation at the Spanish Island Gran Ganaria. The same place as in December last year but this time I brought my montainbike.

The plan was to escape from a hectic week back home in snow to sunny conditions again. And belive me; Gran Canaria has not been sunny at all..I don`t know the number of times I`ve been to this island but I`ve never experienced such bad weather before. Hurricane and lots of rain! I`m happy I`m not here on holiday to get a nice swimsuite-tan like most of the tourists

Desipading bad weather, training is still going on as planned and more intensive training is on the program. I`ve already done some good intervalls on a gravel road close by where I stay. It feels good to push my body and heart again, and this is the perfect preparation I need to get in a okay shape for my first race March 13th in Bonelli Park USA. My personal trainer Ragnhild was here last week to take a close look on my training and to do some testing on the hard efforts. This was important feedback for me and proved I was on the right level during training all the time.

I still have one week left on this island, so I hope for some sun the next seven days, otherwise my bike-tan from South Africa will disappear and my legs will be as white as my new S-Works ERA.

Big Smile


Soon back to snow..

February 2, 2010

Four weeks is soon over here in Stellenbosch, time to go back home and feel snow and cold weather again. I`ve had my best trainincamp so far in South Africa,☺ My legs and body is tierd so I need some rest on my sofa back home. I don`t feel like going home though and if I could choose I would have stayed longer!

The thing is that If I stayed longer I would just continue training on what I call ”full speed” I need to go back home to absorb the training I`ve already done. I`m very motivated and I think thats the reason why I have problems take It more easy sometimes. Since I`m just spending one week home in Sandnes before I leave to Gran Canaria Feb 13th my focus must be to do a good recover home!

Take Care



January 25, 2010

I`m back in Stellenboch in South Africa for the fifth time in a row. Here the sun is shining every day and I can focus on my training without thinking of catching a cold. One thing I really hate is being cold while doing my long distance rides... Africa is really hot these days as it`s late summer, and about one week ago I think it was something like 44 celsius, so its important to use alot of sun-screen on a scandinavian skin like mine☺

I`m here together with my boyfriend and trainingpartner Sondre. It`s good to have him here when four weeks of training is the goal 2,5 weeks is already done and we have two more weeks to go. Our base is a nice apartment in the center of Stellenbosch located on a apartment-resort called Eikehof. Here we can relax, cook our own food on a fully equipped kitcthen and watch movies on the TV between the all the exercise. The cinema is also just down the street If we want to change ”cinema-room”. But so far we have spent most of the time in our apartment with dinner out just now and then. I hope to watch Avatar at the cinema pretty soon, I`ve heard that it is a good one!

As I get questions now quite often about my training I would like to share my last week of training with you. Week four of Janauary have been like this:


1: 2hr 10min roadbike Total 65km

2: 1hr Running (afternoon)


1: 2hr30min MTB with 40min hard uphill effords

2: 1hr20min road ride (afternoon) Total 38km


1:3hr35min roadbike with powerintervals uphill 2minx20 + 5powersprints

Total 88km

2: 15min running and 50min weighttraining back,stomach and arms


1: 3hr15min road ride Total 90km

2: 1hr tecnic-training MTB (afternoon)


3hr45min roadbike with powerintervals uphill 25minx2 Total 90km


1: 3hrs15min road ride Total 92km

2: 1hr running (afternoon)


3hrs30min roadbike with powerintervals 10minx5 + 5 powersprints Total


TOTAL WEEK 3: 27hrs 10min

This week has been very hard with all the powerintervals so I`m looking forward to the next two weeks left here with my focus on longer rides on both road and mountainbike.

Big smile


Happy new year

January 4, 2010

2010 has just started and a new season is comming up!

Even if It`s still in the very beginning of January time will fly until I start the season in March. January always feels like a new start for me every year, a lot of planning and new inputs in the training program. All the things that hopefully will make me even faster on the bike this year than 2009. My goal is always to work hard on the things I feel I need to improve more trough the wintertime. This year my goal is my strength on the bike, I want to be a stronger rider and have more power in the pedal.

Sounds easy, right? It`s easy to build muscles with weights, but how to get the extra power to the pedal riding my bike..??

I`ve a lot of ideas about my training and every year I`m trying not to do the same program like last year. This will keep me more motivated and I`m not getting so bored training the same all the time. Even though my theory based and what I`ve done he last six years is still the same and it seems like this kind of training has slowly made me to one of the top riders in the world cup☺

5th of January I`m traveling to South Africa for a month, like always I`m so exited to get back to Stellenbosch and the relaxed atmosphere there. January is a month with alot of training so I`ts good that I`ve rested a lot this Christmas. Maybe to much cookies and food but a lot of quality time together with my family.

Take Care


Back on the bike

December 7, 2009

Time is really flying away.. I`m back on my bike again preparing for the 2010 season. At the moment I`m at Canary Island to do some road training on my Ruby bike. Like the last couple of years I`m spending pre-Christmas with a lot of miles rather than Christmas-shopping and biking in rain at home. I`ve already been here for over a week and have two more weeks to go before I`m heading back north to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

I feel okay and I`m getting into my training program slowly. The power training is the hardest at the moment, and it takes so much more energy outside on the bike in a hill rather than on the spinning bike inside. My legs feels a little bit heavy and ”pumped” up at the moment but I`m also good to do the long easy rides in the speed I should do without getting to excited on this hilly Island.

The weather is good at the moment which means the sun is shining most of the days and I´m able to ride in short sleeve/pants. Waking up to sun every day makes me realize how lucky I`m to have this job going out on my bike and not spending time in an office in the dark in Norway. I like my country a lot but with my goals on two wheels it`s not the best place to stay in the winter!!


Holidays are over!

November 6, 2009

October went fast and I`m ready to start my preperation for the next season.

The last week me and my boyfriend have spent in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

My goal for this trip was to relax, get tanned and feel ready for the bike again. But unfortunally both of us have been ill most of the week down here, I have to look at the bright side and I think its better to be ill now rather than when my training is fully on again.

Lets just hope I`m over this flu or whatever it is soon...

My training will be quite simular to last year so my focus from now on will be strenght training, running and biking. The weather will be an issue for the next month, I`ve to learn all over again how to get dressed up for a ride in rain and wind.

But already in the beginning of Desember I`m planning to travel to Gran Canaria to get some km on my road bike, so I have one month back home to get in shape and to get into a good rythm with my trainingprogram. It seems like my holidays gave me the feeling I wanted after lazy days, I`m so ready to start training again!!

Take care


All the bad luck in Roc D Azur!!

October 19, 2009

It`s never funny to have a tecnical problem during racing especially not when I`m not used to have any and felt very good on my bike..Last year was Olympics and this year Roc d Azur!

I had a flat tire early in the race and with just 20min of racing It was quite far to the first techzone. I was actually feeling great on my bike today, good legs and in the front group☺

But I managed to get to the teachzone by walking/running and was very happy to get a new wheel from Sandy. Since the race was over for me I desided to do the rest of the race as a hobbyrider in a steady speed. But It seemed like it wasn`t my ”luckyday” today when my cleats broke just about an hour after I got my new wheel.

So then Roc was over, but I belive that this was the best race this year to have the bad luck in.

I hope the boys will make it all the way to the top tomorrow!!

Big smile


Roc d Azur

October 7, 2009

Last time you heard from me I said that the season was over for me., which was not quite true... The last two weeks I`ve spend back home, still training a little bit so I`m able to finish Roc d Azur in France on Saturday. It`s such a nice race and the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than traveling to bigger races. I find Frejus a nice place to end the racing of the year together with my team Specialized but I can promise you after Saturday I`ll be full on holiday modus. My bikini is packed so I hope I`ll get some sun on Sunday so I can work on my tanning.

The race in it self is not so important to me, I´m very relaxed and I feel that I`ve lost some of my motivation back home since the Worldcup in Schladming. I just want to enjoy the nice course and the beautiful trails in Roc as well as spend some time with my team before everybody leaves home to their own countries for wintertime..

My next flight from Copenhagen to Nice has arrived so it`s time to pack down my macbook. Hopefully it`s not rain in Nice like here in Danmark☺

Take Care!


The season is over!

September 22, 2009

It feels good but at the same time sad to end the season now. My body had enough racing, my brain not.. I`m still very motivated since I had my best season so far on the bike. But It`s time to let the body rest for a while and do something else than traveling/racing every weekend.

My shape is still good which I proved in the last two World cup`s in Champerey and Schladming just after the World Championship in Canberra. Never before in a end of the season have I been so happy about still riding my bike, normally It`s not riding my bike thats on my mind just after a final World cup. But on Sunday I went for a nice two hour ride alone in beautiful weather listening to my music on my iPod. So relaxing and with a smile on my face

The World cup in Schladming was a short race and I was trying to ride as hard as I could from the start. I was never in the front together with Lisi Osl so I knew I had to fight for the second place in the race and in the overall. She was riding very strong in the hard course in front of her home crowd and she won the race about a minute in front of me. I`m happy that I started the season strong and also finish it strong!

Take care!


3rd again..

September 16, 2009

After a long travel and a jet lag from Australia I knew that the World Cup in Champerey in Switzerland would be hard for me. My legs where swollen and heavy during most of the week, Claire did her best though to make the recovery faster. And she do have magic hands..

To almost every race I come with heavy legs and she turn them to a podium finish! She does a great work and I don`t know what the team should have done without her. Giving credit to Claire I have to mention that I could not get my results without the mechanics either. My S-Works Era is always in tip-top shape and they are working 24/7 to satisfy me, Susi, Todd and Burry!!

I had a nice week in Champerey, beautiful weather and place in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. It was good to feel a little bit of summer again after cold weather in both Canada and Australia.

On my usual warm-up on the rollers before the race I felt that my legs still was heavy, but wearing my new overall World cup leaders-jersey, I was keeping my focus on giving it all. And so I did, but a crash early in the race pulled me back and I had to work really hard to get into the race again. Lap after lap my legs felt better as well, so I was able to finish in 3rd position, which I`m happy about 7 days after the World championship. I lost the overall leaders jersey to Lisi Osl thought but I promise to do my best on Saturday, at the World Cup final, to get it back and taket he win overall for 2009.

Now she has the pressure on her shoulders infront of her homecrowd in Schladming, Austria.

Big smile from Austria


September 8, 2009

A few days old silver medal from this years World Championships in Canberra is in my luggage, I`m on my way to Switzerland for the next weekends worldcup in Champerey. I feel okay after the race on Saturday, it looks like I still have the motivation for the last two Worldcups and I`m dreaming of being on my bike instead of traveling the whole way back from Australia to Europe.

To earn a medal in a World Championship was a goal as well as a dream for me in future, and now I have one. Things are happening to fast now..First World Cup victory, leading the World Cup overall and a silver medal in a World Championship. I have a lot to celebrate, no doubt this is my best season so far and my big breakthrough international.

So what about the race on Saturday? Well I went for it from the start, good legs and a great bike. I was in front from the moment the start gun went off!

I really tried my best to get the title, but Irina was too strong on the last lap and I was not able to answer to her attack 2km from the finish line. A little bit disappointed when I crossed the finish line but after a short while when my head was clear I was very happy with my first medal in a big Championship.

Take care



September 4, 2009

I`ve now spent a week here in Canberra preparing for the World Championship on Saturday. The trip from Norway to Autralia was not as bad as I expected, It was two long flights though, but I survived and was even able to get some sleep.

The jetlag has not been too bad either, just some days waking up earliy in the night the first couple of days and then feeling OK in the Australian timezone.

I`m staying together with the Norwegian national team in a apartment 30min bikeride from the course witch is a perfect warmup and cooldown after I`ve been training in the course. Our team this year is small, me and Anders Hovdenes (U23 rider) as riders and Steffen, together with my personal trainer Ragnhild Kostøl, as staff – maybe the the smallest team down here. We have a great time in our apartment, meals are prepared together and so far the food has been way better than the restaurants we have been to around here.

Tomorrow is my last day in the course before the big day on Saturday. I feel okey but you can never know for sure, I guess thats whats so exciting with sport. I`m looking forward to the race and I feel it`s time to start now after spending quite a while here in Canberra. My S-Works Era is pampered and shiny, and also looking forward to the big event. The bike is ready to, tires is tested and I`m ready to goJ

Diffrent days home

August 24, 2009

Im sitting home in my new apartment, finally me and Sondre have our own place after living around the past few months since he sold his house. I`m not sure where to sit yet because all the furniture will not arrive before after the last Worldcup in Schladming, but we do have a new bed and chairs/table for outdoor witch we are using inside... So by the time I`m finishing my season everything should be ready and ship to Norway.

The new apartment is actually still in Sandnes just a five minute walk from our old house, so I`m keeping my self in the same area where I like it so much. For us a big house was to much with our lifestyle at the moment,, to much to take care of and hard to travel away from without any help from family and friends. After a while in Sondres house we decided it would be better with a smaller place like an apartment or something, After some searching around we found one apartment we both agreed that would work with all the bikes and equipment we have, But is the apartment big enough or not? We have to see but i`m quite sure we will make it with well organizing☺

I`m lucky to have such helpful parents in these situations, even if I`m moving I still have to keep up my last preparation for the Worlds 5th of September and for the two upcoming Worldcups in Europe. I do have a leading jersey to defend so I have better things to do rather than running up and down stairs looking for a new sofa. So when my parents offers me help it means a lot for me..

Tuesday is my long travel to Ausralia, I`m motivated and I`m looking forward to have my personal trainer Ragnhild Kostøl there. For the first time this year she will see me race a big international, watch me do the final preparation and not only on a chat on the phone,

The last hard training I have to do alone tomorrow and after that I can relax on my way to ”down under”

Take Care


Cold Marathon race in Drammen, Norway!

August 18, 2009

Mudd, rain, wind and cold weather is typical Norway and this weekend was no exception. I was freezing at the start line and I kind of lost my motivation for racing, my brain was somewhere else and not on racing. But I managed to get my self together and push myself trough it, even though I never ever been so cold during a race before. I was shaking when I crossed the finish line, my hands was so cold I hardly could hold in the handlebar. Was it worth it?

The course was really cool, technical and with a beautiful nature. A lot of rain this summer made it so wet and slow so the organizer had to change some parts of it. This is a well organized race for riders that want`s a little bit more challenge and technical parts than the biggest marathon races in Norway. The course is made by Rune Høydahl so then mountain biking should be mountain biking..

Take care!


Preparing for the Worlds at home!

August 12, 2009

It`s light rain outside and I`m ready for today`s training. Rain can`t stop me now I better just get dressed up, jump on my bike and hit the forrest.

The World`s in Australia is getting closer, with just a few weeks left before a long travel my last preparation will be done back home in Sandnes.

Tomorrow I`ll fly to Oslo to take part in a norwegian cup in marathon on Saturday, I have to do some racing besides the training and think is good for me to take part in smaller races I can do as part of my training.

My breakfast is eaten and a new day is ahead of me☺

Take care!


Special day in Bromont

August 6, 2009

My first World Cup win is a fact, first time for both me and my Specialized ERA. A win I didn`t expect already this year, a win that comes ten years after I first got involved with moutain biking. I can`t describe how I felt crossing the finish line as the first woman, but it was very special for me!!

The days before the race I spend like normal with training, food, sleep and massage. Well did I managed to do some shopping as well in some of the few factory outlets there are in Bromont. It`s always nice to be able to do something else for a chance and make one day a little bit different then the rest. Sometimes it might just be the training that I have to do every day thats different from day to day

A new improved course was made in Bromont, a change that suited me well. I enjoyed training in the new uphill as well as the technical part of the course., and with my full suspension bike I was just floating over all the rocks and roots.

I had an okay start at the race, not in the first 5 but still not to far behind to aim the top 3 girls. After a couple of laps I was in front of the race and from there I felt like I was flying. My legs felt great and I was riding very focused, maybe my best day on my bike this year☺

Now I`m back home again where I will do my last preparation for the worlds in Australia on the 5th of September. I`ll travel on 25th of August to Australia so I`ll get the time I need to recover from a long travel and jet lag before the biggest race of the year.

Bye for now!


Mont Saint Anne in Canada

July 27, 2009

One week is already gone here in Mont Sainte Anne in Canada. A week with rain and cold conditions, where is the summer? Well I should not complaim to much since this was my first world cup this year in rain.

A new course was made for this years world cup and even more technical than previous years in my opinion. I`ve to admit I sufferd a bit technical the first lap during training, coming from three weeks of almost only road biking was a big challange.

But with some laps before the race I was back in normal again, I kind of realized that I like roabiking but I love mountain biking.

With start number 3 my position was good, I didn`t know what to expect from my legs before the race but I was hoping to finish in the top 10.

My start was okay and I was in the top 10, but I did a huge mistake in the most technical downhill and I lost about ten positions. I didn`t stress to much about it and kept on focusing on my own speed. A result of my quiet and relaxed riding style I was able to have a strong finish and finished 4th.

A very good result for me and again on the worldcup podium☺

Next week a new world cup in Bromont is on the schedule, about four hours by car from Mont Saint Anne. We are leaving already today after training and lunch so I will have plenty of time to train in the course and relax.

Bye for now!

Back on my MTB

July 23, 2009

After three weeks of training I`m now ready to race on my mountain bike again. I`ve just finished Tour de Feminin Bretage on the road, four days with five stages. The plan with this race was to give me good training, not to think about the results and have the second half of the season in my mind.

I was riding together with the U23 norwegian national team, that means I was the old woman in the group. This is a young talented team with great girls who have the future in front of them.

It`s good to see new girls growing up and how much they want to learn to become professionals. I had a great time in France with the girls so I hope that my mountain bike schedule allow me to do more road races together with them some other time.


I arrived noon monday from France and had like sixteen hours back home to unpack for the Canadian World Cups. Just enough time for change of bike and clothing, I`m ready for my Specialized kit again. Tuesday morning I was already on my flight to Canada where fifth and sixth round of the World Cups are held. First Mont St Anne and then Bromont, both familiar courses for me. I guess my legs will feel a little bit heavy now because of my training the last weeks, But I know I `ve done good training so I can focusing on resting and recover between the races.

Greetings from Canada!


Adventure days

July 6, 2009

Finally the real summer weather has arrived here in Norway, actually it`s really warm at the moment with around 30 degrees celsius. At the moment I`m on a boat-trip east in Norway, everyday we go to a new place either a small island or to a small town along the coast. So relaxing and quit!

My Ruby road bike is also on bord though and every morning I`m going for a ride before I`m heading back to the boat for a relaxing day.

Fishing is a big thing at the moment, but so far no luck!

My boyfriend is the ”fishpro” so today the catch of the day was on the meny for our barbeque. Salad made by me and fish well prepared by the barbeque king,..

Tomorrow is our last day on the boat and we`ll drive to Drammen (outside Oslo) where Sondre is doing a race on Sunday. Since I`ve just started my training period this week I`m not racing, instead I`ll go for a long ride and take it easy. For the next three weeks I`ll focus on basic training again with Tour de Feminin Bretagne stagerace on the road as a end of the training period. I hope this will be the recipe for a good shape for the worlds in September. Unfortunately I have to drop the Europeans as well as the Norwegian championship this year, but I want to try something new and hope this will give me a good shape throughout the second half of the seson.

Norwegian championship

Last weekend I did the Norwegian championchip on the road in my hometown Sandnes. With a course that didn`t suit me that well I was not exactly the favourite to win a sprint. I just knew with that course the race was going to end up with a final sprint, I tried to attack serval times during the race with no luck and it seemed like most of the other girls wanted a sprint so that was it. I ended up finshing in 10th position not feeling happy or sad. The next time I`ll race together with the norwegian gilrs on the road will be in Tour de Feminin Bretagne where I`ll be a part of the national team.

I`ve done this stage race several times before, a couple of years ago though but I`m looking forward to race with the rodies again.

Enjoy the summer!



June 17, 2009

Local races is always fun, especially when It`s in my hometown Sandnes. Since spring time it seems like everybody here have been talking and training for Nordsjørittet. This is the second biggest moutain bike race in Norway with a record of 7500 riders this year. The race starts in Egersund and finish in Sandnes with a total distance of 91km, the course is made for everybody mostly on gravel and asphaltt roads along the beautiful coast.

Again this year my race schedule aloud me to take part of this beautiful race, but last saturday I was not at the start with the women elite field like the other years. This year I was riding together with a local company called Sterling and as a ”fishlover” It could`t be a better company for me to ride together with.

With a group of 100 employers at Sterling I was the motivation for the 91km from Egersund to Sandnes followed with a beautiful fish dinner in the evening.

All in all this was a very exiting day for me! I was able to see the race from a diffrent view and just watching all the people riding the race gave me so much inpiration. People in all ages and shapes with one goal: to finish the race as fast as possible!!

So to everybody that finished the race and to all my new friends in Sterling, you have all my respect and you should be proud of yourself☺

All the best!


Local racing the next weeks!

June 5, 2009

It feels good to be back home, I`ve had time to go to my friends wedding and being social for a change. The days are flying by and at the moment! I`m doing more base training so the local races I`ve ahead of me will only be a part of my training for the second half of the season. Also being back on my Ruby road bike feels great after a lot of mountain biking for the last couple of months. The weather has been good enough for longer easy rides, changing focus from big international races to training again is good for head and mind. Training is easy while racing top competitions is hard so I feels good to kind of have a break from that. My motivation is on top and I didn`t feel I needed a break after the world cup in Madrid. I was in a hurry to get back on my road bike to do some km again.

Anyway this and next weekend local races is on the program, 120km road race on sunday and 90km marathon race next saturday. Maybe I don`t have the best legs and feeling on the bike after the training I`ve done, but that dosn`t really matter as long as It gives me the competition I need for a hard training day. I guess the men will give me a hard time during both races...will see!!

World Cup, Madrid

May 26, 2009

I`ve been doing worldcup races in Madrid three times before, so I`m familiar with the course in Casa Del Campo witch is a park just outside the center of Madrid. But I`ve never done a worlcup there in muddy contitions like this weekend, so diffent from the other years with a dry dusty course and hot weather,

We had rain for two days before the race, mostly rainshowers so It looked like It was going to dry out. But during the night before the raceday It was raining quit heavy and the UCI decided to cut down one lap for the womens race. I was not so happy about that at the startline!

I knew I had to be in the front from the start of the race and with one lap shorter than expected I just went for It from the start. Never before have I been crossing the finishline first after a lap alone in a worldcup! My legs felt good and I wanted to do a good race again after suffering in Houffalize.

I`m happy about how the race developed even though Marga Fullana and Marie-Helen Premont cought me early on the second lap. We where a trio riding together, It was going to be a fight between us three girls since the gap from the girls behind us got bigger every lap. It`s two awsome riders that I do respect but I could not respect during the race. I gave It all from the start did my best to get my first worldcup victory. At the final lap I knew that Fullana would go for a attack at one of the climbings infront of her homecrowd, I was suffering more than those two grils, so they got at small gap with a half lap to go. Finisheing 3rd again 15sec behind Marga Fullana I`ve to say I`m proud of my race and not to mention my start speed☺

My days back home.

May 18, 2009

Everyday I wake up early, normally 7am by myself without any annoying ”wakeup” sound from my cell phone. I like to relax in the morning, no rush and a good breakfast is a must for a good start to my day. Not to mention coffee, which I can’t live without! I’m not a big coffee drinker, but a couple of cup’s in the morning is enough for me for the rest of the day and gives me the kick I need before I’m jumping on my bike.

8am and next step is porridge, the second thing I can’t live without! I want to believe I’m the best porridge-maker in the world, but I’m not sure if everyone agrees with that..

I use a lot of different fruits, nuts, seeds and even carrots mixed with the oats, grated carrots is actually very good in the porridge. Everything mixed together with some cinnamon and topped with the third thing I can’t live without: smoothie! My smoothie is made of berries, yogurt, protein powder, juice and it tastes delicious every day.

I do need some time in the morning to prepare everything, but I enjoy it and breakfast is the best meal for me during the day. I also eat a lot for breakfast and my porridge with smoothie gives me the energy I need for my daily training on the bike.

I also love to know that I’m not rushing to an office in a car continued with half of day in front of a computer. Instead I can enjoy my healthy breakfast in front of my laptop before the hard work on the bike starts. I’m not saying that being a professional mountain biker is an easy life, it’s just a different life compared to the rest of the people in Norway who hardly have time to eat breakfast in the morning.

Between 9.30-10 I’m on my bike for the training of the day, It might be everything from 1-4 hours depending on of what kind of training I’m doing. Sometimes I also have a second exercise in the afternoon such as running or strength training.

So I need to plan my days if I want meet friend and family later on during the day.

Lunch is between 1-2pm, which is normally after a shower following training. For lunch I make myself a big mixed salad with either proteins like tuna, prawns, egg or turkey together with rye bread. After lunch it happens (very often.) that I need small pieces of dark chocolate, when I’m laying on my sofa in front of the TV. My worst habit is chocolate!! I can’t get enough of it. All kind of chocolate, black, white or brown it doesn’t matter as long as it is sweet...

After lunch I spend most of the time answering e-mails followed by a small nap.

Then my day at the ”office” is finished☺

WC#3 Houffalize

May 7, 2009

After spending alomost a week in Houffalize, Belgium I felt ready for my last race before heading back home again. Due my crash with a car in Offenburg last week I couldn`t spend so much time on the course as I wanted, My ribs was hurting more during mtb training than road training, so I stuck to the road. I was still optimistic for the weekend.

With plate number 4 and the best full suspension bike in the woman`s field I had no excuses for my bad start of the race. It was my body. I just couldn`t go fast from the start. My head wanted to but my legs were saying no. After my poor start (around 40th) I had no other options but to find my right pace and go from there, It`s hard for the mind after all my good results lately, but I was able to stay positive and kept on pushing myself . I finished in 12th position, which is not too bad but still not a optimum race for me.

After Four weeks on the road, I am now back home on my favourite sofa! Right now I`m stuck there with my legs up☺

I can look back on four exiting weeks with my team, lots of travelling and good memories from diffrent parts of the world. I`m a lucky girl to have this job, I enjoy it so much and moutainbiking is such a beautiful sport!!


Houffalize next....

April 28, 2009

Every weekend with world cups is hard for the head..

The minute after I've past the finish line I've to start thinking about the next one. To perform well in the world cups takes alot of my energy which means I have to recover as fast as possible and make my self ready for the next one.

It seems like I'm in a good shape at moment, I can push myself to the limit and my legs are getting better and better. Another 3rd place in the world cup in Offenburg showed that! I think I had the best start so far in my carer last sunday, crossing the first lap as the first girl is not a normal performance from me. I did suffer a little bit the next couple of laps but not enough so i couldn't stay in the chase group behind Marga Fullana who was riding alone in the front. If I`m not taking chances I will never know if I can win a world cup once☺ I won the fight for the 3rd place and that`s was a big victory for me and it showed that It was not only a one time podium finsh in South Africa two weeks ago.

The world cup in Offenburg is maybe the most funny and exciting race I`ve ever done. The girls in my group was attacking each other like crazy, girls went off and then came back again. It was a big ”chick” fight I`ve never seen before, also the small gaps between us made the race interesting for the spectators which by the way was great in Germany. I was happy to see that so many people had found their way to Offenburg!

Now I`m at the last stop of this 4 week trip here in Houffalize in Belgium. It`s bad weather at the moment but since I`m having a rest day It`s not bothering me that much at the time. The sun better show up tomorrow when I`m on my bike again!

Take care


World Cup #1 and Sea Otter Classic

April 21, 2009


I`ve to say I surprised myself with my 3rd place in the first WC in Pietermarizburg. I was hoping for a top 10 result, but since my legs and body felt tired and really bad the week before, I didn`t know what to expect. During the last days before the World Cup all my focus was on resting and good massage from our team souinour Claire. She did a great work on my legs after a long travel to South Africa and also considering my bad lags after all.

The course was hard and fast, many riders compered it with the Olympics in Beijing. The heat was also an issue since I was coming from Norway and it`s still quit cold there. After some years travelling around for different races it seems like I can handle both warm and cold weather which is a good thing in moutain biking. During the race the heat didn`t really bother me at all☺

I did have good legs from the start and I was already in the top 6 after the first lap.The gaps between the girls where not big so I could just focus on finding my speed and work from there. During the race I felt better and better so I was able to move from 6th place to 3rd place within 3 laps. I was also getting closer to Irina in 2nd place but with just a half lap left 30sec was to much for me. After all 3rd place was a great result for me and I was happy to be on the podium again.


After a even longer travel from South Africa to USA than from Norway to South Africa the whole team was ready for a visit at the Specialized office in Morgan Hill, It`s my second time there after 2007 when I first joined Specialized Factory Racing. Like the first time I was very impressed about meeting so many friendly people at the office, It so interesting to see how serious they work with developing all their equipment and bikes. After a warm welcome we went around to have a look at all the different sections of the office before we got into our riding kits to get ready for the daily lunch ride they do. One hour ”full gas” on the bike and then back to work again, not everybody has that opprutunity at work.

The next day we drove to Monterey to take part of the Sea Otter Classic. With a big jet lag I needed a good recovery the first couple of days, some easy days on my bike and good massage. During the last years I`ve done a big amount of traveling but still I have problems traveling in different time zones.. I find it hard to stay awake and sleep when I have to and my body is sleeping on the bike.

The good thing is that I did recover enough to be at the podium on the short track as well as the cross country race.:) I even won the overall with two 2nd places and the team had great results this weekend.

So now I`m on my way to Europe again sitting with an emergency exit in economy class listing to Coldplay on ITunes. Two weeks and two World Cups is left before I can travel home again. The first week in Germany in Offenburg and then Houffalize in Belgium, both places where I like to race and courses that familiar to me.

I guess I should have been sleeping now, more easy to say than do...I know for sure what kind of feeling I will have the next couple of days!! At least I`ll be back in ”normal” timezone which will make It more easy to stay in contact with family and friends back home.

Best regards


Second race - Second place!!

March 18, 2009

Round 4 of the Sunshine Cup in Cyprus, held in Voroklini, just ouside Larnaka.

Second race - Second place!!

Myself and my boyfriend Sondre are staying in Limassol which is 70km from Larnaka, so we had to hire a car to get to the race. Luckily we are used to driving on the left hand side of the road from our time in South Africa. We figured it could be a challenge driving here as the locals are not so good when it comes to judging reactions with us the cyclists in mind plus there were some other drivers on the road - Rally drivers given that a round of the WRC was taking place. It was an inspiration to meet one of my big heros, WRC rally driver Petter Solberg. We were invited to his team tent at the expo-area to have a close look at his car and how his team is organized. A big thanks to Petter Solberg`s Rally team for being so friendly and happy to see other Norwegians in Cyprus!

With a lot of horsepower in my mind I was ready for a new race this weekend, even though I had some problems with my arm from last weekends crash, I was motivated to do the race as part of my training. Normally I would not hold back it in the dowhills, but now because of the pain I had to take it easier.

During most of the race I was riding together with Alexandra Engen from Sweden. I was pushing the speed in the uphills while Alexandra was pushing the speed in the downhill. On the last lap I lost those few seconds I shouldn`t loose on my Specialized Era in the most tecnical part of the course, not due to the bike, but due to my arm. Normally I would go ”full gas” in these sections but opted to stay on the safe side. I finished second, 9 seconds behind Engen.

Alexandra really impressed me and seems to be very strong this year. I guess there will be more fights in the future between Norway and Sweeden☺

Take care!


First race and first victory!

March 10, 2009

As normal the days are flying by and like every training camp it’s all about training and recovering for the next training session. I also felt it to be a good idea to do races in the weekends between the training during my time here in Cyprus.

Last Saturday was my first race this year and like always the feeling was a mix of nerves and have I done something right this winter.

I found myself to be riding super relaxed during the race, feeling likeI was one with my Specialized Era from the start. I found rythmn after the first lap which could keep me goingat a good speed throughtout the race. The course was hard to ride, especially given it’s the first race of the seson, so no resting and a lot of pushing throughout.

I am happy with my win last Sunday, it gives me an idea that I`ve done something right during the winter training and that the adjustments I have made with my coach and advisors have been good for my mind and body.

Now I`m looking forward to the next race on Sunday before I go back home for a couple of weeks, where I will do my final preparations before the World Cup Season starts in South Africa

Thanks for reading and your support!


My Specialized Era is ready for racing again

March 3, 2009

I`m ready for some nice spring weather with my Specialized Era in Cyprus. I`ll spend the next few weeks there training including two training. It`s an early start for me so I`m not thinking about how the results, but more the training benefits. The most important thing is to get good quality training aswell as some easy longrides. I`m also hoping not to wear all the wintherclothing I`ve to use at the moment back home!!! I guess It will feels so much better and lighter riding☺


The season is getting closer.

February 23, 2009

It’s Feburary, outside there is snow and ice covering the streets and the houses. Strange to think that in a few weeks I`ll start the season on the beautiful island of Cyprus. I am looking forward to seeing my ex team-mates from Bikin`Cyprus and to race there again. The last time I visited Cyprus was in 2006, so it has been a while.

I`ve already been home for two weeks after a month training camp in South Africa. Like every year South Africa offers nice weather,delicious food and a relaxed athmosthere. What else does a cyclist need? After a hard day on the bike it`s nothing better than dropping into Kauai (healthy fastfood) on the bike for a wrap and smoothie. Then a small nap before watching a movie in the bed. No rush and no schedule to keep up with after training! For a month my days kept on like this and still I never got bored of what I am doing for a living. Life as a athlete can be tough though like any other job, but when I have a hard time getting out of my bed for training I remind myself of how lucky I am.

The normal life have to wait a little bit longer...

Training is going well, my shape is getting better and the body has so far responded well to all the hours on the bike. The training program has been a little bit different this year compered to the last years, I wanted to do something new and together with my trainer Ragnhild Kostøl we have worked out a plan with some new impulses. New impulses for my head and body I hope will make me even faster this year.

But for the next weeks I`ve to keep my mind positive in the cold weather back home before the really hard work starts☺

Take care!


Stats for Lene Byberg are coming soon.