Todd Wells

I started racing mountain bikes in the fall of 1994. I won the collegiate National Championships in 1995 and 1996 for Fort Lewis College. In 1996 I also started racing with the Specialized Mountain Dew team and won the inaugural Semi Pro Norba National Series Title. In 1997 I turned Pro and raced the NORBA series, U-23 World Championships, and domestic World Cups until 98. I took a few years off cycling, finished college in Arizona and got a “real” job with IBM. I quickly realized racing bikes was more fun then working and started training again. I started racing again in the middle 2000 and joined the Mongoose Hyundai team at the end of year to race World Cups, NORBAs and cyclocross. In 2003 I switched to the GT team and have ridden for them until switching back to Specialized this year. Over the years I have won two cyclocross national titles, one mountain bike short track national title and been a member of two Olympic teams. I have won NORBAs, numerous UCI cyclocross races and stood on my first World Cup podium this year. I am looking forward to adding to my list of achievements over the next three years with the Specialized Factory Team.

Cyclocross National Championship

December 14, 2010

My season ended this weekend in Bend, OR with a National Championship Hat Trick. 2010 has been a dream season for me with wins in both the Cross Country and Short Track Mountain Bike National Championships but until this weekend my cyclocross campaign had left a little to be desired. I had been close to winning a few times this year during cross but hadn’t been able to put it together until this weekend.

I had planned to only race the first day of the USGP in Portland last weekend but after a bad first day I realized I needed some more racing and training at sea level. I decided at the last minute to stay in Bend all week rather then go back home to Durango between the two West Coast races.

The weather in Oregon was pretty good all week and even though there was some rain, it was much warmer then last year and I was able to ride outside everyday. When I arrived in Bend on Tuesday there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground and the course had only a single track mud trail through the snow. There were also some giant puddles on the track earlier in the week.

By the time Sunday rolled around the course had dried out quite a bit and the promoter pumped a good portion of the lakes/puddles out of the low-lying areas. The thin mud had turned thick though and the second half of the course was very slow and boggy.  There were a lot of exposed rocks and plenty of places to flat. The temperatures had also climbed into the mid-fifties, which is about thirty degrees warmer then it was last year.

I chose to ride the new Specialized Terra tubular tires since the course was so rough and they have an extra flat protector built in between the tread and the casing. I was bottoming out the tire at least five times per lap but paired with the bomber Zipp 303s I didn’t have any worries of flatting.

The race started fast and I managed to come out of the first corner in about tenth place. By midway through the first lap I had moved up to about sixth place and by the second lap I was off the front with Powers. People were crashing all over the course but I was riding smooth and keeping it upright. A few laps later Powers went into a corner to hot, laid it down and I had no where to go but over his bike. My foot got stuck in his front wheel and it took us a bit to get untangled. I finally got his wheel unclipped from my shoe and I was off on my own. Trebon had closed a bit though with five laps to go I had fifteen seconds on him.

I buried myself for the rest of the race and was able to keep the gap around ten seconds by taking some risks in the corners and giving it everything in the muddy bogs. I hit the finish straight with a good gap and was able to really enjoy my ride to the line. 

It was my third Cyclocross National title with my last one coming in 2005 that everyone had been reminding me was a long time ago.

Now I’m really going to enjoy my vacation.

Thanks for your support and making 2010 a great year…..

Stats for Todd Wells are coming soon.