The Specialized AllRide Academy is a program designed to help riders get a leg up in the bike industry. Kirt mentors passionate young riders and provides them with bikes, clothing, products, entry fees and travel fees. He also provides bike maintenance from his personal mechanic, Travis Lucas, and he helps them understand the privileges and commitments of being a sponsored athlete. Kirt Grew up in rough environment and understands the importance of believing in oneself, finding a passion and bringing others into the sport.

After a decade of National and World Cup racing, Professional Mountain Biker Kirt Voreis created the term "AllRide" to promote himself as a rider who rides all disciplines, Downhill, Dual Slalom, Cross Country, Freeride, Skate Park, Dirt Jump and Road. Then he realized it's more than the bike, it's a message: "It's all about the ride." AllRide means, the ride that is life, find a passion and the one life you get to live.

Kirt and AllRide have reached an innumerable amount of people through magazine coverage across the globe. He has encouraged a new generation of riding through progressive mountain bike videos, online media outlets and quality time with mountain bike enthusiasts at prestigious and grass-roots events around the world.

Kirt has created a following, a club with the AllRide brand. When you see a rider with an AllRide sticker you know what it's all about. The is part of the club of passionate, progressive riders pushing the sport. Adults and kids alike don the AR logo with pride.